Amazing new portfolio theme

Folioway is a new, amazing and unique WordPress theme for showcasing your work.  It is also a great option for a business wanting to display their products.  It features a smooth slider, unlimited built-in styles, shortcode support and stunning typography.

Slick Gallery Feature

The theme comes with a nice gallery component that lets you display your graphic work or products in a stylish way.  Great for artists or other creative folk, it will simplify the need to show lots of images on one page.

Custom Shortcodes

Custom shortcodes make styling your blog easy.  No CSS necessary, just frame something in a brief code snippet and voila!  Shortcodes can create styled boxes, dropcaps, buttons, anything.  This helps keep the style of your blog uniform and professional.

Custom Styles

The theme comes with built-in background styles as well as an infinite color option using the unlimited palette that exists in, umm, the world.  With a few clicks, you can customize the look of your design without having to actually customize the theme.

Professional Typography

WordPress themes often neglect quality typography.  Folioway comes with an impressive set of typography that lends credibility and professionalism to your site.  High quality typography communicates your message effectively.

Folioway is a professional, stunning and impressive theme for almost any use.  It is particularly equipped to be used as a portfolio or design showcase blog.  The designer has paid attention to every detail, producing a high quality product for only $35.  Check it out now.

10 WordPress Theme Designers you may not have heard of

We all know Themeforest, ElegantThemes, Woothemes and the other major theme designers.  But there are hundreds if not thousands of other theme designers out there that are either obscure, new or quietly producing some of the best WordPress themes out there.

These theme designers offer high quality designs for a comparable price.  However there is one huge benefit to using these little-known designers: their themes are largely unique.  For example, some major providers sell thousands of themes each month.  That means if you deploy that theme on your WordPress site, several thousands other sites are using the same design.  On the contrary, choosing one of these designs means your site looks unique to a lot more people.

Check out some of these designers.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised, and hopefully you learn of a couple new designers you never knew about.


If you’re looking for a jazzy, creative and completely original theme, check out YooTheme.  Pingable’s design is actually a modification of a YooTheme product.  They started by creating Joomla templates, then realized Joomla is dumb, bloated and a sinking ship.  Now they make both, porting all of their previous Joomla templates onto the WordPress theme framework.

Design Disease

You may have seen their work over at, but they don’t tend to churn out a great deal of themes, just the occasional, high quality, funky looking design.  They also do custom work starting at $1,500.

Organic Themes

I have to admit, the name caught my eye.  Obviously themes can’t be organic, but I appreciate the sentiment.  I also appreciate their designs.  I’m going to go ahead and make up a word now, simplism.  That’s what comes to mind when I browse Organic Themes’ work.


Although their themes aren’t drop-dead gorgeous, they may be the right foundation for your custom work.  Every vision needs a starting point.  Every painter needs a canvas.  And so on.


They also started with Joomla and just recently launched their WordPress membership package.  Unlike most designers, you can’t buy these themes individually, you must join their “club”.  This is a much more common model in the Joomla community.  By joining the club, you get access to all their themes, but can only use them on a specific number of sites depending on which license you purchase.  Similar to Elegant Themes.  RocketTheme has always led the pack with Joomla designs, now they are bringing their expertise to WordPress.

Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes is one of the larger providers listed here.  They also produce Magento and Tumblr themes and have a really killer deal going on at press time to celebrate their anniversary: 14 premium items worth $442 for $25.  Similar to the themeforest bundles that occasionally come out.

Up Themes

I have seen their work elsewhere, but perhaps there has been a rebranding at some point.  EVO in particular is familiar looking.  Either way, there is some nice work and creativity displayed here.


If I hadn’t already invented the word “simplism”, I would invent it again to describe the work of Pagelines.  Their work is both elegant and minimal, which is a lot harder to pull off than one might think.  Kudos Pagelines.  They also feature a drag-n-drop feature which is really nice.  Although I haven’t personally tested it, it promises to be handy.

Graphpaper Press

I’ve always been a fan of graph paper.  The actual paper with the little squares on it.  So neat, confined, clear.  It really makes one feel secure.  Oh, and the design shop isn’t bad either.  Their stuff looks really classy.  You can never trust a design shop that uses someone else’s theme on their own site.  GraphpaperPress’ work is truly unique.

