Premium WordPress Real Estate Themes

WordPress Real Estate Themes Roundup

As WordPress moves closer to becoming a full content management system (CMS), it becomes more capable of being a real estate portal; so I decided to drill down into the possibilities of WordPress Real Estate Themes.  I recently dug into a few of the available WordPress Real Estate Themes to find out which are the best, and which don’t cut the mustard.

I was looking for features like property searching, front-end property submission, attractive styling, payment options and flexibility in terms of customization.

What I found was only a couple good themes, and a lot of first version, basic themes.  I also explored combining plugins and themes to meet all of the feature requirements.

Here is a quick summary of the results if you’re not interested in reading the whole thing.  There are two good themes for WordPress Real Estate management and zero good plugins.  Although each theme or plugin had some nifty features, no package did everything I wanted.

WordPress Real Estate Themes

Estate by WooThemes

One of, if not the most powerful WordPress Real Estate Themes available.  Estate Theme includes Google Maps integration, category support, and native tag support.  The theme is also the most expensive at $200.  The simple design will appeal to many designers as they can make it their own pretty easily.

Major Real Estate Features:

Includes integration with a premium IDX/MLS listing plugin.  This feature allows your website visitors to search the multiple listing service and populates your site with tons of content.  This plugin costs money though, a $100 setup fee and a monthly fee as well.

WordPress Real Estate Themes

WordPress Real Estate Theme by Templatic

The Real Estate Theme is the nicest design we found for WordPress Real Estate Themes.  However, that makes the theme a bit larger to load and one main feature is missing: the ability to create land/lot listings.  This is a pivotal feature for many designers and it is missing.  I spoke with the designers who pledged to add this feature in a future release.  At $89, this theme is more affordable than the Estate theme, but is still somewhat pricey.

Major Real Estate Features:

Automatic Google Maps integration, front-end property submission and smooth payment integration.  You can even set different prices/levels including charging for featured property listings.

Realist Real Estate Theme

This theme relies on the admin to add listings, which is fine for most WordPress Real Estate websites.  This theme is asthetically pleasing, and comes with most major features.  For only $27 and 5 color schemes, this theme is the best for the average Joe.

Major Real Estate Features:

Full property search and feature property feature allow this theme to play with the big boys while being super competitive in price.

WordPress Real Estate Themes

Elegant Estate WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

This theme is just as it describes… elegant.  I’m a long time fan of Elegant themes and they’ve really stepped up their game recently.  Their version of a WordPress Real Estate Theme came out looking smooth and clean.

Major Real Estate Features:

A powerful slider shows off your premium listings and automated thumbnail resizing and scaling is built in which means less work for you.  A browse listings widget snags your visitors and converts them to participants.

WordPress Real Estate Theme

Real Estate Plugins

Great Real Estate Plugin Roger Therieault

A plugin that is full of features, but not styled very well so you’ll need to be good at design to make it work for your WordPress site.  One key feature is included which should be in all WordPress Real Estate plugins and themes: automatic Google Maps incorporation.

WordPress Real Estate Plugin

WordPress Real Estate Plugin by Dr2007

This plugin is designed to work with another WordPress Real Estate Theme called Real Estate Listings.  The plugin claims to offer a number of features to handle your property management.

Wordpress Real Estate Plugin

WordPress Real Estate Themes and Plugins Conclusion

We hope you’ve found this to be a helpful tool for choosing WordPress Real Estate Themes and plugins.  In summary, the WordPress Real Estate plugins out there leave a lot to be desired.  You’re better off buying a good theme that has the plugin functionality built right in.

If you’ve found your own helpful WordPress Real Estate theme or plugin, please share by leaving a comment below.  Or, if you have an opinion on one of these WordPress Real Estate themes or plugins, please also share that.

Envato Affiliate Premium Site search WordPress Plugin

What will this plugin do?

Envato Affiliate Premium Site search will allow you to display Envato marketplace results under or above your wordpress search results. This is a great way to drive affiliate sales as your user has signaled what they are looking form and you are simply displaying some premium results relevant to their search. Think about the power of search. Google knows it. When a user types a term into your search box they are telling you what they are looking for. Your site might have what you are after. If not, the Envato marketplace might have it, and you will make a sale.

This plugin is ideal for monetizing free resource sites, that have premium items on Evato. You if you have a site that gives away free: Vector Graphics, Icons, Fonts, Design Templates, Clipart, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, Photoshop Brushes, PSD files, Joomla Templates, Flash or action script files, Magento templates or plugins, Sound files + the many more related items for sale on the Envato marketplace, then this plugin is a must have.

Why did I make this plugin?

I run a free vector graphics site called uberpiglet, and I was looking at ways of improving my affiliate sales through graphicriver, one of the Envato marketplaces. I had seen some of the larger vector graphic sites like Vecteezy were showing premium results under their site search results, and I wanted to do the same. A few hours of research later I figured out I was a bit out of my depth, and I would have pay someone to do it for me. I headed over to Elance, and hired lucid studios to create this plugin.

Envato Marketplace

The Envato Marketplaces allow anyone to buy or sell digital goods like WordPress themes, background music, After Effects project files, Flash templates and much more. The marketplaces are home to a thriving community of over 450,000 users, authors and buyers and every day hundreds of new files are added.

Why the price tag?

This plugin wasn’t free to develop, but I really think it will help some of my sites make more money. It’s only $5 for pre-paid customers. Think about it, all you will need to cover the cost of buying this plugin is make 1 referral through the envato affiliate program. I think if you use this plugin on the right site you could make back the purchase cost very quickly. So because this plugin will make you money, I want to try and recover some of the cost I spent to make it.

Check out this plugin in action: Demo

Click here to buy The Envato Affiliate Premium Site search WordPress Plugin from Code Canyon.

Envato Affiliate?

If you are an Envato affiliate and you want to make some money promoting our plugin feel free to use the banner we made for this project below. Also we would love to read some reviews about the plugin.

 Envato Affiliate Premium Site search

Easy WordPress Online Store Option

Wazala is a new service that allows you to insert a secure online store on any WordPress site without bulky plugins or sketchy security measures.  You can also forget about awkward forwarding and checkout pages.  Wazala creates a seamless integration with slick overlay interactivity.

Some key features include the ability to sell both physical and digital goods, Paypal and Google Checkout support and support for inventory and coupon management.

This is not your momma’s shopping cart.  It also includes product options (like shirt size), a smooth backend dashboard, multi-language support and tons of design customization options.

Wazala uses it’s own secure connection via a jQuery overlay which makes for a secure integration.

Here are some screenshots.  If you want to check out Wazala for yourself, they offer a free trial.