25 Brilliant Vector Tutorials

I like to play around with vector art from time to time. I have made a few sets of icons and I have a site where I share vectors that I and other people have created. Check it out: Free Vector Art. Here are some great tutorials that will help you on your way if you are interested in vector design, and Adobe Illustrator.

Thug Bunny Vector Tutorial


Ninjas Vector Tutorial


Cow Vector Tutorial


Killer Bunny with chainsaw Vector Tutorial


Sports Car Vector Tutorial


Fish Cartoon Vector Tutorial


Fox Drawing Vector Tutorial


Graffiti Text Vector Tutorial


Groovy Vector Tutorial


Master Painting Vector Tutorial


Torn Wallpaper Vector Tutorial


Mini Vector Tutorial


Product Ad Vector Tutorial


Wood Grain Vector Tutorial


Vintage Shirt Vector Tutorial


Bitmap to Vector Tutorial


Simple Banners Vector Tutorial


Character Shading Vector Tutorial


Snowboarding Vector Tutorial


Bar of Soap Vector Tutorial


Stamp Vector Tutorial


Swirls Vector Tutorial


Creating Characters Vector Tutorial


Tree Vector Tutorial


Retro Emblem Vector Tutorial



Book Review: WordPress Theme Design

Wordpress theme designerWordPress Theme Design – A complete guide to creating professional WordPress themes – By Tessa Blakeley Silver

WordPress is my favorite application. I love it. I use it both as a blogging platform, and as a CMS for sites. I love the ease in which I can create professional sites, and the options of I have in the way of free and premium themes. I also like that there are 1000’s of plugins to add functionality to my sites.

When it comes to WordPress themes, I consider myself an intermediate user. I can alter aspects of other people themes to my liking, and I know what the structure of a WordPress theme looks like: PHP files, what roughly to expect in each one + a CSS file.

However, I hadn’t ever considered that I would have the skill to create a WordPress theme from scratch. That is until I read this book. So if you are like me and you fancy yourself a bit of a part time designer / coder but need a little more guidance, then go for it, this book will really help your in your goal towards creating your own WordPress theme from scratch.

What’s in this book?

It serves both as a good reference material for someone learning theme design and a good cover to cover read for someone who wants to try creating a theme using the example provided.

What you will need to know?

A bit about WordPress, how to install themes and what theme files look like and some basic CSS. Essentially this book is for visual designers who are used to working with the common industry-standard tools like PhotoShop and Dreamweaver or other popular graphic, HTML, and text editors.

An Approach to Design – Rapid Design Comping

The author of this book Tessa Blakeley Silver, works through a design method referred to as “Rapid Design Comping”, which is a method of design where essentially you design visually in a graphic editor such as Photoshop. This is a professional design method, valid for any designer.

Step by Step approach

The guts of this book is a walk through giving the actual steps to make a professional theme. The author uses the creation of a professional newspaper type theme to illustrate her example. Along with a generic process that could be used to create a standard CSS based web template the author delves deeper into the specifics of designing for WordPress, with information about “The Loop” and how to separate your theme into template files for WordPress.

What I think about it

I am very happy to have this book in my collection. It gave me the resource I required to step away from other people themes, and design my own from scratch which really felt like a great achievement. The book is well written, organised and very relevant. I love this sort of thing, and this book will be kept as a resource material for some time to come.

Buy this book now from Packtpub