The WP Ninja

Your run of the mill, standard WordPress themes, with a little kick added in.  There is something for everyone over there, a good mix of functional, blog and professional themes.  Definitely worth checking out.

A Thorough Review of Elegant Themes

On Pingable we have been recommending Elegant themes for a few years now. We have been doing this for two reasons. Firstly, because it’s the best WordPress Premium Theme Club on the internet. For a measly fee of $39 you get access to over 60 premium themes. This works out at around 60c a theme. The second reason, is because the theme club is so good, that so many people sign up to it through our affiliate link and we have made $1000’s by recommending it. However, we have never done and through review of the service. So that’s what I will attempt to do here today.

You don’t have to be a member of the club to promote it’s affiliate program, and I throughly recommend it. It converts amazingly well if you have any WordPress theme related traffic. Sign up to be an affiliate here, it’s free.

The Members Section

For your $39 a year you get access to a huge library of quality themes. The library of themes is constantly growing. At the time of writing this, there are more than 60 premium themes. There’s is a huge selection of premium magazine themes, gallery and portfolio themes, and themes for very specific uses.

Themes within the collection get upgrades from time to time, and each theme in the members section has a change log to show how it has developed. All theme downloads also come with the original Photoshop source files.


The members section of the site has a very busy support forum. There is a huge community of users on this site. In the forum you will find theme support for each individual theme, plus general support. Nick Roach, the creator of Elegant themes has over 11,000 posts on the forum at the time of writing this in April 2011, so this support forum is not an after thought, or a useless ad-don. The forum is a very good support resource for the community. There is a very well qualified team of moderators on the forum, and they are very helpful.

Each theme also comes with it’s own documentation, plus there is a general troubleshooting guide, and if for some reason you can’t figure out your support problem using all of the mentioned resources, you can even contact them directly using a contact form.

The Affiliate Program

As I mention in my introduction, the Elegant theme affiliate program is very good. Firstly, because it is such great value, the theme club has huge appeal and it converts very well. Secondly, as an affiliate you make a very generous 50% commission on every user you refer to the service for the life of their membership. So if users renew their membership after a year, and you were the original person who signed them up, then you receive another payment each year. If you sign anyone up, who then becomes an active affiliate referring other users, you receive a 5% commission on all of their sales too. So if you get any traffic that is targeted towards WordPress users, such as themes, or plugins, this affiliate program is a great one to promote. Join the affiliate program here.

Theme Features

Once you have made the call to signup, and downloaded and installed your theme of choice, you are greeted by the Elegant Themes ePanel. This is where you set your preferences and alter individual theme options. Having admin sections for modern wordpress themes is very common, however, the ePanel is a very good one. As you can see from the screenshot below, the design is clear, and options are all easily accessible. This truly makes Elegant themes a great option for less technical types. You don’t have to know you way around a css file, or WordPress’s PHP tags to make your theme look professional, and customized. Most options are simply a case of selecting your preference, or pasting a file path.

The themes come with a huge library of short codes. Shortcodes are just a simple way of inserting functionality. These might be for tasks as simple as inserting a button into a post, adding a social bookmark, or used for complex tasks such as creating a price comparison table. Here is a full list of the short codes available.

Many of the themes also come with custom page templates. Page templates make it easier to add function specific pages to your site..i.e. a gallery page, a contact form, a sitemap, or a member login form. These are a very useful asset and will save you time as you don’t have to install extra plugins to achieve the same result. Each of the themes support localization. This makes it very easy for designers to select which language the site is to be used in. All themes are compatible with a huge range of browsers, (Opera, Netscape, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) are Valid XHTML + CSS, compatible with the latest version of WordPress, and support widgets.

The Themes

All of the above might mean nothing to you if you can’t find the theme you are looking for in their library, so this is obviously a very important part of your decision. However, the Elegant Themes library is outstanding. There is a huge range of themes.

