10 Purely Evil Ways To Make Quick Money Online

The original article I wrote on this page was getting pretty dated. I wrote it more than three years ago in 2007, more for entertainment. Sure a lot of these methods work, or at least did at the time, but I wasn’t an experienced marketer. In 2013, I am a bit more savvy, and I have a bit more to offer on the topic. Seeing as this article still gets a few thousand visits every month from people looking for information on how to make quick money online I wanted to update it make it more current. I hope you enjoy the article and find it useful.

10 More Purely Evil ways to Make Quick Money Online in 2010

  1. Write crappy Internet marketing eBooks

    The idea is to promise the world in the title. Something like: “How I make $500 Every Day with less than 20 minutes work”. Then you fill the eBook with common sense SEO information freely available online on many forums and blogs. This method is evil because the content should be free, it’s common sense for most IM’ers, and the headlines of these eBooks always over promise. Plenty of people make more than $500 a day online using SEO, but I bet the eBook isn’t a golden ticket to success. You will find many such eBooks on Clickbank, and on the Warrior forum.

  2. Youtube CPA offers

    There is a lot of traffic to be had on Youtube. IM’ers (Internet Marketers) are always after methods to make money from it. CPA= Cost Per Action….so you get paid if someone does some particular action, like sign up for something, or fill out a form or survey. The method here is to upload a video that has a chance of going viral. A popular music video that has just been released, or re-upload an ad for a new technology product. Then place a link in the video description that links to a domain with a CPA relating the video. ..if it is a music video, you might get some conversations from ringtone offers and they pay well. You should also watermark the video with your link to help get more interest.

  3. Share Pirated eBooks

    Plenty of people are looking for free copies of the eBooks I mentioned in the first step, but they don’t really want to pay for them. If you are sneaky you will find places to download these ebooks. The method is to share these ebooks on other dodgy forums, but before uploading them, update all the affiliate links in the ebook with your own affiliate links. You might make some money?

  4. Autoblogs

    I mentioned these in my first list back in 2007, but I called them scraper sites. The idea is the same. You setup a self-hosted WordPress blog, then use automation software like WP robot to pull fresh posts from other blogs. Most of these will eventually find their way to the google sandbox for duplicate content issues, so the idea is to make lots of them, and keep making new ones all the time. Some will probably make you some money.

  5. Sell footer links in WordPress themes

    The idea here is that you make a WordPress theme…you will need to use something like Artisteer if you don’t have any wordpress experience. Or you could pay someone to make a half decent theme. If the theme is any good you shouldn’t have too much trouble selling links in the footer. You then give the theme away for free. Add it to all those WordPress theme directories out there. Anyone who installs the theme will be giving the people who have paid for the links valuable backlinks, so they will be happy. You will want to encrypt the footer so people don’t remove the links though.

  6. Give away free websites

    This is kind of an offline method, but it does work. Your task is to give away free websites. You target small businesses, or Mum and Dad types working from home. The package comes with a free domain, and 2 hours of setup time. I would set them up with a self-hosted WordPress blog, and chuck on a professional looking theme. There are plenty of them out there. The catch is that they must signup to your hosting service to get the free site. You then sign them up to your Hostgator reseller hosting service which you sell them for something like $19.95 a month. You only need to signup 2-3 clients to be making a profit, and if you are a really good face to face marketer, 200 clients will make you a pretty good living at $4000 a month. Another strength to this method is you also have a set of clients to sell SEO services to, or premium theme subscriptions to sites like elegant themes, or theme forest. I don’t think this method is that evil, in fact it’s a fairly solid business plan. But it does pray on the fact that a lot of people don’t understand the costs of web hosting, or the business involved with selling reseller hosting.

  7. Sell text links

    You don’t even need your own a site. All you need to do is find blogs that have high PR, build up a good list. Then sell link packages on IM forums. Something like 10X PR5-6 links. A tool like Scrapebox is great for harvesting good links. When people buy packages, post comments on these blogs, where the URL links back to the person’s site. Probably good to target do-follow blogs like this one.

