20 Amazing WordPress Music Themes for Bands and Musicians

I wanted to put together a list for the music types out there looking for a wordpress theme for their band website. Most of these themes are premium, however, I have included a few free options in there for those with no budget. Most of these themes have rich media options, or built in media players, or just an overall design that I think would work well for a band. Hope you find it useful.

Gleam | Demo or Buy

Media Store | Demo or Buy

Media Scene | Demo or Buy

Milky | Demo or Buy

Multimedia | Demo or Buy

Musaic Music | Demo or Buy

Music Concert | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Loud | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Pro | Demo or Buy

Music Star | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Store | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Musicians | Demo or Buy

Nocturnal | Demo or Buy

Pendulum | Demo or Buy

Quade | Demo or Download (FREE)

RockStar | Demo or Buy

Strings | Demo or Buy

Stylico | Demo or Buy

Event | Demo or Buy

Swagger | Demo or Buy

Premium Theme Provider Roundup

I have wanted to do this post for a long time.  There are lots of premium WordPress theme designers and I love browsing the good ones.  But has anyone put together a comprehensive list of them all?  I have seen some short lists, but nothing that covers everyone.  This is the beginning of what I hope will be an all-inclusive list of premium WordPress theme designers.  I need your help to find other providers though.  If you have a favorite, leave it as a comment below.  If they’re good, I will move them up to the main section of this post.


The first place I go to look for a new theme, hence it’s place in this list.  There are so many designers selling on the ThemeForest marketplace, you get a really eclectic selection of premium themes.  Some are junk, but most are vetted by their editors and therefore are of very high quality.  Support for these themes is up to the individual developers so read reviews and comments before buying.

Organic Themes

A relatively new (?) player to the premium theme game, Organic Themes has done a great job developing a core of high quality themes.  They are fresh (as their tagline suggests) and professional themes for multiple purposes.


I have been a member for years.  So long ago, I have a much less expensive grandfathered price.  These themes are not updated as frequently as others, but are very high quality and have lots of built-in features.  And for some reason, they have a different “feel” than other themes.  I can spot an Elegant Theme a mile away, even if I’ve never seen it before.


Besides have a very clever logo, they produce some very nice minimalist themes.  GPP knows how to do WordPress themes right.  These themes are great for media folks like photographers and videographers because the themes are light and fast.


A good old standby, WooThemes has been around a long time.  Just check out how many themes they produce!  You’ll see a new one each month consistently.  They have also gone into the framework business, producing their own ecommerce framework.


These are by far the most tricked-out themes I have ever seen.  When new technologies emerge for theme designers, they tend to show up in YooTheme stuff first.  Just browse their themes, there are features incorporated that the other players haven’t even begun to use yet.


I am a recovering Joomla! user.  Back in my J! days, I used Rockettheme consistently.  They produce really high quality themes for Drupal and Joomla!  A couple years back, they wised up and started created stuff for WordPress.  The rest, is history.

Premise (by CopyBlogger)

A themeshop with a very specific purpose: to create a versatile landing page theme.  They achieved this goal.  Is it an ethical way to clutter up the interweb?  Not so much.  But lots of people are making lots of money with themes like this.


WPShower, although an odd name, produces some of the nicest minimalist themes I have seen in a long time.  And they do so consistently and dependably.  Nice, clean style.


The copyblogger theme shop, StudioPress makes some pretty good stuff.  Some good real estate themes and other specific function themes come out of here.  No designs are “knock-your-socks-off” good.  But many are worth the price.

DIY Themes

They’re famous for one theme which is arguably a million themes in one.  The Thesis Framework was designed by DIY themes. Lots of people swear by this theme with allegedly amazing SEO.  Personally I think they reached fame and fortune with an aggressive affiliate program.


Templatic specializes in specialty themes.  Each one is designed with a specific purpose.  This is great for real estate professionals, wiki admins and shop owners.

Press 75

Simple, functional themes with nice styling.  Press75 designs great themes for professional media moguls -er- producers.  Photographers and artists rejoice!


Minimal themes with lifetime support.  WPZoom has some really nice stuff.

Who did we miss?  Either leave a comment or drop us a line with your favorite premium WordPress theme developer.


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Check out our review of Elegant themes for more details on the service.

They are a fantastic themes club service, and if you are a web developer, or anyone who has ever needed a classy theme for WordPress, Elegant themes is a great value, quality service. For $39 you get access to a huge range of professional themes, the count currently sits at 76.

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Great Resources to Learn WordPress

WordPress is simple, powerful and easy to learn.  But it still takes some time to learn to be a pro.  And you will never know everything there is to know about this amazing blogging platform.  As each version comes out, there are new features and structures to understand.  There is always a new trick or tip, no matter how long you have been working with WordPress.

These are a few excellent resources help you learn WordPress.  These are targeted to both experts and newbies.

1. The official documentation.  This is regularly updated by a slew of editors and developers.  Most often, if you Google a WordPress term, the documentation is one of the first results.  There’s a reason for that!

2. WordPress Lessons.  Another official resource, WordPress lessons are targeted towards newbies and intermediate users with specific tasks in mind.

3. WPQuestions.  A Fiverr style website where you can ask a question, name a small price, and people will answer it.  The site takes a cut and the answerer gets paid.  Some people are making a modest living on this site.

4. WP Apprentice.  They are a paid site with a lot of free videos as well.  They will teach you mainly simple tasks aimed at beginners.

5. wp.Tutsplus.com. Part of the TutsPlus and Envato network, this marketplace has lots of tutorials about WordPress.  Some are free, many are paid or part of a membership plan.  But you can guarantee you’ll get quality instruction on WordPress.

50 Amazing Free and Premium WordPress Themes for Photographers

WordPress is many things: a blog, a business site, a portfolio, a resume and even a community.  But it can do one thing incredibly well: handle media.  That is why WordPress is perfectly set up to be a platform for photographers.  It processes media fast, and comes with a number of different uploading and editing options.  Of course, you need the right theme to pull an amazing WordPress photography site.  Check out these 50 Amazing WordPress Themes for Photographers.  You may also be interested in our previous article about WordPress Photo Gallery Themes.  The kindest compliment you can make is to share this post with your friends.

Urban (free!)

 Photocrati WordPress Theme for Photographers

By far, the most expansive and variable WordPress Themes for Photographers.  It comes with 15 style variations and 4 layouts which come together to offer 60 different variations.  This one theme could be considered 60 themes-in-one.  But that would be cheating, so here are 49 more!

Photography by ThemeForge

Announcement by WooThemes

Simply Delicious (free!)

Statua by WooThemes

Imbalance (free!)

Imbalance 2 (also free!)

Object by WooThemes



Portfolium (free!)

Suburbia (Free!)

TheStyle by Elegant Themes

Envisioned by ElegantThemes

Autofocus (Free!)

Notebook by ElegantThemes


Photography by Organic Themes

Photographer Theme (free!)


Flashlike Photographer

Photo Nexus

Radiance by YooTheme

Inspire by Yootheme

The Big Easy by YooTheme

Crystal by StudioPress

Blocco by Press75

 Hoon by Press75


Photocraft by Templatic













 Retouch Pro