5 WordPress Video Themes

As high speed internet explodes across the world, WordPress Video Themes become more ubiquitous as more people have access to bandwidth-hogging videos.  Here we’ve collected some really nice WordPress Video Themes for your next project.

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WordPress Video Themes

eVid WordPress Video Theme by Elegant Themes

WordPress Video Themes

The eVid WordPress Video Theme comes with integrated navigation controls and a really nice “dim the lights” feature.  All you need is the embed code from Youtube or other video sharing sites.

SuperMassive WordPress Video Theme

WordPress Video Themes

This sweet new Theme from designer GhostPool has a great shortcode feature that lets you embed video easily.  With myriad parameters, you are in total control of how videos are presented.

Wave WordPress Video Themes

wave wordpress video themes

The Wave WordPress Video Theme is perfect for a video blogger.  It has up-front social media integration and displays lots of content in one page which is good for user conversion.

Flex WordPress Video Theme

flex wordpress video themes

Flex displays both images and videos smoothly.  It has a great lightbox feature so users control their video experience.  One of the best WordPress Video Themes we’ve found yet.

WordPress Color Video Theme

WordPress Video Themes

WordPress Color Video (wpcv) is a theme truly designed for video presentation.  It pairs each video with navigation like embed code, sharing and linking.  With the colorful background, the design isn’t bland at all.  A solid WordPress Video Theme.

We hope you enjoyed these WordPress Video Themes.