Tips to make your website User Friendly

Almost all businesses are going online these days but most of the business owners completely ignore the importance of a User friendly website. Getting a website is Simple but still most of the website designers don’t give any attention on how to provide a friendly experience to the visitors of the website. User friendly website not only makes the overall experience of your Customers Happy but it would also help in increasing conversion rate and online revenues. In this article, I am going to discuss few tips which would help you to make your website more user-friendly.

Loading Time: Nobody would like to wait for your website to get loaded. Many people are still using dialup connections for accessing the web. Hence your website should have low loading time. An idle website should load in 8 seconds. You can reduce the loading time of your website by avoiding excessive use of Flash, pop-ups and other unobtrusive elements. Also you can use image compressors to reduce the page size.

Proper navigation: Make sure that your visitor can access the important pages of your website easily. Make it easy for your visitors to find information they are looking for.For eg: If your website is an ecommerce store, link to page with shipping information or contact us page. Try to provide shortest and simplest path to your visitors to complete a process. Replace all broken links on your websites with new urls.

Browser Compatibility: Your Website should be compatible with all the major Browsers like Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera, Google Chrome. Most of the time a website which looks good in one browser doesn’t looks well in another. Make your website compatible for all browsers so that you do not lose any customers.

Proper Color Combination and Font Size: Take Care of Aesthetics while designing your website. Your Website should be pleasing for visitors eyes. Avoid Excessive use of Bright Colors or small Font Size which makes your website very hard to read. Select Color Combination and Font size of your website according to your Target Audience. For eg:- If your website is for aged people, text should be easy to read and If your website is basically for kids you can use bright colors like red.

Above the Fold: Above the fold means the portion of the page which a visitor can see without scrolling the page. Put all the important elements of your Website like call-to-action link, Features of the product etc above the fold.

Relevant Titles and Headlines: Use Relevant titles and headlines for each page of your website so that user could feel that he is on the right page. Start your Headlines with keywords which can grab user attention and help user to find information quickly and easily.

User Friendly Urls: Don’t use Dynamic Urls which are generated automatically by your website Friendly. Make them short so that it would be easy to remember or share. Try to include relevant keywords in url so that user can get the idea of the content on the page by seeing its url.

These are the few tips which can guide you to start the process of making your own Website user friendly.