  8. Facebook marketing

    Our goal is to make a popular fan page on a niche topic. First you need to setup a new Facebook account. You don’t want to lose you actual account if this goes wrong, so make a new one. Add a nice looking picture as your profile of someone who looks real. Now you need to add as many friends as possible. There are methods to speed up this process but the goal is to get a few thousand friends. Lots of people are vein with facebook friend numbers and want to look like they know lots of people, so will happily add you if your normal enough looking. Once you have a good amount of friends, you setup a fan page about your niche topic. Something like weight loss is good, or acne if you have lots of younger friends. Title your page with a catchy title that has good keywords, as it will show in facebook search. Now suggest your page to all of your new friends. When someone “likes” your page, a link goes in their newsfeed saying they like your page. If you get enough likes things can go viral here and it can grow pretty fast. Once you have a good amount of likes, you start adding regular content relating the niche to your page.…”read this great inspirational weight loss story” etc. Every now and then put an affiliate link to a CPA offer that relates. Content you add to the page gets added to their feed, so it will get looked at by many of them. If you have a good amount of followers you can make good dosh using this method.

  9. Twitter spamming

    Like Facebook, twitter is a huge social network that is growing all the time. Tweets have a very low click through rate, so you need thousands of followers to make money from twitter. It can be used for legitimate business, or for sending out spam DM’s or tweets. The trick is to try and get followers from a certain demographic so you can target them with CPA offers. If you have a CPA that only pays for female traffic from the US, follow lots of females for the US and hope some follow you back. Blatant IM Twitter spammers will follow 100’s of people at a time, then un-follow those that don’t follow back.

  10. The Black Hat SEO Method

    Black hat SEO is a term that defines SEO that is less ethical. Although not always illegal it tends to involve morally questionable techniques. Either link spamming, or some form of deception. Tools of the trade are software like Scrapebox, SE Nuke, Xrumer and Bookmarking demon. These are all very good link building tools that can effectively build the link profile of a site very fast, but be careful, these tools can also cause carnage.

Please read on below to read the original 10 methods from 2007…

10 Purely Evil Ways To Make Quick Money Online

Everyone loves money, but making it online isn’t all that easy if you have morals. If you don’t, this article will give you some great tips to make quick money online. Before I start I need to state that I don’t condone any of these methods, and they are used at your own risk. I don’t take responsibility for any damage you may do.

  1. Set up a Proxy Server

    Set up a web site that serves as a Proxy, so people can browse blocked sites at work, and kids can browse blocked sites at school. As an ICT teacher I know kids want nothing more than to have access to all their favorite game and social networking sites, and many of them know about proxies. The most common script I see when I am blocking students is: CGI Proxy, it is great because it allows people to use sites that require a log in. Here is an auto installer for it. CGI Proxy Auto installer. You will need to have an ad, probably and Adsense block in the header, so ads are shown when people browse. The main drawback of this method is that if your proxy site does become popular it will probably be blocked by school Internet servers. So if you wanted to try this method out, I wouldn’t shell out any money on a domain name, or expensive hosting.

  2. Create a Screensaver with Embedded Adware

    Create a screen saver that bundles adware (Zangocash), so whenever someone installs the Screensaver, you make affiliate money. You need to upload your Screensaver to as many Screensaver sites as possible. For a full write up on the details of this method, read: Blue Hat SEO’s How To Make a $100 per Day

  3. Dodgy P2P Sports Links

    Set up a blogger account using an anonymous email account, then use it to share p2p links to live sporting events. I have seen people earn great money fast using it. It works particularly well for sharing live Cricket using the software Sopcast. The Indian Sub Continent love p2p links for cricket matches, particularly when there are big games involving India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or Sri Lanka. You can use Sopcast to embed a p2p media player showing the channel with the cricket on it, then surround it with lots of Adsense ads. I have never seen Google remove any of these blogs, nor have I heard of any Adsense account being suspended for doing this. Someone tried to sell a successful attempt using this technique on Sitepoint, and he showed his earnings for the period of the cricket world cup of $1200 US. So timing is key here!

