Amazing Designs: WordPress Examples for 2012

It’s time for amazing designs: WordPress examples for 2012.  It might be redundant and completely duplicative to say WordPress is the absolute best publishing platform that exists today.  The following are some amazing WordPress designs.  Some are themes that are available and some are completely custom designs.  Either way, these 2012 WordPress examples serve as excellent inspiration for your next WordPress design.  You may also find this post about big websites using WordPress interesting.

5 thoughts on “Amazing Designs: WordPress Examples for 2012”

  1. Whoever designed these WordPress themes did an excellent job. These themes are very colorful and should be used by wordpress owners. There are many wordpress designs to choose from.

  2. Just wow… My site looks awfully dull after seeing these! I love wordpress, used to design my own html static sites but since using wordpress I’ve never looked back. Would quite like to try making my own theme if I ever find the time!

  3. Wow! Amazing color combinations in those themes. New and stylish, wish I would have the brain to create stuff like that, haha :D. St. Joseph’s theme looks awesome!

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