25 Amazing Free Photoshop Graphics

I have put together a list of Photoshop resources for you guys. All of the resources link to PSD files that are free to download. Please check the authors’ sites for licences. Some are free for personal use others are free for whatever. Have fun.

  1. Vista Flare Orb Vista_Flare_Orb
  2. Party Crowdparty-crowd-psd6089
  3. Film Framefilm
  4. Grunge City 


  5. Dj DesignDJ-Design
  6. iPhone GUI PSDiPhone
  7. Plastic DVD Coverdvd
  8. Old School Retro Cassette Tapecassette
  9. Glossy Icon Packglossyicons1
  10. Shiny little iconscompact_icons
  11. Web 2.0 peeling stickerstick
  12. Buttons PSD 



  13. Aero Avatar and Sigย vista
  14. Star Stickerstarbadge
  15. Cool Junk for Web Designers 



  16. Green Leaf Icon Packgreenleaf
  17. Precious Heartprecious-heart-psd-download
  18. Icey Stylessnowandice
  19. Batman Batman
  20. Lots of Badges

  21. Ipod TouchiPod-Touch-psd16146


  22. Playstation 3ย ps3
  23. Slurpee Slurpee
  24. Orb


0 thoughts on “25 Amazing Free Photoshop Graphics”

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing. These are great and the PSD files should help trying to understand how the effects were accomplished.

  2. Very cool collection – grabbed a couple and I’ll be back!

    Question: How long do we think the glossy look will last. Some are already saying it’s getting old-hat?

  3. WOW.. All graphics and links are simply amazing. I forwarded this link to all my family members and friends. Thanks for sharing it ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ome are free for personal use others are free for whatever. Have fun.I really dig the PSD files and then reverse engineering some of them to come up with effects of my own

  5. Photoshop is awesome, the images people create with it are out of this world. I sub my graphic work out to someone who uses Photoshop and they create graphics in less time that it would take me to open the program!

  6. i love your little collection. i would like to use of it one my blog but i have the doubt to infringe some copyright. Anyway i love the Old School Retro Cassette Tape…i am gonna use right away!!!!

  7. I really donย’t know how to comment here, other than to say that I like the way you use your content….keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks for the graphics, they look hot! LOL – I would really like to start using Photoshop a little more then I currently do! (And that’s about once a month!)

    I will be back when I’m next in playing with PS!


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  10. Those are some awesome graphics! I especially like the Batman and Green Leaf ones. For some reason, the Slurpee design is mesmerizingโ€ฆ

  11. Thanks for sharing. The graphics are really awesome. Some of the graphics will really comes in handy for designing stuff. Again, really great graphics !

  12. This is definitely an invaluable resource page. Thank you so much for this list. You’ve done a great job in putting up this great directory. Again, big thanks.

  13. First off, thank you for your clear explanation of what keyword luv is and how to use it. That is a very nice benefit and thank you for doing that.

    It looks like it was a lot of fun to create this post and I appreciate the effort it took to share these resources.

    I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, as I like so many of them. The details in the cassette tape motif is splendid and brings back a lot of good memories.

  14. Wow – thanks! These are so cool. I already can picture how I’d like to use that film strip one, and others will be shortly behind. Thanks for the valuable resource! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Seeing the cover for the film “The Happening” reminded me of the film.

    Personally I thought the film wasn’t great. The image for the film here has more impact than the film.

  16. Lots of Badges looks real useful. My kids are always wanting to win ribbons and prizes for games at home so I will put these to good use.


  17. This collection is really good. There is probably something here for everyone. My personal favorite is the zune. I have a zune and so I love this one.

  18. Cheers for the resources – and in PSD format! I have to say I’m finding it more and more rare to find quality graphics in PSD format on the web…mostly its EPS.

  19. Wow, these are pretty amazing to be honest. Really love the cassette tape, could be used for my band that should hopefully be up and running soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Congrats to your achievement on this post! 31,000+ times is a great number of visit for one post! I have a decently popular tattoo site that got 30k+ during a good month, and that’s just for the whole site! =)

  21. Sharp renderings of consumer technologies (Ipod Touch and Zune). Could be used for a slideshow presentation on personal mobile devices.

  22. Thanks for putting these together, I can see a lot of uses for these graphics. They are all very clean looking and can be easily edited and used in our websites and print materials.

  23. Nice! I especially like the glossy icon pack. I should be able to use that on one of my sites somewhere…thanks!

  24. Thank you for sharing. One can never have too many images, especially if they come with free licence.Photoshop is quite an amazing programme, but I am still quite bad at it.

  25. Really cool graphics. I never got a chance to learn photoshop. I would love to learn this and do something which I can show to everyone and say I did it.

  26. Cool pics. Now I wish someone would teach me how to make that kind of stuff. Especially like some of the buttons.

  27. Dave try searching some tutorials in google.

    really neat list some of these graphics are awesome and well designed with cool glassy effects

  28. Wow. This is an awesome list of PS tuts. I’m not the best at using the software, but as long as I have the tutorials I can produce pretty neat stuff. I love the one you listed for the plastic dvd case.

  29. These are excellent quality icons. Are there any more? I would love an Xbox one to add something to my website. I wish I could design like this.

  30. Thanks great list of photshop graphics. I like the film frame and dvd cover ones alot. All the graphics are very good and i can see alot of uses for them.

  31. Genius Simon, these are some of the best graphics I have seen free! Thank you for making the internet a better place!!! I dont suppose you do paid freelance do you?

  32. Wow, this is an awesome assortment of stuff. Anyone know where I can learn how to make some of those things?

  33. Great list of graphics. I like the old school ones alot. I am sure anyone will find some they like in your list they all are great free graphics.

  34. I like the film frame one. I did not see that one before and it has some good graphics. The plastic dvd cover one is interesting design also.

  35. Those are some of the best photoshop graphics that i have seen for free so far. Everyone looks great thanks i will use some of them very soon.

  36. AWESOME !!!! The party guide and the dj design graphics are just mindblowing. Dude, please write some photoshop tips blog post. They are so incredible. Do you have any info on how many downloads are made on the above graphics so far. Kindly check and I bet it would be a huge number.

  37. Great eye candy, thanks! I’ve added some of them to my personal collection. I’m sure they will come in handy one day. I love Photoshop. I’m one of the old guys who remembers when it first came out .. no channels, no layers – every was done the long way. You really had to know your chops back then!

  38. Love these graphics, Simon! The “DJ Design” graphic can come in handy, because I’m working on a new party calendar website. Can I put these illustrations to commercial use? That would be great.

  39. Thanks for discussing. The graphics are really awesome. Some of the images will truly comes in useful for designing stuff. Again, excellent graphics !

  40. Great share. I have been working in Photoshop for the last 8 years and the greatest resource is people freely sharing materials to help others. Really appreciate it!

    PS: retro cassette tape is great ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Wow! I looked at a lot of places for the i-touch as well.. These are amazing and best of all of free.. Tnx again ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Beautiful collection! The “badges’ will definitely come in handy.

    I really like the theme you are using it’s so clean! Is it from woothemes?

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