Want Some Free WordPress Themes?

Templatelite has an impressive selection of creative and professional themes, so as you can imagine I am stoked with this partnership. As well as the huge range of professional free wordpress themes, Brian also has a blog where he shares a range of great resources for web designers. If this sounds like the sort of thing that interests you I suggest jump over to Templatelite and subscribe to his feed. I have thrown in a screenshot of his latest theme “Girly Nature” so you can see the caliber of his design work…very slick! Your can browse the selection of WordPress themes including previews using the link in my header.

Latest Theme: Girly Nature



30+ Free Simple WordPress Theme Designs

If you are looking to pay for a WordPress theme, the first place I would start is Elegant themes…for $39 you get access to 77+ professional themes that are constantly updated and added to.

Wordpress Magazine Themes

I was looking for a free minimalist theme for a site I was working on, and I found a whole heap of great options, so I decided to make it into a post. Most are pretty minimalist, others are just simple designs. Hope you find them useful.

First some Premium themes


Demo | Buy


Demo | Buy

OK….Here’s the 30 FREE Themes…



Demo | Download






Demo | Download



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Keyword Research: Google Wonder Wheel

Google have released a fantastic new feature as an option in their search engine. The Wonder Wheel will surely give Google yet more information as to how searchers think. But, for those who want to target search engine traffic it is a pretty fantastic keyword research tool, that not only gives you an endless supply of related search terms to look at, but also allows you to study competition. As the tool functions inside your Google search results, and as you explore new terms the results update, it is a great way to quickly evaluate competition for terms also.

How does it work

  1. Search for a term that you are interested in
  2. Select show options


  3. Select Wonder Wheel


  4. Explore your term and it’s related searches.


  5. It goes deeper…


This is a fantastic new edition to Google search that will help you decide which keywords to target, and probably help you think of new ideas to create posts for your blogs about.


100,000 Spam Comments

I had to turn off Do-follow and Keywordluv. I just don’t have the time to moderate so many comments each day. There are too many dickheads out there using spamming tools to waste my time. There is a changing environment in SEO and blog comments, so I am now using Disqus for comments, as it uses java script to embed comments so they are not counted as outgoing links. Anyway, thanks to all those that have made comments over the last year or so contributing to the 4000 + legit (ish) comments on this blog. I appreciate the extra user generated content you have added to this site.

Check out my Akismet stats:


Turning off Dofollow and keywordluv has sorted out my spam issues.

These stats are a pretty extreme example of spamming. This blog has been do-follow for the most part for the last 2 years. It has been on many do-follow lists, and I know the only reason many people come here is to comment to get a backlink. I knew that, and I supported that idea. But there comes a point when it becomes too much. I still stand behind my belief that Keywordluv is a fantastic plug-in for generating extra comments for your blog.