  4. Online Poker

    I love poker, and playing online, I cashed out $800 for about 4 months of on and off play, which is more money than I have made through anything else online. The key to making money with online poker when you are starting out is to take advantage of the various signup offers and bonuses. The idea is that poker rooms will give you a cash incentive bonus, where if you play a certain amount of hands they will give you free cash. In their minds you are a beginner so you will probably make them more money in the process, but if you learn to play tight, and only play very good starting hands, and fold the rest you can clear good money with only an small amount of skill. As playing tight requires a lot of patience, once you get the hang of it you can speed things up by playing 3-4 tables at once. Do some research for free poker bonus’s, and you will find plenty of sites and forums with advice to get you started in the evil world of online gambling.

  5. A MySpace or Facebook Resource Site

    Levi from Internet Marketing Sucks has a great plan to make money by setting up a MySpace resource site. He even provides a script and instructions that will help you on your way. It’s not particularly evil, and rather crafty, but it makes the list anyway.

  6. Set Up a Private Torrent Site and Tracker

    Recent news about raids on the owner of oink’s house would suggest that this is a very risky business, especially if you live in a country that will police such activities. The torrent scene is massive, as such there is great money to be made by those that are crazy enough. The idea is to make it private, then set up a scheme where you have “donations” to pay for your server, and donators get extra upload credit. Also have lots of pay per click advertising and you will be away, making plenty of cash. But I would make sure your cash heap is large enough to fight a legal battle if you get caught.

  7. Search Engine Arbitrage

    Arbitrage is where you buy something for a certain value, with the intention of selling it on for a greater value. You can use search engine marketing to buy traffic from one network, Google Adwords, then send that traffic to a landing page that has advertising on it for another network, Yahoo. The idea is to create a landing page with very little actual content, and format it so that ads appear to be content. Then your unsuspecting visitor may click ads thinking it is content. You will need to test different networks and keywords, but you can make good money using this method. It is purely evil though as it fills the net with rubbish sites.

  8. Set Up A Network of Scraper Sites

    A scraper site is a web site that pulls content from other sources, for example you could have a site that pulls the top 10 stories from the rss feeds of digg, reddit, delicious. It’s probably a good idea to use keywords to narrow down your results to a certain topic. Then plant lots of advertising around the content, especially Adsense. As you don’t have any real content you are never likely to get many inbound links, so to rank, you will need to build up a network of sites, then link them to each other to help your sites rank in search engines. You could combine this method with 7 to create some seriously evil sites.

  9. Volunteer At a Directory Site Like DMOZ

    Then takes bribes to list certain sites. Or email people who are on the list and tell them that if they don’t pay you, you will boot them off the directory. People do this, believe me. Read about the DMOZ Shoemoney Extortion.

  10. Become a Spam Marketer

    Everybody hates spam, but some people obviously open it from time to time. Get creative with your subject lines, and spam away. It is illegal in some countries so be careful. Basically the idea is to find some pay per click advertising scheme that allows you to advertise via email, or include a link from the email that has advertising on it. You will want to find some tools to automate this process, but I’m not telling you where to find them. Another form of Spam that seems to be very popular is WordPress spam. All you need to do is set up a landing page on a dodgy domain that sells dodgy pharmaceutical products or any form of ppc or ppa advertising and spam away, automating comment posting on blogs that link to your landing page. It’s surprising how many sites don’t block spam properly.

I know most of this stuff is pure evil, but people actually make good money using these techniques. Ok, now go and spread some evil.

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  1. @ Joost… I glad that it made you laugh, it was actually intended as a bit of a joke… “what sort of money could I make if I had no morals! “. I was looking over my content the other day and thought I needed something a bit more spicy, nothing like a bit of controversy to spark interest. And yes I do believe there is good money in the p*rn market, I thought about including that on the list, but decided against it in the end…I didn’t want to offended anyone!

    @ Doug : thanks for the comment.

  2. Some day I will find a situation to suit my sensibilities, For now there’s nothing on the internet that I feel comfortable with. I,m glad to have the status quo. It serves me very well. No
    website for me. Anyone who wants my photos to grace their site is welcome to contact me.—Doug

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  4. Wow, a tough topic handled really well. My question is how can I make some money with a site that generates a lot of hate mail? We poke fun at fatties and they don’t like it. There’s got to be a way to use all that anger to market or generate revenue?

