Amazing Designs: WordPress Examples for 2012

It’s time for amazing designs: WordPress examples for 2012.  It might be redundant and completely duplicative to say WordPress is the absolute best publishing platform that exists today.  The following are some amazing WordPress designs.  Some are themes that are available and some are completely custom designs.  Either way, these 2012 WordPress examples serve as excellent inspiration for your next WordPress design.  You may also find this post about big websites using WordPress interesting.

Free Viral Launch Theme

Launch Effect was recently brought to our attention as a solution for pre-launch and early launch applications.  Launch Effect is a one-page WordPress theme intended to help developers and new businesses generate buzz before launch.

The theme is incredibly customizable and serves one very important function.  Users visiting the site can enter their email address to receive future updates.  That’s something many themes can do.  But here is where Launch Effect stands apart.  Users who sign up are provided with a custom generated URL they can use to share with friends.

You can then track referrals so top performers can be rewarded, or just thanked with a kind email.  The following are screenshots of the signup and sharing screens.

As you can see, users can share the launch in lots of different popular ways.

The free version of this theme has all the features described above including a powerful design dashboard and lots of customization options.  It also comes with a small footer linking back to the developer.

The design dashboard allows for complete color and style customization from top to bottom.  All colors, fonts and text is customizable through this dashboard.

The premium version adds functionality to include a progress bar, countdown timer, brandable footer, and full theme functionality to use as a regular WordPress site.  In development for future releases is the ability to add extra form fields and sell single products with Paypal support.

Launch Effect can also integrate seamlessly with Mailchimp (my personal favorite), Google Analytics, AWeber and PressTrends.

The stats are also impressive, allowing the site admin to track signups and conversions each person has generated.  This is great for content entries and true viral launches.

Launch Effect is in use by lots of exciting new concepts right now.  One nice feature of Launch Effect is that no theme ends up looking the same so you don’t have to worry about lots of other sites using the same design.  Check out some of these cool designs:

Go ahead, check out Launch Effect for yourself.  If you’re experienced with this theme, we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

35 Free and Premium WordPress Photo Gallery Themes

WordPress photo gallery themes are an advanced feature available to WordPress users.  On the day it was first released, May 27th, 2003, WordPress was a blogging platform.  On May 28th, the world realized how many other things were possible.  From personal portfolio sites to business sites, WordPress drives them all.

For Photographers especially, WordPress has become an incredibly powerful tool.  WordPress photo gallery themes are advancing seemingly by the day.  In true Pingable fashion, we have assembled some of the best free and premium WordPress photo gallery themes that are currently available.

Free WordPress photo gallery themes


photoria photo gallery theme


imbalance wordpress photo gallery theme


Wordpress Photo Gallery ThemePortfolio WordPress Theme

Portfolio WordPress Photo Gallery ThemeFullscreen

wordpress photo galleryMansion

mansion photo gallery theme

The following WordPress photo gallery themes can be found on the ThemeForest marketplace.

Footage – A Photo & Video Production Theme