10 recent trends in WordPress themes

WordPress themes have come a long way. As the exceptional WordPress team builds in more and more features, they give web designers tons of options for creativity and innovation in theme design. We hope that this post brings up trends in WordPress themes that you have noticed, but didn’t know you noticed.

People are really digging the simple, white background themes. Maybe we are all moving on from the flashy website phase and into the simple-is-better phase.

Social media is all the rage. Every blog now has a Twitter Bird and an orange RSS image somewhere above the fold. This is the bare minimum, there is typically many more options for sharing their content.

Contextual themes are becoming more popular. These are the themes that look like they belong somewhere like on someone's desk or in a notebook.

I know we just talked about white being popular, but so is tasteful use of color. Not just a colored background, but a range of popping, eye-catching colors.

Having various style sheets is quickly becoming a standard feature of premium/commercial WordPress themes. Not only does thi smean color options, but full dashboard settings pages to change how your theme behaves. A word of warning to the WordPress developers and theme creators: DON'T BECOME LIKE JOOMLA!

Rounded corners are popular recently. They do give a theme a nice, futuristic, smooth look. But they can easily be over-done.

Shadows or drop-shadows have started giving themes a nice 3-dimensional affect; giving the feeling that the content is sitting out from the page, drawing your attention to the meat of the blog.

Sliders are also growing in popularity. They offer a nice way to display content and the images that blogs are now starting to rely more and more on

Green is the new black. Or is it pink? Anyway, the green movement is sweeping the globe and WordPress is no exception. Eco themes are coming out everywhere, although this may been seen as greenwashing.

Glowing elements are a popular theme among themes. This is definitely a nice touch, but can destract from both content and other, more subtle, design elements.

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  4. So true..Best selling themes at marketplaces like themeforest and others, are actually pretty simple themes, with jQuery effects and drop down options.

  5. You know what, I didn’t realize it by now but every blog does have a twitter bird. As I’m just starting up a blog for my website, do you know where i can get a nice one of these icons. I’d also appreciate an rss symbol if possible. Cheers

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