35 Free and Premium WordPress Photo Gallery Themes

WordPress photo gallery themes are an advanced feature available to WordPress users.  On the day it was first released, May 27th, 2003, WordPress was a blogging platform.  On May 28th, the world realized how many other things were possible.  From personal portfolio sites to business sites, WordPress drives them all.

For Photographers especially, WordPress has become an incredibly powerful tool.  WordPress photo gallery themes are advancing seemingly by the day.  In true Pingable fashion, we have assembled some of the best free and premium WordPress photo gallery themes that are currently available.

Free WordPress photo gallery themes


photoria photo gallery theme


imbalance wordpress photo gallery theme


Wordpress Photo Gallery ThemePortfolio WordPress Theme

Portfolio WordPress Photo Gallery ThemeFullscreen

wordpress photo galleryMansion

mansion photo gallery theme

The following WordPress photo gallery themes can be found on the ThemeForest marketplace.

Footage – A Photo & Video Production Theme

8 thoughts on “35 Free and Premium WordPress Photo Gallery Themes”

  1. WP photo gallery themes are very good for the photographers. I think the themes which you have listed here are very attractive. Of these themes I think the Mansion theme is very impressive. I would love to use this theme for my website. For personal portfolio sites, I think Look At Me and Teardrop themes seems very good. Thanks for posting such interesting themes!

  2. I’m fond of photo galleries so I tend to create an account with flickr. The site is quite simple yet suits perfectly to emphasize the photo with it’s white background. I guess, just a simple and plain theme would best fit in a WP photo gallery theme.

  3. I’m also a photographer and WordPress has given me much more flexibility over the years in what I can provide my clients. It is a rapidly growing tool and is working wonders for businesses. Some of these themes are really cool.

  4. What makes WordPress great is that there are a lot of great themes an plugins and definitely many WP users will always love it. Love the following themes, all are looks great.

  5. Amazing photo gallery themes from WP. Through time, WP has proven that it is the best platform ever. I used other platforms before because they were easier for me to manage. But when I learned to work my way through WP, I fell in love with it. It’s very flexible and very fun to experiment with.

  6. This is an absolutely stunning collection of WordPress themes, I particularly like Infinity, clean, artistic, beautiful and elegant. Thanks for sharing Dusty.

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