25 Brilliant Vector Tutorials

I like to play around with vector art from time to time. I have made a few sets of icons and I have a site where I share vectors that I and other people have created. Check it out: Free Vector Art. Here are some great tutorials that will help you on your way if you are interested in vector design, and Adobe Illustrator.

Thug Bunny Vector Tutorial


Ninjas Vector Tutorial


Cow Vector Tutorial


Killer Bunny with chainsaw Vector Tutorial


Sports Car Vector Tutorial


Fish Cartoon Vector Tutorial


Fox Drawing Vector Tutorial


Graffiti Text Vector Tutorial


Groovy Vector Tutorial


Master Painting Vector Tutorial


Torn Wallpaper Vector Tutorial


Mini Vector Tutorial


Product Ad Vector Tutorial


Wood Grain Vector Tutorial


Vintage Shirt Vector Tutorial


Bitmap to Vector Tutorial


Simple Banners Vector Tutorial


Character Shading Vector Tutorial


Snowboarding Vector Tutorial


Bar of Soap Vector Tutorial


Stamp Vector Tutorial


Swirls Vector Tutorial


Creating Characters Vector Tutorial


Tree Vector Tutorial


Retro Emblem Vector Tutorial



75 thoughts on “25 Brilliant Vector Tutorials”

  1. Hey Simon these tutorials are absolutely amazing. I followed through the banner exercise and was blown away by easy that was. I do a fair amount of technical drawing with Auto-Cad and have always been amazed at how much work that tool can do. When I get time I want to check out illustrator.

  2. Thanksfor tuts. I really have been considering getting into graphic design and taking courses to learn photo shop. I use PSP but I see that most things online are for PS and more available free tuts on it. Thanks again!

  3. I never got vector graphics. It looks great but I always had a lot of problems with creating original content. Maybe those tutorials will help me with that. We’ll see.

  4. Thank you for all the wonderful tutorials! I’ve always had problems bringing my pen/pencil sketching to life… Coloring them in and what not. I did my own rough draft of the killer bunny tutorial and I was rather surprised at how easy and informative it was. A little time and some work and I had created my own killer bunny 🙂

  5. “Creating Characters Vector Tutorial”

    this tutorial is cool, i tried it and my result wasn’t bad and the example looks funny and like it is happy.

  6. i prefer the one with the ninjas, looks very cool and it’s easy to make for your own, was my first vector graphic like this i made but with the tuotiral it wasn’t so hard. thanks.

  7. very well created tutorial………
    keep posting such a stuff……..

    We are always looking at you for further great creations…..

  8. I am a freelance writer and graphic designer and can always use more tutorials. Graphic art is like any craft, you can’t ever quit practicing, and let me say it, from someone who has been doing this for years, it is not as easy as some would think to find good tutorials.

    I’ve done all of the graphics for all my blogs and if you do any kind of graphic arts, keeping up is essential, especially if your livelihood depends on it. In an economy like this we can’t get lazy, so thanks for not just posting a couple but a lot of fantastic ones.

  9. Those are some nice tutorials. Even though I’ll probably never be good with vector graphics it’s nice to at least be able to do some stuff.

  10. My daughter would love some of these tutorials. She loves to draw but hasn’t really done anything using the computer.

    I think I will point her towards some of these tutorials and see if she has an interest in them.

  11. Good illustration. I found many website offer but in eps format. i like .cdr format i am friendly with corelDraw so i change accordingly my demands.

  12. Excellent tutorials, they make me want to try to make some vector drawings just for the fun of it.

    A long time ago, I was using Xara X for such things and I’m wondering whether learning Adobe Illustrator would help.

  13. Outstanding! I am in awe of your ability. I thought I could do some graphic design but I can’t hold a candle to that. I like the pirate one!

  14. This is the first time I actually went through a tutorial, and I understood a lot of what they were talking about. Too bad I don’t have Photoshop, although I still may have Flash. I’ll have to check around for that.

