20 Awesome Dark WordPress Themes

Most professional themes on the market lean towards lighter colors, mostly because of usability. However, there are plenty of projects where a dark theme is more appropriate. I spent some time this afternoon sifting from a heap of theme to present some crisp and professional dark WordPress themes for you to check out. I have included a handful of free options plus some very reasonably priced premium themes. I hope you find them useful.

Catalyst | Demo or Buy

Good Minimal | Demo or Buy

13th Floor | Demo or Buy

Black Aperture | Demo or Buy

Blackout | Demo or Buy

Camino | Demo or Download (FREE)

Dark N Clean | Demo or Buy

Denitto | Demo or Download (FREE)

Habitat | Demo or Buy

Imperial | Demo or Buy

Los Angeles | Demo or Buy

Modern Business | Demo or Buy

Navly | Demo or Download (FREE)

Palatino | Demo or Download (FREE)

Review It | Demo or Buy

Sabuy | Demo or Buy

Senyorita | Demo or Download (FREE)

Typemagz | Demo or Buy

Ultima | Demo or Download (FREE)

Zig Zag| Demo or Buy

11 thoughts on “20 Awesome Dark WordPress Themes”

  1. Well I must say when I was searching WordPress themes for my site I was looking for something bright and beautiful. This was something that I never envisioned. But still somehow got attracted to it. Its just beautiful. You have such diverse themes. They are wonderful. I just fell in love with the Senyorita and Black Aperture theme. It is really a wonderful collection.

  2. I was looking for something just like this. It will really be apt for my site. I needed something dark and majestic. This fits the bill perfectly. I love the Imperial theme. I will surely use it on my site. Its is just so mysterious and elegant. It will make my site look more elegant and imperial. Thanks for the awesome collection.

  3. The collection is exotic! Well, wish I would also have had something to chose from beach area for my upcoming blog which would had made it super usable & more attractive! Well, these themes rocks!

  4. Collection rocks! Starting from primitive options to sophisticated ends all are available! Good to know something is made more optional too! I would say this collection can make the things more rocking! Good one!

  5. All the themes are wonderful, but i liked catalyst and habitat over all the others. Though black, the themes possess a freshness and attractive look. I must say a good collection.

  6. When I saw this post I was sure that the the theme will either be Gothic or it will be dark and depressing. But I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw, you have a interesting mix of themes. It doesn’t have any negativity, on the other hand it fills us with a kind of serenity and calmness. I must say it is a really good collection.

  7. The theme Habitat fascinates me alot as it has beautiful and a variety of colours in it. I appreciate things which are gorgeous and completely covered with different shades of colours and therefore, your post seems quite attractive to me.

  8. To my surprise, there is nothing so dark in your post as the name suggests. These themes have so much of black yet so colourful and beautiful. Your collection deserves a lot of appreciation because the sight is actually wonderful.

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