20 reasons WordPress gives us goosebumps

If you’re reading this post we can be sure of two things.  First, you love WordPress too.  Second, you have experienced other content management systems and thus, know WordPress beats them all.  These are (just some of) the reasons WordPress is the only choice for managing a blog, a community, or a business online.

WordPress is…

  1. simple.
  2. easy to learn.
  3. fast.
  4. constantly updated.
  5. fully supported.
  6. popular.
  7. scalable.
  8. easy to theme.
  9. beautiful.
  10. functional.
  11. secure.
  12. intuitive.
  13. flexible.
  14. free.
  15. ready out of the box.
  16. can be updated automatically.
  17. can be extended easily.
  18. is SEO friendly.
  19. transferable.
  20. poetic.

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