  15. really nice list i most like the sports car and background tutorials but all of them i can learn a thing or two from 🙂

  16. I like to play around with vector art. Check it out: Free Vector Art. Here are some great tutorials that provide for site. I am interested in vector design, thanks…

  17. Great list of vector tutorials. You have one for any type of vector graphic and site. I have to look at more of the sites i looked at half of them so far and everyone is very good.

  18. Awesome I didnt realise quite how easy this would be – thanks for providing the information. I always though this was the domain of the superpros – perhaps wannabes like me can have a go too!

  19. I'm a graphic designer extremely passionate about my work. I discovered Illustrator a while ago and simply love it. Since then, it has kept me busy and active.

  20. I’m a graphic designer extremely passionate about my work. I discovered Illustrator a while ago and simply love it. Since then, it has kept me busy and active.

  21. 65+ Illustrator Tutorials, Tips and Resources…

    With this weeks Theme Thursday focused on Illustrator and Vectors, i scoured the web and the result was more than 65 of the the best tutorials, practices, tips and resources to help make you an Illustrator heavyweight.

    This comment was originally posted on Hi, I’m Grace Smith

  22. @Muhammad Thanks for the comment and for the follow on Twitter, appreciate it!

    @Dan Happy to help, i need to brush up on my Illustrator skills so i found researching this very helpful.

    @Jerwin Glad to save you some searching time!

    @Dalnis Means alot coming from you Dalnis as i’m a big fan of your blog

    @Bogdan No problem Bogdan, it was a great article so i was happy to include it.

    This comment was originally posted on Hi, I’m Grace Smith

  23. I need to spend more time learning vector art. I am pretty good with Photoshop but have hardly ever touched Illustrator. After seeing your work, I need to reconsider.

  24. Simon, thanks so much for sharing these great tutorials! Graphics is my hobby and I had a great time today playing with this stuff. The truth is, it is really easy to understand and try. Thanks again!

  25. These are way cool! I wish I had enough artistic skill to make vector art. I’m going to give your tutorials a try to see if I might have some untapped artistic skill… 🙂

    Thanks for the vector tutorials.

  26. I was surfing and found your blog. Wow, i’m so happy, really great tutorials, I am interested in vector design and mostly work with Adobe Corel drew, i just love it, but also always wanted to try Adobe Illustrator,so your tutorials are really useful for me. thanks a lot.;)

  27. A couple of years ago it was really hard to find good Illustrator tutorials as Photoshop tutorials was all over the web but today many illustrators are so kind by sharing their experience and giving us those step by step tutorials.

  28. Thanks for the excellent list of vector tutorials it’s sometimes hard to breath life into your graphics. As a designer it’s easy to forget about the hand drawn element of your visual designs and I often find myself just using the computer to create work without first using a pencil and sketch book to get the ideas flowing. This leaves my art work lacking a natural edge that only hand drawn graphics have. I loved your tutorial on character shading, this is something I’ve learnt before, but have since forgotten to make use of in my works.

  29. The cows look very cute! I tried sketching it without the tutorial and it looked nothing like yours! However the tutorial helped tremendously… I have got addicted now. After cows I tried the ninja tutorial 🙂 and the rest awaited!

  30. Great tutorials, thanks! I’m a HUGE fan of the psycho rabbit now lol. That’s just drawn in an excellent way. Have you got more of these tutorials coming up?

  31. i just love vector graphics. these are extremely good. I will try some and make some of my own from adobe illustrator. thanks for accept my comments.

  32. I’m also a graphic designer and no stranger to the vector, Adobe Illustrator is the right software to make a good vector work. I really like the Sports Car Vector by you, the detail of the design like the original car. Thanks for sharing…

  33. These are great tutorials! It is a lot easier than one might think when you have a little help along the way. I know a few people that will be interested in these tutorials so I’ll make sure I pass it along.

  34. I LOVE the cow vector tutorial! It’s not too difficult and it creates such a cute cow! I think I can create other mascots using that method. Thank you for sharing!

  35. Thanks a lot for all of those Tutorials they are really well, i love how everything is explained there and right now vectors are much more available for me.

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