Specialist themes include:

  • A Restaurant theme with a menu system – MyCuisine
  • A Coming Soon Pre-launch theme – Anticipate
  • An Event Website theme – Event
  • A Question an Answer Website theme – Askit
  • A Real Estate website theme – ElegantEstate
  • An E-Commerce theme – eStore
  • A theme for promoting mobile applications – MyApp
  • Product Spotlight theme – MyProduct
  • A Resume theme – MyResume
  • A Business Card theme – BusinessCard
  • A Video Blogging theme – EVid

Plus a huge selection of news, portfolio, magazine and blog style themes to select from.

Here’s a small selection of some of my favorites at the moment:

Final Thoughts

Nick Roach has created a damn fine service in Elegant themes. Elegant themes provide outstanding value to users, and he has grown the site by offering affiliates a fantastic cut of the commission making it a highly successful affiliate program. If you haven’t already, jump over to Elegant themes, and get a membership. It will be the easiest $39 you will ever spend.

15 Elegant Premium WordPress Wedding Themes

When it comes to weddings you probably don’t want to be cutting corners and taking the cheap option. Free WordPress themes are great, but for that special day it might be worth spending a little more to get the perfect theme. After all, if there is a website being made for this wedding, it must be a fairly fancy affair? Recently I had to try and find a WordPress theme to recommend to a friend for his wedding, and I decided this would make a good post. Here’s what i came up with, I hope you find these themes useful. Most of them aren’t specifically designed for weddings, but are simply elegant and classy.

Boutique v2








Light of Peace

Hand Crafted


Deep Focus




Most Profitable WordPress Affiliate Programs

There are many WordPress affiliate programs you can choose from.  But not all are worth the effort.  Bloggers love writing, that’s why they do it.  However you can also make a few dollars through affiliate programs rather easily.  Many bloggers prefer affiliate programs because of the higher payouts and because you can reduce the number of annoying advertisements shown to your readers.

Some WordPress affiliate programs pay out a couple dollars per conversion (a registration, product sale, etc.) and some offer over $100 per conversion.  Without any more delay, here is a collection of strong, profitable affiliate programs we have found useful here on Pingable.

WordPress Affiliate Programs

ThemeForest WordPress Affiliate Program

ThemeForest, an Envato marketplace is an excellent WordPress affiliate program.  It is simple to use because you simple add a short code onto any URL from the site.  Most themes on ThemeForest are high quality, which makes sales virtually happen on their own.

CodeCanyon WordPress Affiliate Program

Another Envato marketplace, although much smaller than Themeforest.  The conversions are fewer, but you can zero-in on quality WordPress plugins which are applicable and useful to your readers.  Watch this WordPress affiliate program closely because as it grows, so will the profits.

Elegant Themes WordPress Affiliate Program

ElegantThemes is one of large group of quality premium theme creators.  It may be their stylish design or the high quality coding, but for some reason this WordPress affiliate program converts quite well.  Perhaps it is because the membership only costs $39 for a year, and the user is given a series of excellent themes throughout the year.  (It was only $19 when I first joined).  The affiliate program pays at 50% which is a nice share of the profits.

WordPress Affiliate Program Tools

Ninja Affiliate

Ninja Affiliate is a powerful plugin for WordPress sites.  It automatically converts specific keywords to affiliate links for you across your site.  You can control how many keywords are turned into links to prevent spiders from identifying you as a spam site.  Although this tool does not necessarily provide a new source of income, it can very well increase conversion by dramatically increasing the number of links users can click.  The plugin costs $39 and seems to be well worth it, although Pingable has not yet adopted the plugin.

Pretty Link

Pretty Link is a free plugin that cloaks your links.  A smart user will find your affiliate link and remove it, perhaps using their own.  A link cloaker is not a sneaky tool, it is a tool that maintains the integrity of your links, letting you profit by providing useful information to readers.  We use Pretty Link here on Pingable, and it works out very well.

See Also:

Magic Affiliate, a plugin that lets you run your own affiliate program on your WordPress site.  This can be very useful if you sell something or charge for memberships to your site.  Offer tiered affiliate programs, signup bonuses, integrates readily with WP E-Commerce and Magic Members plugins.