7 WordPress Mobile Themes

More and more people are using WordPress mobile themes because more people are viewing websites via their smartphones.  Personally, I do just as much browsing with my iphone as on my laptop.  As a result, there is an exploding niche of themes designed for mobile applications.  Here are some of the best that we’ve found.  If you like what you see here, you may also like our previous post about mobile phone blogging.

WordPress Mobile Themes

My Mobile Page WordPress Mobile Theme

mymobilepage WordPress Mobile Theme

My Mobile Page theme has some really cool features.  It automatically detects resolution and adjusts accordingly, plus it comes with 5 different color skins.  This theme also boasts being a “simplistic mobile theme” which seems somewhat redundant but I suppose it is accurate.

WordPress Mobile Theme

WordPress Mobile Themes

WordPress Mobile Theme by BlogOhBlog is about as simple as it gets.  What’s more, it’s completely free!

Hybrido WordPress Mobile Theme

hybridio combination wordpress mobile themes

Hybrido is actually a full blown WordPress theme that comes with a bonus mobile theme to accompany.  This is especially nice because your design remains continuous and similar across both browser types.

Mobius WordPress Mobile Theme

mobius wordpress mobile themes

Mobius theme is one of the slickest WordPress Mobile Themes.  It has a smooth interface and nice dark styling.  It also comes with social media integration.

iWorld WordPress Mobile Theme

iworld WordPress mobile themes

iWorld comes with 1o colors which leaves your options for implementation wide open.  This theme was also specifically designed for iPhone and iPod Touch.  I’m not sure what that means but sounds fancy.

SOFA iBloggr WordPress Mobile Theme

ibloggr WordPress mobile theme

This theme is sweet, mainly because of the HTML 5 compliance, and widget support.  There looks to be social media functionality built right in as well which is a huge bonus.

WP Touch 2.0 WordPress Mobile Themes

WPTouch WordPress Mobile ThemeWPTouch is a premium theme, but the feature list suggests the $39 is worth it.  Check your analytics.  I bet more and more people are viewing your site with mobile web browsers.  WPTouch is the final in this list of quality WordPress mobile themes, if you enjoyed this list, please share it.  Or, leave your own suggestions for WordPress mobile themes in the comments below.

11 Amazing Minimal WordPress Themes

Minimalism is all the rage, especially when it comes to minimal themes. The themes coming out recently demonstrate a truly exemplary eye for design. A good theme is both functional and simple. It tends to have one predominant color throughout the site and a simple navigation system. Back in July, we described a number of Simple WordPress Themes which can also be a resource if you’re looking for your next un-complicated design.

However, simple does not mean boring. Minimal themes let the user navigate effortlessly throughout the site while keeping the user roped into the content. More aspects of minimal themes are single-page designs and single-column layouts. Whatever your fancy, consider some of these amazing themes.

Premium and Free Minimal WordPress Themes

Minimal WordPress Themes

Minimal WordPress Themes

Demo | Download

The Morning After Minimal WordPress Theme (FREE!)

The Morning After Minimal WordPress Themes

Demo | Download

Clean & Minimal WordPress Theme

Clean & Minimal WordPress Themes

Demo | Download

Chapter 26 Minimal WordPress Theme

Chapter 26 Minimal WordPress Themes

Demo | Download

Concept Minimal WordPress Theme

Concept Minimal WordPress Themes

Demo | Download

Minimal Blog Minimal WordPress Theme

Minimal Blog Minimal WordPress Themes

Demo | Download

Repro Minimal WordPress Theme

Repro Minimal WordPress Themes

Demo | Download

Capture Minimal WordPress Theme

Capture Minimal WordPress Themes

Demo | Download

Manifest Minimal WordPress Theme (FREE!)

Manifest Minimal WordPress Themes

Demo | Download

Crisp Minimal WordPress Theme

Crisp Minimal WordPress Themes

Demo | Download

Skeptical Minimal WordPress Theme (FREE!)

Skeptical Minimal WordPress Themes

Demo | Download

Thank you for reading this post.  If you have your own Minimal WordPress Theme that you find helpful, please let us know about it by commenting below.  We sifted through quite a few themes to put together this list of the 11 best.  We thought we did pretty well, but it’s easy to miss some.  So we want to hear from you about other Minimal WordPress Themes!

