50 Minimalist WordPress Themes

Minimalist WordPress themes are everywhere.  But high quality minimalist themes are surprisingly hard to find.  I have often said that creating an elegant, minimalist theme is just as tricky as creating a flashy, complex themes.  Lucky for you, Pingable is really good at pulling together some super high-quality themes.  We also threw in some html templates for good measure.  Enjoy!

Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio

DigiFoto – Minimalist Photography Theme

Protein Clean and Minimalist for Business

Minimal Blog – WordPress Minimalist Theme

Minimalist Portfolio

3 thoughts on “50 Minimalist WordPress Themes”

  1. When it comes to themes I prefer something minimal and for my blog I was searching for a simple and sober. I cannot believe that there are so many amazing and good looking themes. I had the impression that sober themes were very difficult to find, but after seeing your blog, I am happily surprised. Out of all these amazing themes, I liked the Kin Minimalist theme, it is simple and sober, totally matches what I had in my mind. Keep writing such blogs for people who want things that are diiferent from the mundane and thanks for your help. Cheers.

  2. It may sound a little cliche, but you guys and girls never cease to amaze me when it comes to what you offer up to your readers for free! All of the above themes are magnificent and streamlined enough that even the newest of WordPress user could easily get the most out of them!

    When I set up my site – http://www.bikiniwaxvideo.org – I paid for a theme but it is genuinely as basic as it can get. You, as always, have opened my eyes with the above post as to just what is possible visually when it comes to clean, sheek and beautiful minimalistic wordpress themes. While I’m pleased with how basic my theme is at the moment there is absolutely no doubting that this outlay of 50 minimalist themes has me rethinking my layout even as I type.

    The effort you continue to put in is amazing!


    Anita. xx

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