20 Amazing WordPress Music Themes for Bands and Musicians

I wanted to put together a list for the music types out there looking for a wordpress theme for their band website. Most of these themes are premium, however, I have included a few free options in there for those with no budget. Most of these themes have rich media options, or built in media players, or just an overall design that I think would work well for a band. Hope you find it useful.

Gleam | Demo or Buy

Media Store | Demo or Buy

Media Scene | Demo or Buy

Milky | Demo or Buy

Multimedia | Demo or Buy

Musaic Music | Demo or Buy

Music Concert | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Loud | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Pro | Demo or Buy

Music Star | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Store | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Musicians | Demo or Buy

Nocturnal | Demo or Buy

Pendulum | Demo or Buy

Quade | Demo or Download (FREE)

RockStar | Demo or Buy

Strings | Demo or Buy

Stylico | Demo or Buy

Event | Demo or Buy

Swagger | Demo or Buy

5 thoughts on “20 Amazing WordPress Music Themes for Bands and Musicians”

  1. I was looking for such unique and catchy themes for one of my client. They are just starting out and needed to create an interesting site so that people can follow their progress. They wanted something stylish and creative. I really found Media Store and Media Scene very interesting. I will use the demo version for sometime and then later will go for the premium one.

  2. These themes are just so amazing. They blew my mind away. You have got a fantastic collection. I have a cool band. We are just starting to get big gigs, so as of now our coffers are empty. But hoping to catch a big break soon. So want something fabulous for our site. Love some of the themes you have suggested. Will surely use one of them.

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