20 Time Saving WordPress Plugins

What’s most important to the WordPress admin?  Security, simplicity, quality.  These all make the list.  But time is perhaps the only true asset, something you can’t get back.  I have scoured the web looking for WordPress plugins that will save time.  And time is money folks.

This is not an all-inclusive list, so if you’ve come across a WordPress plugin that has saved you time, please add a comment below, or reach out to me on Google Plus.

Pretty Links

pretty link wp admin

An indispensable tool for the WordPress admin.  The easiest and fastest link cloaking plugin I have used thus far.  The free version is very functional, allowing for different types of redirects (301, 302, etc.) as well as basic cloaking.  Stop those affiliate commissions from being stolen and cloak those links!  You can also bulk-add cloaked links with the pro version and generate some handy reports.

ManageWP Worker

manage multiple wordpress sites

Manage all of your WordPress sites from one dashboard! Forget about logging into each site individually, this plugin centralized administrative control.  Very handy for those of us that run more than one site.  It is totally secure (according to the developer) and allows for one-click plugin updates among many other handy features.

Theme Test Drive

This plugin lets you work out the kinks on a new theme while showing your existing published theme to viewers.  This cuts out gobs of time spent customizing a new theme on a local WordPress install or a clone of your site.  You no longer have to export your theme from the local install and hope it works fluidly on your live site.  With some exceptions to functionality, this plugin lets you test your new/potential theme where only you, the admin, can see it.

Plugin Central

time saving plugin central

This plugin lets you streamline the installation of other plugins.  But here is the real time saver.  You can use Plugin Central to bulk transfer plugins from one site to another.  This is a huge time saver for anyone who is moving to a clean installation of WordPress, or who likes to use a default grouping of plugins on all sites.  Very nice.

Ultimate Google Web Fonts

time saving plugin

Stop hand coding CSS or importing Google Font functions into WordPress.  This plugin ($14 at Code Canyon) does it all for you.  Play with lots of different fonts to get just the right look on your site.

OSE Firewall

ose firewall save time with wordpress

Protect your site with one plugin against hacking, viruses and spam.  The built in scanner consistently checks your WordPress site for malicious code so you don’t have to be (as) diligent.

Developer Mode

developer mode plugin

Completely customize how different user levels see and interact with the WordPress admin.  Save time by restricting what your clients can see and change in the WordPress admin.  This cuts down training time, repair time (when they break something) and generally streamlines your clients’ admin experience.

Simple Optimizer

Stop downloading different optimizing plugins and tools, this one does it all for you.  It optimizes the database among many, many other things.  Here’s a brief video on what it can do:

Admin Bar Removal (aka annoying top bar thing slayer)

I always go in and remove this admin bar, it’s worth doing permanently.  The admin car causes multiple problems for the speedy WordPress admin, throwing off layouts and themes and just visually getting in the way of good site testing.

Post Snippets

wp time savers

Use Post Snippets to keep a personal library of assorted code so you’re not looking it up every time you need it.  Perfect for a theme’s shortcodes or javascript, HTML or PHP.


fast plagiarism check

Plagiarism automatically scours the web for copied content.  This is particularly helpful for any WP admin that accepts guest posts.  You want to make sure work is original, but don’t have time to check everything manually.  This plugin automates the process.

Infinite WP

wp admin time saving plugins

Another way to manage multiple WordPress installs.  This one is completely free, just install this plugin on all sites you want to manage and you will have access to them through the accompanying plugin, Infinite WP Admin.

Infinite WP Admin

You’ll need this plugin to manage Infinite WP.

Global Content Blocks

global content blocks shortcodes

Similar to Post Snippets, this plugin lets you create your own shortcodes.  This is particularly helpful and time saving if you regularly use the same code over and over.  Kind of takes some of the appeal away from fancy themes with built-in shortcodes.

Content Progress

content progress plugin

Insert workflow management into the post writing process.  Very helpful for multi-author blogs.  Label your posts as in-progress, ready for review, etc.  Will be a time save for anyone who frequently uses guest authors or those that manage other writers.

WP Butler

wp butler

This plugin creates a text field in the WP dashboard that allows admins to jump to commonly used admin actions.  Handy even for people that know their way around the WordPress dashboard rather than waiting for the (sometimes slow) menus.


wp dashboard

I like this one because I like a clean dashboard.  Adminimize allows the WordPress administrator to select what displays on the dashboard.  Of course this can be done manually by modifying the WP core which isn’t recommended.  Instead, use adminimize to pick and choose what you see.

Tidy Up

Tidy Up does exactly what it says, goes through your posts and pages and looks for sluggish or improper coding.  You can then choose (a nice feature) to update the database with the tidied code.  Be warned, this plugin is not actively maintained but appears to still function.

Advanced Excerpt


Advanced Excerpt lets you customize the length and behavior of the standard WordPress excerpt function rather than hand-coding the changes.  I use this plugin surprisingly often.  Image credit.

Simple Backup

simple backup plugin

Simple backup takes the process out of “backup process”.  You can regularly download backups of your WordPress site, and optionally run some database optimizations.  This is the kind of plugin you wish you had when it’s too late, but you never think of until it’s too late.

6 thoughts on “20 Time Saving WordPress Plugins”

  1. That plagiarism one is quite interesting, I wonder how it decides what to search for. Does it use a brute force sort of method to just chop up articles into small phrases to search for of is it more elegant than that? It must be I guess as that seems like it would return way too much useless data.

  2. I’ve used a few of those in the past, I remember getting in a bit of a state a few years ago with Adminimize… it’s very powerful but you need to know what you’re doing… and I didn’t. Post Snippets and WP Butler are new to me and will definitely be test running those.

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