50 Ajax WordPress Themes for Fall 2011

You’ll find some really incredible AJAX WordPress Themes out there.  AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XHTML.  If you’re not familiar with AJAX, you may be familiar with some of the features it is responsible for on WordPress sites.  For example, almost any feature that allows you to stay on the page while updating the content is using AJAX.  Search results are a common use of AJAX in WordPress themes.  When you search and the results automatically appear without clicking search or pressing “enter”, this is AJAX.

The following are 50 of the best AJAX powered WordPress Themes for Fall of 2011.  We sincerely hope you enjoy.  If you liked this post, we would love to share more with you with Facebook.

Grace powerful HTML CSS AJAX template

Revoltz – Premium WordPress Theme – 3 in 1

Distinct – Portfolio and Business WordPress Theme

Style and Fashion

cleanTypo Website Template 6-1 for clean websites

web access Website Template web 2.0 look

RamInfo Clean Corporate Business Website Template

Integrity Website Template web 2.0 style

Carta – Minimalistic Html Template

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12 thoughts on “50 Ajax WordPress Themes for Fall 2011”

  1. The best part about the Ajax themes is that we can upload the latest updates in it even when we have the home page of a particular screen open. Also the sites on the internet that displays the updates of every second and every minute always are built with the help of Ajax. Ajax works wonders. I really want to learn it so that I can implement it over my company’s website.

  2. I am truly impressed for all the themes that Ajax provides. Wherever or on whichever site we see, most of the times we come across are made with the help of Ajax. In fact Google also requires the help of Ajax to display its content or its search results on its website. Also updating content by staying on the same page is only possible through Ajax.

  3. Every site demands word press these days. Also Ajax has become one of the most wanted applications as the features that it shares or provides to us through the website on which is runs is just amazing and are exclusive. The websites which have to be instantly updated in every second or every minute, execute their tasks with the help of Ajax.

  4. Yes I truly agree that Ajax word press themes have proven to be the best fall of the year 2011. The New Year is on its way. I think even in 2012 the word press themes would be revised and then the latest versions of all the software’s will be updated as far as possible. I am just waiting for the new ones to arrive in the market.

  5. It would be a great deal for me if I also have such great ideas coming to my mind. At times it is frustrating to sit empty mind in the office when we have so much of work pending. Ideas will only click to our mind when we are in a right frame of mind. Thinking over the topic which you think are unwanted or unnecessary, it would be better to have our mind diverted over the things which are productive and would help us to get our work completed faster.

  6. Off lately, it just happened that I came across a website. Surprisingly I just saw the quick updates over it and I was wondering whether how is it possible to update all the latest topics within fraction of seconds. Then I heard of Ajax showing its magic all over. These days I am only behind learning all the techniques and features of Ajax.

  7. Ajax works amazingly. I am truly flattered by its performance. I have never heard of any of the applications giving such good results and also at the same time ensuring that the latest updates are installed over the website as soon as possible. I think every financial firm must be using Ajax application over its website thereby ensuring the updates are quickly installed.

  8. Oh yes word press is the better panel than any other panel. You can get attractive and beautiful themes for your websites and blogs. Word press also has few Ajax functions. There are also many Search Engine Optimization processes as well as JavaScript plug-in like tool tip, drop down menu which would make web site designing and development much easier.

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