What you get for $5

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can list what you would do for $5.  Some people wouldn’t do much for only $5.  Others would do some very labor intensive, complicated, desperate things.  If it’s worth $5 is for you to decide.  The flip side of this service is that you can offer your WordPress expertise for $5.  Who knows, a simple theme customization or blog post might be worth $5.  It’s all up to you.

The interface mimics Twitter, which makes sense as a $5 gig is a small, quick thing to handle.  There doesn’t seem to be a limit, however, to what people are willing to do (or ask for).  One person is asking for a complete logo and theme design for only $5.

Here are 20 things people are willing to do with WordPress for only $5.  Some might surprise you.  What would you do for $5?  If you’ve got something creative (and family-friendly), leave it in a comment below.

What people will sell you for $5

  1. Make WordPress SEO friendly.
  2. One hour of WordPress “killer tricks” taught via Skype.
  3. A custom “professional” WordPress theme! (probably an Artisteer user)
  4. Host five WordPress sites monthly.
  5. Fix any WordPress problem related to PHP or a theme.
  6. Complete WordPress setup. (If you’re reading Pingable, you should probably be able to do this yourself)
  7. Design a custom eBook cover.
  8. Review your website.
  9. Get 2500 backlinks. (sketchy SEO!)
  10. A tutorial on writing high quality, original articles quickly.
  11. Update all of your WordPress sites. (unlimited!)
  12. Get a dirty, rotten tool for replacing words with synonyms.
  13. Install and setup a WordPress ecommerce theme.
  14. Add Twitter share buttons to 25 posts.
  15. Remove encrypted links from your footer.
  16. Any small code project.
  17. Install the top 5 WordPress plugins. (says who?)
  18. Optimize your VPS Linux server.
  19. SEO your blog.
  20. Manual submission to the top 20 bookmarking sites.

RocketPress Hosting Review

I like to review WordPress hosting because a) they’re topical and interesting to our readers and b) they tend to focus on the needs of WordPress users over those of the general population.  Web hosting providers are a dime a dozen.  Especially when you consider reseller accounts.  Hell, I’ve got a reseller package that more than pays for my hosting costs.  But when it comes down to the nitty gritty details, there are only a handful of super high quality hosts out there.  RocketPress is one of those hosts.


Let’s get to the first thing on your mind, how does it compare in cost?  The cheapest plan, if paid annually, is $3.95 per month.  That’s not a lot of money, as long as you can front the $47.40 once every year.  If you want to pay monthly, the cheapest plan is $6.95.


RocketPress is using Cpanel combined with a piece of software called WHM (Web Host Manager).  Both of which are very stable, regularly supported frameworks.  Cpanel is a ubiquitous software package that many many web hosts use.

RocketPress is hosted on servers managed by a company called FDC Servers.  They DO NOT offer reseller hosting which is a good thing for you.  This means RocketPress has invested in their hardware and co-located with a company who makes their business managing server farms.  This is a very smart move.  Picture this: a business that buys and manages all their own hardware sounds great.  Now picture this “business” in someone’s garage, with a $400 Windows desktop acting as a “server”.  It’s supervised when this person is home, but when they’re away, anything could happen.  Outsourcing server management seems like a pretty sweet deal now doesn’t it?


They offer Live Chat which is a great resource.  Although they weren’t online while writing this review, there is also a toll-free phone number which says a lot about this company and their intentions to be there for you when needed.

Security and Reliability

Their servers are backed up nightly, so you can trust your data can be restored if something goes wrong.  RocketPress claims to have never been hacked, ever.  That’s 17 years of zero-tolerance.  They claim to never overload their servers but do not back that up with numbers which, to be fair, is hard to quantify.  Hopefully, they follow through on this expectation and their hosting accounts are sound, solid and secure.

WordPress Specific

RocketPress claims to have been built by WordPress coding experts with significant IT security experience.  They will automatically install WordPress on each new hosting account within 10 seconds.  I’m not sure that’s necessary, but it’s a nice feature if you want this hosting account for a very specific website.  The hosting plans are designed to support WordPress installs, and RocketPress offers free WordPress consulting and advice.  Because RocketPress runs Cpanel, it supports Fantastico, which offers two-minute WordPress installations without any database work.


RocketPress will transfer your existing WordPress site for free which is a really nice perk if you only run one WordPress site.  There’s no mention of how many websites they will migrate.

Each new account gets a free domain.  That’s worth $10/year so it’s not like you’re getting a primo parking spot or anything, but every little bit counts.


We tried to be both honest and fair in this review of RocketPress.  Whichever host you choose, consider how it will meet your specific needs, and try to ignore flashy sales and gimmicks.  There are so many web hosts out there, you can be a very discerning customer.  If you love WordPress as much as we do, you’ll want to choose a web host that specializes in supporting the most powerful blogging platform on earth.

Disclosure: Pingable was not paid to write this review, however we are part of their affiliate network, clicking through and signing up for an account will result in a kickback for us.