20 + Sets of Free Royalty Free Icons

I have gathered a list of 20 + Free Sets of Royalty Free Icons for you to use on your projects. Check for different licences on the sites. But all of the icons are either GPL or CC. I hope you find them useful.




Bagg and Box’s


Iron Man


Back to the Future


Care Bears


Easter Icons


Gaming Icons


PS3 Icons


TMNT Icons


Star Wars Icons


Dino Icons


The City Icons


TV Icons


Flat Panel Monitor


Apple Imac


HP Set


Lil Shuffles


Ipod Nano


The Water Closet








112 thoughts on “20 + Sets of Free Royalty Free Icons”

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  7. I am so going to steal, er… I mean use a lot of these icons for some upcoming posts. I spotted the Iron Man set right away… my favorite Marvel Comics superhero (after Spidey of course)…

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  9. This is a great line up of icons, thanks a lot. Usually when you see free icons you don’t see anything like TMNT or Star Wars. These are really useful.

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  12. Wow! That’s an impressive list of icons. I really like the Apple iMac icons..

    I Wish I had something to use them for.. I’ll add this site to my favourites.

    Great job, thanks!

  13. whoa! just came across your site and i am glad i did! the quality is first rate and the selection is great as well… i haven’t seen a care bear for a long while now and it’s nice to see them done with very lively colors (almost glowing), that is how a care bear should look like!

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  15. Wow, those are some really great, high quality graphics!

    Thanks for showing them to us. Now all I have to do is find some way to use them 😉

  16. as some of the previous comments have already noted, the quality of those icon sets is tremendous. i can only be thankful to the persons who created them, who were generous enough to make them available to the public. awesome.

  17. Thank you the images are really cute, I will be downloading them to my PC and adding them to my collection. I like the one with Mario in it!

  18. Can you one tell whether this is good idea to have some part of graphic from these icons and use them in logos?

    Also, i want to use use icons in my templates. Suggest me some good affordable or cheaper sites. As i am a starter, i think little money would be better to buy.

  19. Wow.. very nice quality icon sets. I am wondering where you found them. I looked at quite a few resource sites and did not find anything useful with a business or professional theme. Let me know if anyone knows of any good resources for those.

  20. You’ve done a great job of finding some really good icons. Usually anything icon worth using comes at a price, but these are really good.

    The dino icons look fun, and I am sure that the star wars nuts will appreciate the star wars icons.

  21. Holy Cow, I can’t believe the quality of those. Seems everytime I go searching for royalty icons they are always ones I’ve seen before, and very low quality. These are awesome, probably find a use for them on a upcoming site.

  22. These icons are pretty good, especially once you consider the fact that they are royalty free. I came across this site searching for free car icons, so i guess my search will continue. I may be able to put the truck icon to good use though.

  23. VERY cool icons BUT just a word of advice… some of them are copywrited due to the type of icon iti s (like iron man, or sonic)

  24. Hello,

    these are very cool icons. do you have any free icons relating to martial arts? I just wish you had so that I can use it in my website.


  25. The apple ones are brilliant quality. You’re really good at finding this type of thing. How do you do it? I’d like some Xbox ones but I can’t find anything…

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  31. Wow this is incredible. I loved the gaming icons and especially the mario’s face. I am planning to use it in my blog. Thanks for your awesome efforts.

  32. I loved the easter icons. I am gonna use the gift bag icon for my blog post associated to christmas. Thanks for helping us by giving these icons royalty free.

  33. The I-pod images will be especially useful…and royalty free! I owe you one and I’ll be back to your blog frequently to see what other info and goodies you have. Thanks again.

  34. Thanks Simon. I am always looking for sets of icons for sites and print ads. As a Yankee fan, I especially appreciate the first one 😉 Also love the one with the monitor and sticky notes.

  35. These icons are fantastic, my daughter will go crazy for the Sonic the Hedgehog and the Myths, and I love the Back to the Future ones. They are excellent, thanks for sharing them.

  36. Simon, I really like the Care Bears.. it brings back memories of the TV show but those look really stunning. Very nicely done.

  37. Hi Simon! These are awesome. Thanks so much for not hoarding them all for yourself. 😉 I particularly love the Care Bears and Super Mario icons. It’s the child in me that’s typing here …

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