Generic Comment Spam

Most of us know what spam is. It’s content that is a blatant attempt to promote some product, site or service. It’s obvious: “Buy Viagra, Get a cheap rolex watch, apply for this fantastic life insurance package, or fill out this Credit Card Application. If you have a blog or if you have an email address, then you have seen it and you know what it is.

But what about spam messages that aren’t so obvious?

Anyone who has dropped by this blog before will know I am a big fan of the plugin keywordluv. I feel it brings more comments, and thus content to my blog. As a result I get plenty of comments from other webmasters looking for targeted backlinks to their sites. There are dozens of PR3 and Pr2 pages on this blog when you can easily get a backlink to your site, and that backlink can have any text you want in it…within reason.

Now comes the reason why I am writing this post. What about people who want targeted backlinks from your blog, but they want lots of links, and they want them fast. This sort of person doesn’t really want to read your content. They don’t want to think of a meaningful comment to add, they just want to drop in and dump a “Generic comment” with their anchor, then move on. The faster the better. Now to the untrained eye these comments can look like legitimate comments. They normally look something like this: “Great post, bookmarked, will be back later”, or “fantastic article, keep up the good work”. Neither of these comments even suggest the person has even read the title of your post, they may not have even visited your site. The comments could apply to any post.

So, if you want a backlink with your choice of anchors from this site, you need to read the article and add to the content to my site. Nothing comes for free. Add a meaningful comment or I will flag it as the spam that it is.