  5. Well, we know someone somewhere is making money with these things because we see them everywhere.

    I think I’ll pass.

  6. Hey, the ideas are very good but i will not agree with you that making money online is not easy…As i am into home based business it is very easy to make money online.

  7. Maybe I should try my hand at spam. Anyone want to buy some cheap Viagra? haha.

    Great post by the way though. Amused me a fair bit.

  8. Thank you very much for this great information, I think more people
    should share their opinions and information too.

  9. yes its true,
    sometimes having good morals doesn’t make you
    any money, nice guys or gals finish last.
    Very informative article.

  10. I dont think those tips is EVIL, may consider it as a grey hat..

    Anyway, marvellous tips !

  11. These tactics might be low down, dirty, annoying or questionable. I don’t know about evil. They are unlikely to get anyone killed or let the Darklord out of his prison to take over he world 🙂

  12. The list is good and contains very good information. The only tactic I would agree with is the proxy server (if you have tons of bandwidth on a dedicated or shared server) and creating a social facebook/myspace resource site. I wouldn’t even go near adware or spam for too many reasons to list.

  13. Evil ways to make money. One thing i was wondering about yesterday was this #9. I saw some sites on dmoz in few categories and they were there but they shouldn’t have been there according to DMOZ standards. Well back door entry methods have always been there, only thing i didn’t think about DMOZ that way. I am not saying most links are like that but some of them i saw were dodgy.

  14. I read about #7 and this is the principle on which getgoogleadsfree works. I purchased it and even google doesn’t mind if you use such landing pages provided your pages are clean and have some content and not like classifieds. Only problem is how do u sell advertising on that landing page as you will constant advertising to pay for the advertising on google. I don’t think its evil it is what offline advertisers do in magazines , newspapers , road- side boards etc.

  15. This is a pretty good list – I have read about the screensaver with adware one before. Another “black hat” tactic that could probably make the list is the practice of cookie stuffing. Although I have not used it myself, I have read on some black hat forums that people are making pretty good affiliate commissions with this one as long as they are careful about it and manage to “fly under the radar”. Amazon seems to work well with this tactic because they are popular and many different kinds of people buy from there, while Clickbank is also used because apparently they rarely ban cookie stuffers.

  16. Very funny stuff. While some of the stuff is shadier than others, all in all they’ve given me a few ideas for other legitimate marketing methods as well…thanks!

  17. I like this post. Evil or not it depends on the angle of point of view. I think, as far the search engine couldn’t find you cheating them, it’s not evil way. And for me right now, all the ways to make money in fast one, should be worth. But to do it, I must consider it thoroughly.

  18. Some of these suggestions are indeed evil. I’m amazed you wrote this as the big G might actually look at you more closely now. hahahaha….

  19. Definitely agree with #9.

    I’m starting to think there are many DMOZ editors that are biased specifically to their affiliations.

    Not so much for non-profit organizations, but definitely when it comes to business.

    #10 is evil. No need for explanation!

    I don’t think the rest are that “evil” though. Pop-under ads are evil, that should be listed!

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  21. Fantastic post! 🙂 Money is very important, especially when you hate your job, you have a huge home loan, or are entering a recession (just like whats happening at the moment lol). Thanks for the tips 🙂

  22. I like the myspace idea. Looks actualy good. The other ones seem like more trouble than they are worth as far as making money.

  23. I must say these are some pretty good ideas. I personally like the idea of setting up a proxy. I could go drop off a few flyers around town at the schools and I am sure the kids would be all over it.

    Any suggestions on how to set one up?

  24. Proxy sites are everywhere these days. You only have to scan through any of the main SEO forums to see loads of them in peoples sig links. With so many of them about it must be quite difficult to make good money from them.

  25. I’m curious about to be DMOZ editor. I think if this is really happen, it’ll be the best way to make money…in evil way!

  26. Well, when i first started to learn how to make money online, i went down the wrong path from the start. I tried spamming and it worked for a while but it was too much work. I later decided that if im going to put in alot of effort into something, i might as well put that effort into building a legit website.

  27. I want to comment on the first method of setting up Proxy server service.

    Internet Explorer will be comming out with what they call “porn mode” for the next release of IE. It basically makss your IP address from the websites you browse. In this way, you can safely browse any website in a stealth mode.

