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WordPress is known for simplicity and ease of use.  Even people that don’t understand a lick of code can get WordPress up and running in about 5 minutes.  With the advent of 1-click installation, this became even easier.  Another great feature of WordPress is the foundation that allows you to build virtually any type of website on top of it.

Originally a pure blogging platform, WordPress has grown into a structure upon which one can build an online store, social network, magazine, business, even portfolio websites.  In building such advanced functionality, there comes a time when everyone needs a little help.

This help can come in form of community support, official support, paid support, or just a casual learning tool such as a tutorial.  In this post I outline some of the most common and reliable places to find WordPress support.

Official WordPress Support

The official WordPress support resource has to be the first one listed here, obviously.  From here you can access a vibrant support community in the forum, the official documentation (codex) and some handy WordPress tutorials.

Visit the WordPress forum.

The WordPress forum isn’t the most vibrant forum I’ve ever seen, but it is steadily and consistently accessed by some very smart WordPress admins that can answer questions quickly.

wordpress forum

Visit the WordPress Tutorials Section

These tutorials are basic, but helpful for the newbie that hasn’t spent a ton of time with WordPress yet.

wordpress tutorials

Unofficial Support

There are lots of unofficial support sites.  Some are dedicated WordPress support blogs,  but many are articles written by WordPress admins.  For me, this has come about when I’ve needed to learn something new about WordPress.  Often it seems sharing this new knowledge might be helpful to someone else so I write it up.

Some of the websites dedicated to providing WordPress support can be found here.  I decided not to share individual bloggers’ attempts at support because I can’t guarantee their consistency or accuracy as confidently as I can for these dedicated resources.


TutsPlus is part of the NetTuts (short for tutorials) empire.  They have quite a bit of free stuff, plus some paid content that is well worth the few bucks to access.

tutsplus wordpress support


I’ve not personally used WP101 but it presents itself as a premium WordPress support resource.  It is a video-based learning resource that you can access with a monthly, annual or lifetime membership fee.

wp101 support

Crowd Support

For these purposes, I considered crowd support to be any organized service that allows people to support each other.  Whether paid, or free, a service that connects people for the sole purpose of getting WordPress help.


My personal favorite.  I’ve answered many tough questions on this site.  Ask a question and offer a small monetary reward for the person that answers it.  Some people have made thousands on this site.

wpquestions wordpress support

Hire a pro for a little or lot of money depending on the scope of your needs.  I got my start with WordPress on this website 10 years ago.

guru wordpress support

Another pro-for-hire site.  I’ve spent a lot of time on this site and found some very inexpensive and fast help with WordPress.  Mainly custom plugins and themes.

odesk wordpress support


Individual providers

These are a couple individual WordPress support sites who’s skill level I cannot verify but seem pretty reputable.


In addition to custom themes and such, this WP expert offers one-on-one support and training.  Not something that is widely available.

mywpexpert wordpress support

WP boys 24/7 support

This is very cool.  Pay for 24 hour WordPress support.  Scenario: your client calls at 11pm, their site is down and you can’t figure out why.  Call the WP boys!

wp-boys wordpress support

If I missed a great resource for getting support with WordPress, please leave it as a comment.  I love to hear your suggestions that make Pingable a truly rich WordPress resource.

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