10 Obscure But Handy WordPress Plugins

Where do you go to find helpful plugins?  I click “Plugins > Add New” from the dashboard.  That’s great for ease-of-use.  However, that database is limited to GNU/GPL licensed plugins accepted into the WordPress database.

These plugins are all not in the WordPress Plugin database and therefore, are not easily found.  Despite their obscurity, they offer some great services to the WordPress admin.

White Label WordPress Branding Plugin

Replace the WP logo from the login screen and dashboard to rebrand WordPress for your clients.

Like/Unlike Posts

Powered by WizyLike, this plugin adds a like/unlike functionality to each post.  Perfect for a community news site.

Font Replacement

Substitutes standard fonts with one of over 30 Cufon and Google Fonts.  Cufon is all the rage, take advantage of it with this killer plugin.

WP Geo Tagger

Integrate Google Maps by adding location information to posts.  This is an excellent option for community or event blogs.

Paypal File Download

Allows you to easily set up pay-per-download files.  I’ve tried to set this up before and this plugin would have been really nice to have back then.

Sliding Contact Form

Creates a slick, sliding contact form on any WordPress page.

Word and Phrase Spinner

Generates new content from existing stuff to prevent duplicate content issues with search engines.

Font Uploader

For those without HTML or CSS knowledge, this plugin allows you to upload your own fonts and apply them to any section of your site.

Social Pop

Allows for the easy insertion of 26 social bookmarking and sharing links below the content area of WordPress.

Search and Replace

This handy plugin lets you search for text and automatically replace with something else.  Can be used for text or links (read: automatic affiliate link conversion)

Click the image to check out any of these plugins.