    I’m not sure of all the uses, however many people want privacy and don’t like the fact that others can pry into their browsing patterns.

  28. I have read about the screen saver with ad ware one before. Another “black hat” tactic that could probably make the list is the practice of cookie stuffing. Although I have not used it myself, I have read on some black hat forums that people are making pretty good affiliate commissions with this one as long as they are careful about it and manage to “fly under the radar”.

  29. Let me make another suggestion. Trolling forums peddling affiliate sales. If you are going to try it, I recommend you go for the financial services niche.

  30. I would like to add newsletters to the list. Fortnightly or monthly newsletters can really boost your audience. People can be expected to sign up if the contents are informative.

  31. I think half or all of them could get you in trouble with either the advertiser or affiliate program. Some of them might cause problem with search engines so you would be making new sites all the time. Your better off doing it right in the long run.

  32. Oh my goodness you had me falling off my seat laughing. I love the disclaimer you made as well. On a personal note, thank you for not including p*rn.

  33. actually there isn’t nearly as much $ in porn anymore. The tube sites are taking a lot of business away from the industry.

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  36. Ain’t nothing wrong with poker sites! Well, other then being at risk of the feds coming after you =(. The more evil a method is the less competition…

  37. Actually, many of these are possibly neutral tactics, at least only in the gray area depending on how you execute them…but when you get to 9 & 10 it’s just funny. I’m sure number 10 was really a joke, right? =P

  38. The arbitrage is done by alot of sites. I see people do it on same ad network. They buy low paid clicks and have high paying ads. Some people do make money

  39. Interesting article! But I can’t get myself to involve in any of these activities. Good to know you don’t support any of these things.

  40. Some great “dirty tricks” here – I wonder how many readers have actually started doing some of these? I wonder how many will get caught!

  41. Some interesting ideas on how to make money online. Not sure about some of them and if the ad companies would either.

  42. Thanks i have to read more about each way to make money. Some sound like a good way and others i am not sure about.

  43. Thank you for these great tips. Some of these things are really new to me. This is a good guide for those who are just starting in marketing.

  44. Great post!
    atleast 3 methods from this list are on my list to try. :p 7,8 and 10 are the most suitable ‘EVIL’ ways to make money online for me.

  45. Great & Helpful Tips. I’d only thought of about half of those. I’m definetely going to have to try them all to reach my goal. Thanks as always for the insightful posts.

  46. Just take care of your customers instantly using live support service. We are trusted by more than 6 thousand webmasters.

  47. i am already earning enough money with proxy websites. so my suggestion is to give a try on first method.

  48. It only shows how desperate people are to make money on the net. These days with the economy, job loss and general slowing, people are turnng to the internet to see if they can make a quick buck.

    I am sure in spite of all the comments above, some may be happy to read this. I am not sure you can classify this as evil, but certainly doubtful and let’s leave it at that!

    Thanks anyway for the info

  49. Wow great post. I don’t think I could ever go through with any of them except for setting up a A MySpace or Facebook Resource Site. Thanks

  50. Hey this is a good article thank you for the read. I stumbled across this good market timing site myself that I have been using the past year. I have made quite a lot of money as there have not been any bad trades. If your interested you should check it out.

  51. I would just like to add a note or two regarding the drawbacks of the “Set up a Proxy Server” tip. You mention that it will eventually be blocked by the firewalls, which is true, but here are a few more pitfalls;

    2. The bandwidth and general system resources (CPU, memory) consumption of a web proxy are much higher than other types of sites/services and most hosts don’t allow them. If they do, watch that bandwidth bill.

    3. The proxy will eventually be used for criminal activities which may become a problem for the owner reaching beyond just being kicked off the host. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t trust men in suits to always be able to understand what a proxy is and how the owner can not control what goes on in it.

    On a related note, particular to non web based proxies perhaps, you should check that the proxy doesn’t relay your IP in a secondary header field (transparency/”non-elite”). You can do that by loading test.anonymity.com through the proxy and seeing if any red icons appear in the listing of your header information. Relayed IPs generally appear in fields named similar to HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR or HTTP_CLIENT_IP but the anonymity test uses a regular expression to check for IPs no matter what the field is named.

