WordPress Theme Generator: Custom wp themes in no time

When it comes to custom WordPress themes design the usual way to go is building on top of a base theme or framework, and there are tons of such themes out there, yet, the problem with such themes is that they are too ”basic”, usually lacking a richer and eye-catching design, which leads to time and resources consuming work on both graphics and css to get a professional-looking theme. It is here that a new tool called WordPress Theme Generator comes forward to help.

Using it’s solid and clear interface you can create a custom theme in no time with more than 1000 predesigned elements at different layout options at your disposal. WordPress Theme Generator is a versatile and efficient tool to produce custom themes, for it has more than 1000 design elements that you can use, as well as supporting your uploaded designs. On top of that you can download every theme you created with a ”full of features” framework, as well as saving them within the interface for later edition; this presents the advantage of up-to-date framework in all of them. For an even faster solution it presents a public themes gallery where hundreds of pre-designed themes can be found along with their layered psd files.

WordPress Theme Generator main features

  • 1000+ Pre-designed elements
  • New design elements added daily
  • Change any design aspect with an easy to use interface
  • 50+ preloaded fonts to play with
  • Unlimited sidebars or widget areas
  • Save themes for later edition or download
  • Download in both WP & HTML/CSS
  • Always updated with the latest WP version
  • A powerful framework behind
  • Check all features

Framework Options

Within the theme you download using WPThemesGenerator there’s a powerful framework:

  • Bootstrap Ready (don’t know what bootstrap is?, please take a look)
  • Unlimited sidebars:  Using the layout tool you can create unlimited sidebars or widget areas. (both horizontal or vertical) And assign them in a page by page basis.
  • 4 Sliders: Select 4 different slider types.
  • Custom logo and images: Upload your own personalized logo and slider images.
  • Featured slider: Select featured posts and they will appear in your slider. That easy.
  • Live edition window: You can decide whether to show a little sidebar in your site homepage (admin only), which allows you to edit aspects of your theme directly from it, like color, textures, etc.
  • Galleries page: You can create full featured galleries that comes with categories and lightbox ready ready to use.
  • Portfolio & services pages: Easily create a portfolio or a services page (with categories)
  • Products Page: Selling your products never was easier, just add your products images, prices and they will be displayed in a products page (with categories)
  • Testimonials Page: Create testimonials from your users.
  • Contact form: A ready to use (spam free) contact form.
  • Social icons: Add social icons in seconds
  • Create GUI elements: Buttons, frames, lightboxes, quotes, sliders, tabbed content, menus, tooltips, highlights, notice boxes, warnings, and more..
  • and much more…

Don’t take my word for it and please take a look to the WordPress Theme Generator. Team behind this tool is the same crew of wordpress theme shock and iconshock.

New Premium Theme Resource

PremiumThemeFinder.com is a new resource by the creators of Pingable.

PremiumThemeFinder was invented, as most things, out of necessity.  The creator found himself looking for a premium theme, needing to bounce between memorable theme developers.  It wasted time and energy and caused him to forget the lesser known theme developers.

WordPress users looking for their next premium theme just select tags that describe the theme they’re looking for, and filter through tons of themes really fast.

PTF has a simple purpose: to be a single source premium theme browser that is free, easy-to-use and time saving.  There are no ads and no search engine bait.  Simply click the screenshot to go straight to the theme.  It’s that simple.


Excellent Free and Premium WordPress Magazine Themes for 2012

Online magazines are not just for major publication companies, with the some energy and a great WordPress magazine theme, anyone can create one.  If you are willing to put in time and very little money can create a wildly successful magazine.  Just look at Huffington Post, started by an individual in her home, recently sold to AOL for $315 million.  Overpriced?  Perhaps, but Ariana Huffington isn’t complaining!

The following are some great WordPress magazine themes.  They are well designed, bring lots of organizational function to the WordPress site, and are fun to navigate.  We hope you enjoy them.  You may also enjoy this post about WordPress magazine themes.

The Morning After (Free!)

Premium News (Free!)


The Daily Press



Felici (Free!)

Sight (Free!)

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