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Blogrush is a new service by John Reese to generate targeted traffic for blogs. The service is free and many A-list bloggers (Andy Beard, DoshDosh ) have jumped onboard early to benefit from the tier referral system that will reward early adopters. 

Viral Effect

The tier system which is detailed below means that early adopters of the service are likely to be rewarded with a serious return of traffic for their involvement.

Your Traffic = 1:1 1st Generation Of Referrals = 1:1 2nd Generation Of Referrals = 1:1 3rd – 6th Generation Of Referrals = 1:4 7th – 10th Generation Of Referrals = 1:8

A baisc way of looking at the 1:1 ratio is that for every page hit you get for a page that has the widget on it, an article of yours will be displayed in someone elses widget once.


The widget (see footer) is nothing special, it is rather chunky and not customizable. But it serves it purpose. The articles which the widget displays are meant to have contextual relevance to the content of the blog which is is displayed on, which means the traffic will be targeted and relevant. It will also serve as service to your readers providing them with related content, similar to the sphere related content plug-in used on this blog.

How much traffic will it bring?

The traffic that the service refers is based (to my understanding) on page hits. So users of your site don’t even have to use the widget for it to bring you rewards. If you are an early adopter, SIGNUP NOW, you will likely receive a fair bit of traffic. If indeed the traffic you receive is based on page hits, think of extra visitors you will get from being dugg of stumbled.


 The service claims that it will be providing stats with-in 48 hours of me writing this, so here’s hoping very soon there will be some useful stats available via the dashboard. The dashboard currently offers you options to filter out content and URL based keywords, however unless you start seeing dodgy spam sites appearing I wouldn’t bother playing with this.


The nature of the referral system means that Blogrush is going to reward those who jump on early, but those who don’t will be getting the short end of the stick. So my concern is that it will be very popular early, but then growth may be limited after a certain point, as newer sign ups will not receive such significant traffic to justify using the service. It will be interesting to see how John and his team deal with this issue.

6 thoughts on “Blogrush – Get Free Traffic For Your Blog”

  1. I’ve jumped with this one too and time will tell as you say. I’ll give it space for a while because I can’t see that I have anything to lose by doing so.

    Elsewhere, someone compared it to BlogExplosion but I think its contextual relevance angle gives it at least a slight advantage over similar widgets that have gone before.

    If Google do take exception to this it would be a shame, after all, it’s not a traffic exchange in the traditional sense, really not much different to having social blogging widgets in a sidebar come to think of it.

  2. Agreed.
    Those who have small blogs, and thus, don’t get many referrals, will get the short end of the stick – and those who jump on later.

    But I do find it that every one of the blogs that I am subscribed to that are about blogging have posted about BlogRush. It is pretty crazy – but not un-expected.

  3. In my opinion even if a blog receives a lot less traffic than other blogs it can still benefit from blog rush, a little more trafic is still a little more traffic, making a blog huge has to be taken a step at a time so maybe newer blogs have a chance with blog rush if really good posts appear in frequently visited blogs. Even if blogrush’s system gives more exposure based on hits and referrals, your post appearing for example, in Shoemoney once in awhile even if its once quarter monthly could drive a person to your blog and Im not really sure but if that happens I guess it is another page hit not really sure if those hits are counted.

  4. Getting free website traffic is neither easy or free. By using many techniques you can generate lots of free viral website traffic at very litlle or no cost to you if you follow multiple different appliciations.

  5. Blogrush is a great source to get free traffic but it’s not as huge compared to link building strategies. However, a traffic is still a traffic regardless of it’s size. It’s good to get this traffic as well so that Google will look at it as a natural backlinks.

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