Blog Karma

Here at Pingable, we’re pretty into the whole blogging thing.  We try hard to blog right, and that means having good blog karma.

What is blog karma?  Simple – do good things for the internet and it will come full circle.  Here is a list of ways to earn good blog karma, and a list of things that will earn you bad blog karma.

Good Blog Karma

  • Be real.  Don’t lie or pretend to be something you’re not.
  • Work hard.  Success comes from hard work and perseverance.
  • Build relationships.  You can’t go it alone.  Plus, relationships build traffic, credibility and karma.
  • Don’t push it.  Be gentle with your advertising.  We know it pays the bills, but it doesn’t have to impede your readers from… reading.
  • Develop quality resources, good advice, helpful articles, etc.
  • If not the above, than offer a unique perspective on an issue.  Opinion is fine, but don’t just complain, offer solutions and next-steps.
  • Create new things and new ideas.

Bad Blog Karma

  • Spamming other blogs with bad comments
  • Sabotaging competitors with poor feedback, nasty comments or negative/unrelated backlinks
  • Paying for cheap, badly written posts
  • Poorly writing content that is unhelpful and just link-bait
  • Generating or automating the blogging process in any manner
  • Stealing someone else’s work, or copying their ideas and simply re-stating the text
  • Not being helpful to your readers, it’s why they read!


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10 Apps that Make Blogging Easier

Blogging enthusiasts and professionals are always looking for effective tools to help them more easily craft blogs and posts that are compelling and effective. If you are looking for some nifty and functional ways to take your blogging to the next level, here’s the quick story on Ten Apps that Make Blogging Easier.

1. NetNewsWire

Quality blogging depends on quick and reliable access to a wide range of current information, and this RSS reader effectively brings that news to you. This free app allows you to effortlessly sync your account across any PC’s or Macs you use, which adds convenience and the ability to work from home, office, or on the go.

2. NewsFire

Another RSS reader you’ll want to try. This one offers the nicest layout of any on Mac or PC platforms, enhancing your ability to sort through hundreds of feeds, quickly selecting and accessing the information you want to make use of in your own upcoming blogs.

3. MarsEdit

When blogging, versatility is a feature you look for in any app, and this one allows you to coordinate work on different computers and different platforms. Moving material between systems is seamless, and it works flawlessly with most ‘sandbox’ sites so you can play with the format and preview the look of graphic-intensive layouts, including those with lots of images, before publishing them to your blog. MarsEdit is great for maintaining multiple blogs in the same editor so that files, images, and texts are easily passed between them.

4. ScribeFire

This free Firefox extension doubles as a powerful desktop blogging client, suitable for use on all platforms, including PC, Mac, and Linux. The WYSIWYG editor delivers a quality representation of what your posted blog will look like, and it offers an HTML/text editor so you can adjust the markup to get it just the way you want it before publishing.

5. + Pukka

This combination of quality apps will provide the blogger with a steady stream of ideas. Using the social bookmarking site Delicious to tag items of interest, and employing Pukka to add pages to, you’ll be able to quickly reference and include in your blog posts all the quirky, interesting, and germane issues you’ve been notating and storing.

6. Ecto

Simply put, Ecto streamlines the blogging process from initial crafting of the content or design right down to posting the blog online. It offers the versatility to be able to create content offline, composing posts from wherever you happen to be, and saving them as drafts to be tweaked, edited, and finally published at your convenience. When the blogging muse is on you keep writing and creating. Then store in for later in easy-to-edit fashion quickly and conveniently. You’ll save time and hassle with drag and drop image functions that offer WYSIWYG capability. Ecto is the go-to storage, editing, and posting app for a host of Mac, PC, and Linux users everywhere.

7. ImageShackle

Images make or break many posts, and their inclusion adds interest, makes complex blogs much more readable, keeps readers on your site longer, and delivers more affiliate clicks than bare posts without images. ImageShackle makes resizing and posting images simple and secure.

8. Quicksilver

No doubt many interesting blogs have focused on time wasted lifting hands off the keyboard to operate commands. With QuickSilver the committed blog poster need never lift a digit away from the keys, with command functions that get everything done on QWERTY. Open folders, meta tag, launch files, and upload to your blog or networking sites right within keyboard confines. Your productivity will increase as you stay right on top of what you’re doing without extraneous actions that take your focus off the task at hand.

9. WordPress

Every blog jockey is familiar with WordPress, but now iPhone users are discovering its worth in turning their mobile units into blogging tools. It delivers all the basic mechanics of effective blog crafting, editing, and posting, and allows users to take and upload photos or pull them from an existing library for upload.

10. Twitterific

Face it, microblogging is here to stay – for now, anyway! Twitterific is an outstanding tool for iPhone users, employing its own browser and offering reliable connection to posted URL’s. Reading and sorting incoming feeds is simple and quick, too.

If blogging is on the macro level is your specialty, or if you’ve forayed into microblogging in a major way, these apps will provide you with high-performance tools to make you more effective in your efforts to put out high-quality and high-quantity content to your readers, and any blogger knows that is where success starts.


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