15 Cool Web Services Which You May Not have Used Yet

With new Web 2.0 sites and services popping up every day, it’s hard work just keeping track of the cool stuff you can do online – let alone having the time to browse use any of them. So what you need a someone to do the hard work for you, and waste their free time checking this sort of stuff out.


  1. Sociagami –  Allows you to monitor and update most of your social networking accounts from one spot.
  2. Startupping–  A community for Internet entrepreneurs.
  3. Sproutbuilder– Create your own widgets for your blog or Facebook to add viral marketing to your arsenal.
  4. Ask 500 People– Make questions – and find out what people think.
  5. Reshade– Make Small Images large.
  6. Tipit – Create great content and post this button to your site. It allows people to “tip” you.
  7. Dipity– Create and share interactive timelines to inject life into your older blog posts and more.
  8. Social Marker – Semi Automatic social bookmarking tool is easy to use and ensures you actually get your sites submitted. Use Do follow option – sign up accounts at each – go to school getting backlinks. postit
  9. Posty– Post to all your microblogging services at once with Posty an Adobe Air client that puts it all in one place. Download the desktop tool and access Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Tumblr, Friendfeed, and Identi.ca for posting, images, and videos in one place.
  10. Pikistore– Create an online T-Shirt shop in seconds. Has a built in editor.
  11. Spot Merchant– Web 2.0 style e commerce stores.
  12. Predictify– Predict the future and make money. Great for research.
  13. Free Tell A Friend– A free tell a friend widget to add to your sites.
  14. Tubemogul  – Free video submitter – It submits your videos to the 12 top video sharing sites and tracks how much traffic they get.
  15. Mixx – A site where you can post interesting content (including yours).

If you didn’t find what you were looking for:

Reader Nigel also suggests you check out Hubdub.


52 thoughts on “15 Cool Web Services Which You May Not have Used Yet”

  1. Pikistore is an example of some of the sites springing up that allow non-code savvy users to start their own online store – similar to zlio.com which allows you to build an online affiliate store in a matter of minutes. If only the web were this easy 10 years ago!!! 🙂

  2. Although the idea of giving a website access to my other accounts is a bit scary (yeah I know old fashioned) Sociagami seems like a site that would be really helpful in keeping track of all the social sites that I am part of.

  3. Hi Alex, Yes I have used Social maker, and it works a treat. If you don’t have accounts at all the different sites the first time you use it it takes a while as you have to sign up. But after that it is fantastic. Takes about 5 minutes or less to submit to all the do-follow bookmark sites, which are the ones I use it for! Well worth it!

  4. I’ve never heard of a lot of those – I am going to have to check out some of those – it’s always nice to try some new sites 🙂

  5. Hi Simon

    Interesting list, most are new to me. Spotmerchant looks particularly useful. Isn’t mixx just another delicious / digg type of site?

  6. Tres cool…

    I’ll be checking 6 of those out…already use a few. Social Marker is great…the “semi-automatic” part of it sets it apart from the spammy auto submit tools.

    Thanks for the KeywordLuv

  7. I like social marker and use it. The tshirt site looks very inetresting and never seen that one before. I think it looks easier than cafe press and anyone should be able to use it.

  8. I just found one site i also tried before. Site name is post toaster did not want to put link i will let you if it is a good one or has sites the other social bookmark site does not. It worked good and has list of do follow also.

    Maybe have 2 in case one is not working.

  9. I absolutely love posty, I thought that I was the only one. Most of the rest of your list is new to me, but I would seriously recommend posty to any serious blogger.

  10. Thanks for this list. I haven’t come across any of these sites before and had no idea a service like Social Marker even existed so this should save me a lot of time.

  11. Thanks for the link to social marker. Social bookmarking has been on my agenda for a while now so this will help to make things a lot easier.

    How many bookmark sites do you submit your sites/pages to? Is there a danger of getting your accounts suspended if you submit several pages of the same site? Or is it only a problem if you submit lots of pages all at the same time?

  12. @ Nick, it is a good idea to submit other sites to accounts so you don’t have a huge list of pages from one site. Mix it up a bit. I run 8 sites + I have a few Niche blogs on blogger so I have a good range to submit only submitting my own stuff. You can add lots of links at the same time, just mix it up a bit. I use social maker to submit to all the do follow sites + the main sites from their list.

  13. I’m a heavy user of the Social Marker tool. Once you have all of your accounts setup within SM, it is a breeze to make a new post to these sites. I submit to most of them, however. I’ve found that social bookmark sites add a nice compliment to your link profile. Don’t only rely on these sites to gain links.

  14. I just checked out predicify and tried to look into how it could help me in my money making efforts, lol, when I saw it, it proved in better than what I thought. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of this before.

  15. Social Marker is definitely a good site to help promote your site to. This will create traffic and increases the chance of you getting viewers that will patronize your services. All in all, you have a nice lists of sites.

  16. I’ve actually only used Social Marker and Mixx, haven’t really tried the other sites listed. But having read the description of each, their services seem really useful.

  17. Great list which I think many people would not have seen. If you are using WordPress then Sociable is a great social bookmarking plugin and there are others to send all new blog posts to Twitter which is handy.

  18. I’m impressed by the list you put together. Despite having many, many friends in the internet space (including designers, coders and marketers) I was completely unaware of some of these sites.

  19. It is very hard to find a web service that is accessible. Good thing this post had shown a variety of services that is not usually used.

  20. Thanks those are some great sites. i like social marker and some of the others. I use some of the a lot now and told others about some of the sites.

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