Make Your Own WordPress Yahoo Answers Site

Most people have probably heard of Yahoo Answers right? It’s a free service provided by yahoo that allows people ask questions and have other users attempt at answering them. The original poster then selects the best answer, and the user who made the suggestion gets credit. Users who answer lots of questions build up authority on the site.

It’s a cool concept and works really well. It also works really well at pulling in search engine traffic as there are many millions of search queries every day from people looking for information on questions they are trying to answer…”How to fix a squeaky door”, “how do I get rid of ants?”, “What is the Best WordPress Host?” etc…you get the idea.

How do I make Your Own WordPress Yahoo Answers site?

So if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a fan of WordPress, and your now thinking: “How can I make my own Yahoo Answers WordPress site”.

One of our favorite WordPress theme sources has just released an amazing all in one solution to creating a delicious WordPress answer site.

Wordpress Yahoo Answers

The system has 7 different color schemes, a comment voting system, member ratings, user signup and submission + a whole lot more. It really is an all in one solution for creating our own stylish yahoo answers site. To get the package you need to be an Elegant themes member. This membership costs $39.95, and they now have over 50 amazing and useful professional themes. You will find plenty of other great themes that will be useful for your other projects.

So if you are looking for an idea for a new site, I think the idea of a WordPress Yahoo Answers site is a real winner. If you optimize it well for search engines with some solid backlinks, the site will run itself and your users will continue to create fresh content for you. Jump over to Elegant themes and check it out.

8 Helpful WordPress Tutorials

Tutorials are all the rage right now, especially WordPress Tutorials. I understand why. There used to be a plethora of posts like this one for a while. Many people still write posts like this: “100 amazing themes” and “50 creative logos”. They’re nice to look at, helpful and inspiring.

However the trend is definitely towards tutorials. Look at Envato’s newest marketplace as an example.  And we at Pingable understand the trend.  Tutorial posts are more helpful in a tangible way.  Users can read a post and walk away with a real, measurable, helpful new skill set.

In light of this trend, we thought it would be nice to combine the two types of content.  Here is a list of 25 extremely Helpful WordPress Tutorials.

Free WordPress Tutorials

16 Vital Checks Before Releasing a WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by Ludovico Fischer

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
This tutorial will help you check off those must-do steps before making your new theme public. You spent countless hours developing the theme, don't forget these steps. From protecting comments on posts to correctly paginating posts, don't forget any of these steps.

Designing the Post Meta Data Section

WordPress Tutorial by the Codex Team

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
Using post meta data is one of the most versatile and helpful features of WordPress. You can essentially generate all of your post excerpt information on the fly which can make for a rich user experience. This official codex tutorial walks you through creating this section of your design.

Creating Custom Fields for Attachments in WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by Andy Blackwell

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
WordPress custom fields are incredibly useful and versatile. They can turn a regular theme into a dynamic and user-powered design. However when displaying attachments the code needs some tweaking. This tutorial walks you through the necessary tweaking to make it work.

Fun Character Entities WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by the Codex Team

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
Using various character entities in your designs can make the user experience smoother. This can be navigation arrows, ampersands, etc. This tutorial by the official codex crew will help you incorporate those characters into your next design.

How to Integrate an Options Page into your WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By Dan Walker

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
All of the latest quality WordPress Themes include backend (administrative) options themes to help the user utilize all of the incredible, complicated features coming standard with the latest themes. This tutorial will guide you in creating this feature for your next theme.

Premium WordPress Tutorials

WordPress, Beginner to Master Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By Dan Harper, $5

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
This tutorial walks you through creating a complete WordPress site including a blog and portfolio. Written after the many new features in WordPress 2.7, this tutorials brings you up to speed before looking closely at WordPress 3.0.

Securing and Hardening WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By JT Pratt, $5

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
WordPress is inherently secure as a blogging platform. However as it is converted into a CMS, more user data is being transfered and more opportunities to access core files are created. This makes it less secure. This tutorial will help you secure WordPress against data theft but also make it less prone to malicious attack and forceful entry. A must-read for any serious WordPress user.

Creating a Custom WordPress Portfolio Page Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By nuResponse, $5

Helpful WordPress Tutorial
This tutorial will help you leverage the WordPress custom template functionality to create powerful design functionalities within your site. You will be walked through creating a portfolio page to display information in a unique way which can be applied in unlimited ways.

We hope you enjoyed these Helpful WordPress Tutorials.  These are some of the best free and premium tutorials we could find.  If you have your own must-read WordPress Tutorials, please leave a comment below!