WordPress 3.5 – What’s New?

With the launch of WordPress 3.5 immanent, I thought I would take some time to look at what some of the key features are, and highlight what we at Pingable think are the most interesting features.  WordPress.org’s timeline has it coming in on of the 5th of December.

A New Media Library Interface

A mockup screenshot floating around the internet shows what the new interface will look like:


The media uploader has also changed, and the icon that points to it will now be named: “Add Media”.

New Default Theme

Not many serious bloggers use the default theme in WordPress, but it is still a place to showcase new features. Twenty Twelve will feature some very cool options such as:

  • Home Page Template
  • Responsive + Mobile
  • Post Formats
  • Right-to-Left Language Support

A drop and drag widget interface for laying out the homepage is a nice feature for those using WordPress for more typical CMS purposes. Responsive themes have become very mainstream in 2012, with users viewing your WordPress sites, on a more diverse range of devices, responsive makes a lot of sense. We need to get onto this with the Pingable theme.


oEmbeds Expanded

oEmbeds is a feature in the current WordPress release that enables you to embed content from popular sites into WordPress posts simply by pasting a URL from the page on the site you you want to embed. Currently oEmbeds supports YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and Twitter. In 3.5 SlideShare, SoundCloud and Instagram will be supported. This feature will be turned on by default in WorPress 3.5.

Links Manager Demoted

The Links manager will no longer be included in new installs from 3.5 onward. The functionality will still remain for upgraded sites, and new sites will be able to add the links manger functionality in the form of a plugin. This is good idea. Not many sites have blog rolls these days, so it’s not a feature we find that useful.

Colour Picker

There is a new colour selector which looks pretty slick:


From a usability perspective, this looks great.

Favorite Plugins

This is a great feature for anyone who does a lot of WordPress installs. Using your WordPress.org credentials, you can create a list of your favorite plugins, then when installing a new site, you will be presented with this list, making it a very simple process to install all you standard, favorite plugins when setting up a new site. There are other solutions for this problem out there….eg: using FTP to keep a copy, then uploading…but this new option looks like a great feature for those not wanting tot deal with FTP clients etc.

Remote Publishing XML-RPC

XML-RPC is a feature that is been in WordPress for a long time. It is used by 3rd party apps, and publishing software such as Windows Liver Writer. This feature has always been disabled by default, due to security concerns. This is no longer the case, and this feature will be turned on be default now.


The admin interface now has support for retina screen, so it will look slick on your MacBook pro with retina screen.