Best of Pingable 2007

Pingable best of 2007

Here is a quick sample of the best and most successful articles from Pingable in 2007.

In terms of page hits:

5 Simple CSS tricks (20,173) It’s very embarrassing to think that this article has got so many hits. It was just a quick list put together with some useful CSS tricks I found around the net and in magazines. Almost all of the traffic came from StumbleUpon. I take encouragement from the fact the 20,173 page hits came from 12,000 unique visitors, so people must have found this article useful enough to come back and actually try out some of the tricks.

10 Purely evil ways to make quick money online (10,142) This article ranks number 3 in Google for the term “Make Quick Money” so it is a constant stream of visitors. If the comments left on StumbleUpon are anything to go by, it pissed a few people off too. I really enjoyed writing it, although I haven’t had all that much success with any of the methods.

The top 15 web API’s for your site (6,620) This article was voted to the homepage of Dzone, and, where it has been saved by 332 people. Social media success is good fun.

In terms of best writing:

What Makes You A Niche Expert?

Is User Generated Content Evil?

Is Your Web Design CRAP?

All three of these articles were a real pleasure to write, although they may not have been as successful as other articles in terms of page views, I feel they represent the best quality of writing on Pingable.

Most comments:

How To Make Your WordPress Blog Safer (29) – Mainly because it was entered into a contest. Getting more comments and interaction with readers is something I really struggle with. This is something I hope to improve on in 2008.

Thanks to all those people who have read my blog this year. I hope I can continue to create good stuff for you to read next year. Cheers, and a very happy new year to everyone.

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