20 Cool Vector Wallpaper Designs

There are some pretty cool designs out there which are both great for design inspiration, and sweet to use on your desktop. I have put together a list of 20 Vector Wallpaper designs for you to download. The files are raster graphics rather than the original scalable vector files. Visit the authors’ sites for more Vector Wallpaper designs and illustrations.

  1. Biker Vectorizedbiker_vectorized_Vector_Wallpaper
  2. The Alliance Attackthe_alliance_attack_Vector_Wallpaper

  3. Its Ice Cream Timeicecream_Vector_Wallpaper
  4. Abstract Redred_Vector_Wallpaper
  5. Headed to Destination Happinessheaded_to_destination_Vector_Wallpaper
  6. Vector IslandvectorIsland_Vector_Wallpaper
  7. Li’l Truk Wintertruk_winter_Vector_Wallpaper
  8. CoreAuthor: Stephen Klise (no link)



  9. Rossi ForeverRV_Vector_Wallpaper
  10. DJ VectorDJ_Vector_Wallpaper
  11. False Alarmfalsealarm_Vector_Wallpaper
  12. Imperialismarmyvector_Vector_Wallpaper
  13. Love Birdslovebirds_Vector_Wallpaper
  14. Ketchup FactoryKetchup_Factory_Vector_Wallpaper
  15. Coda Mondaycodamonday_Vector_Wallpaper


  16. LimeadeLife_Is_Colorful_Vector_Wallpaper
  17. Monster MashMonster_Mash_Vector_Wallpaper
  18. Daft Endirektdaftendirekt_Vector_Wallpaper
  19. Acid Jackacidjacksimplepimp_Vector_Wallpaper
  20.  Minty Milkmintymilk_Vector_Wallpaper


0 thoughts on “20 Cool Vector Wallpaper Designs”

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  3. Incredible that these are vector graphics! One expects this from bitmaps, but this kind of detail in vector, amazing.

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  5. Wow! Those vector wallpaper are really nice! Do you have any tutorials on how to do vector drawings? Thanks for sharing by the way!

  6. Thank you. I have been searching for some “different” wallpapers for a while and the usual sites all have the same themes. I love the lighter colored vector designs. Good find!

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  8. What fantastic images!

    You really do provice some great content on your blog.

    Are these your designs? They are great designs, whoever did them. I wish I had the talent.

  9. They are all great, but my favourite is “Headed to Destination Happiness”. I will scan through all of them tomorrow with my kids as they usually enjoy changing my wallpaper. They will love it. Thank you.

  10. These are brilliant! Who makes them? The colours are brilliant and everything is so vivid. I sometimes wonder where people get such inspiration, let alone the talent to do them.

  11. If you are looking to create great vector wallpapers, I have been using this great site called Vector Magic. It gives options for how much you want your image vectorized, etc. Its great especially for low resolution images you want to make use of.

  12. All of them looks cool but number 18 is my favorite, For some reason when i first saw it i thought Master Chief from Halo..lol. I’m sure there’s a wallpaper of M.C. in a suit somewhere.

  13. I like all your works…
    Very creative and stylish..


  14. Looking for a tropical design wallpaper for a sinder block wall 10' tall X 100 foot long (interior fence, pool side

  15. Looking for a tropical design wallpaper for a sinder block wall 10′ tall X 100 foot long (interior fence, pool side

  16. Some of these are really good. I do need to spice up my desktop. I’ve had the same old Lenovo background up there for two years.

  17. The wall designs looks ideal and exceptional. There will be a wide diversity of choices for those users who plan to modify their wall papers.

  18. I have been searching for some “different” wallpapers for a while and the usual sites all have the same themes. I love the lighter colored vector designs.

  19. Excellent wallpapers! My favorites are number 1 and 11. I love the use of shadows in the first one and the incredible atmosphere in number 11: the guy looking down at the ground, the wind… it’s well done!

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