Free Social Sites for Link Building

Building quality links to your site will help it grow, and gain organic traffic from search engines. This is key to the success of your blog or website. So what social sites are good for link building?

Best Social Sites For Link Building

Hub Pages is a great option for link building. You need to build your profile to have a ranking above 74 before your links get nofollow taken from them. This isn’t hard if you plan to have more that 4-5 hubs.

Squidoo is a good option. You can create a lens on any of your niche topics and embed follow links back to your main sites.

Both these sites give you tools to create great media rich content, and is ideal for link building.

Best article sites For Link Building

The best options for building links using articles sites are:

E-zine – The articles can rank well in Google, and links in the resource box will carry a good amount of strength.

Go-articles – Another good option link building, articles can rank well in Google, and the links well worth your effort.

Tips for build linking on these sites

Articles on the above sites can rank quite well in Google, and the links can carry a lot of value, but for you to get the most out of them, you need to do more than just write content and hope. Good readable content is a must. Read other hubs and lenses and see what content is performing well.

Here are a couple of hubs I have created to give you an idea of the sort of level expected. Both are only very new though. I didn’t put too much effort in to either of them, as I find it easy to write about MMO topics.

Other thoughts

A good strategy for building quality links to your site is do more than simply create content on these sites, but to create content which links to your site, then build links to that content as well. A few links from social bookmarking sites will help your hubs, squidoo’s and articles to perform much better, and give much more value to them.