    Any how, interesting article, even if most of the tips are highly inadvisable! 🙂

  52. These ideas are more for the “quick buck” and most likely won’t last for the long term. I think #7 is very evil, because you would be wasting your advertisers dollars like crazy with that method. I am sure Yahoo doesn’t allow their ads to be on webpages with 0 or little content. It is against their TOS.

  53. I know some of them work but i would not try most of them. Your better off working on own site with some products you can sell or affiliate products.

  54. Nice info ,naughty but nice.No add some rss distribution which is not classed as spam and gain some massive traffic.

  55. Another system people use is setting up those referral sites in order to get “free” gadgets. For example, the guy commenting right above me 🙂

    Its sort of irritating though how they just post randomly on blogs without reading the topic in order to get backlinks.

  56. The fact people do make money doing those things is sad. I know thier is a big problem with free software that poust someone elses affiliate link in when people buy things and it makes me mad they get away with it.

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  58. None of these ideas are evil imho. all a bit dated. there are far more evil ways available to those that look. But I prefer to just market an honest business. It is working out pretty damn good for me

  59. I statted out using some tricky things online to make money we found out that you will get banned for these thinks to we just, a real business the joy is making people happy and developing sites for people has really made the internet business a joy to use and other when they see their ideas come to life. so, just build a real business.

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  61. A really great post. I think I will try the scraper sites first. I also like the screen saver tip. will explore that tip more when time a lots.

  62. All the ten points are very useful but dont you think its not a valid way to earn money online and definitely take your much time and brain power.

  63. Arbitrage is interesting. I’ve heard of several people making a killing doing that, and have also noticed several information product releases regarding this method of making money.

    I’m not an evil guy, so I tend to try and lean towards making money using clean methods, although sometimes I’ll try some tactics that might qualify as being in the grey area. 🙂

  64. I agree with some of my fellow commenters. There are a few things that doesn’t look evil at all. Got a few tips from here and it sparkled a few other (evil grin). Great post, please keep posting more of these informative posts.

  65. Good precise info, I’ve been searching on this topic for a while. Bookmarked and recommended!

  66. This nice post was very nicely written, and it also contains many great facts as to how to make money online. I appreciated your professional way of writing the post. You have made it easy for me to understand. Great and precise info.

  67. I’m all about online poker! A friend of mine plays enough and earns enough to support himself so he managed to get me into it. I only started for a bit of fun but I have made a decent amount myself. At least it’s not something that bothers other people, like endless spamming about viagra or whatever.

  68. The problem with some of these evil strategy never last long and may contribute you losing credibility from people who really spend money online. I would rather the legitimate way to make money online.

  69. So true! There are tons of internet marketing ebooks out there. I recently read one called “The Four Hour Work Week” and I have to admit that it was way better than I expected. I’ve also read my fair share of crappy internet marketing books too.. you have to pick and choose wisely.

  70. great post…some are not evil, though there are some which are hahaha
    The creating crap ebooks idea are really funny! You are right to the point…I wonder what are the rate of refunds for those. LOL

  71. The problem with some of these evil strategy never last long and may contribute you losing credibility from people who really spend money online.I’m all about online poker! A friend of mine plays enough and earns enough to support himself so he managed to get me into it.But I really like this post thanks you are sharing a knowledge.

  72. I don’t know if I would consider a proxy to be evil, but more of a questionable moral nature. I guess if I was doing it, I would have to ask myself if I wanted my own children using that kind of service… and the answer would be probably no.

    But, I do have some friends that make some good money with them… so I guess you have to decide whether you are going to turn your head and ignore what you are doing or not.

  73. Hah! Nice list. Especially the one about becoming a dmoz editor, dmoz is becoming a joke. I’d love to get my high-quality weight loss blog, but that’s not about to happen, I guess!

  74. LOL, here are some more suggestions:

    Make millions with Fiverr

    Become an offline seo consultant

    Make money with Webinars

    Product launcher


    Facebook Fanpage designer

    Make Profiles with PLR

    The only person who makes any money out of all these things are the so called gurus.

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