15 Amazing Logos From Blogspot Blogs

Looking for design inspiration? Following on from my post: 12 Well Designed BlogSpot Blogs I have made a list of cool logo designs from different Blogspot blogs. Check them out, and have a read while your there if you have time.





Poppy Talk


Estefany Franco


Jennski Studio


Inner City Snail


Adopt a Microbe


Why Me?


Ultra Awesome


Super Graphic Blog


Eclectic Cow


Girl Meets Glamour


Penguin and Fish


Everybody Likes Sandwiches


Design Muse



0 thoughts on “15 Amazing Logos From Blogspot Blogs”

  1. It makes me feel lazy seeing bloggers on blog’s they really don’t own spending this much time to make them look good. I host all my blogs and just about every one needs some work that I am always putting off, including a better logo. But I put them off…

  2. more eye candy! i particularly like the logo of everybody likes sandwiches, the text is brilliant too! thanks for a very nice ride, i really enjoyed my visit and i’ll definitely come back for mooore! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cool graphics. I’d like to get my hands on the psd files for a few of them. I have trouble making some of the vector graphics used to build some of the more intricate images.

  4. The Estafany is my fav but the entire list is great. Thanks for showing us you really CAN dress up a blogspot blog.

  5. I have to say i am impressed with the work people did on blogger. Not sure i would take that much time on free hosted blog but they all look great and show what anyone with time can do.

  6. I am truly inspired. Thanks for the post. I really like the theme you use. It is clean and does what it needs to. But I am sure Nathan Rice is costly to me. I think i need to design my own ๐Ÿ™‚ . Of course, i am inspired by your theme too.

  7. Can anyone recommend a logo design service? I have a short list, however not tried them yet. I have used the 20 dollar banner service successfully however just very basic design.

  8. These are some great images. I really need to learn how to effectively use my blogspot posting. The toughest part is making it look different from every other blogger site.

  9. I did not know you could customize blogger so much. For some reason i thought you had to leave templates alone. Thanks i like the sites and the logos they have are great. I have to learn how to make my site better now.

  10. they are all pretty nice, especially considering they are blogspot blogs and not self-hosted kinds. if i had to pick the best one it’d have to be the first one the ljdesign logo…it’s very unique and raw.

  11. Everyone looks good. Like girl meets glamour and estfany and ljdesign alot. They all made a great logo that relates to each site.

  12. I really like the colour fusion logos. Colourful logos are better visually and they are certainly better for print. Corporate colours are boring. Good designs!

  13. I can’t even express how much I need to learn to use photoshop. (I’m presuming you’s use photoshop to make these?) Each logo is so individual, and creating a brand is what it’s all about yeah?

  14. This definitely takes a lot of skills in Photoshop, but also Illustrator, which I find particular difficult. Anyone knows where I can hace these designed for my site?

  15. With the explosion of social media sites, branding is becoming more important than ever. And a key element to branding is good logo design.

  16. Great designs, do you have some kind of price list as I’m interested in some branding for a business that I’m opening and you look like you know your way around a drawing board. My email’s above.

  17. I’ve always been quite minimalistic about my blogs on blogspot. But after I had a look at these amazing headers I’ve changed my mind. Poppy Talk is definitely my favorite one.

  18. Designing a nice logo has got to be the starting point in establishing a great design for any blog. These logos has certainly done that!

  19. One thing I notice is that the logo of your site really helps with branding your site. All these logo are unique and in some way help visitor remember their site. Those are some nice logo for a Blogspot blog.

  20. Great logo designs. I’m on a quest for a great logo for my website so it’s refreshing to see a good collection of clever and eye-catching designs for inspiration. I especially like the “everybody likes sandwiches”. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Nice mix of contemporary, classic, and modern design elements on all the logos. I really appreciate Jennski and Everybody Likes Sandwiches. These logos just show how simplicity and the right color patterns can make for a striking and appealing design.

  22. The designs of the logo are very exceptional and it has unlike themes. Many users will be able to decide what will be the suitable one for them.

  23. I might never tell a Graphic Designer this.. but they are priceless. Took us too long to realize that! Now our site is full of GREAT (we think) banners and logos!

  24. Love the Penguin & Fish design, the colours compliment each other nicely and the font is nice and clear too. They’re all nice but that’s my favourite along with the electric cow one.

  25. IJ’s Design Logo is incredible! I always love things that are left-of-center and edgy and I think that logo perfectly captures what they’re all about! Love it!

    Anita. x

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