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Another Free Web 2.0 Services Icon Vector Package

I have put a new Social Media Services Icon Vector Package up on my Vector download site. The icons in the package are: Digg, Reddit, Blinklist, Myspace and Ma.gnolia.

This package is a follow up to the vector package I released last year – which you can download here: Free Vector Services Icon Package

This site has no affiliation to any of these sites, original images’ copyright is property of their original owners.

Typography, StumbleUpon, Digg, Repeat Visitors, Web 2.0 and CSS

This article is a summary of some of the best articles and content I have read recently.

Taking a look at the subscriber count of “I love Typography” I am one of many people who are loving this fresh new blog. Great stuff:  15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography.

Tara from Graphic Design Blog also posts about Typographic Inspiration.

Blog Strom discusses Why “Real” People think Digg Sucks. This article is interesting stuff. How often do you find dead links on the homepage of Digg. Lately digg’s success seems to be it’s worst enemy.

Dosh Dosh gives advice on How to get repeat visitors to your website. Some useful points taken from the article:

  • Is your site populated enough to encourage participation?
  • How does your site feel to 10 random people who have never visited it?
  • Are you providing information that is coherent with your search keywords?
  • Does your website project a unique, familiar and identifiable voice?

Sarah from gives a nuts and bolts CSS image positioning tutorial. Sarah’s blog is a good read, she recently ran a very good “How To” group writing contest which I took part in.

Han from Eruanna guest posts for Rhys from The Gospel According To Rhys about How to make your blog design Web 2.0. My sincere condolences go out to Rhys, Wales were knocked out of the Rugby World Cup on the weekend, and I know Rhys is a fan.

I am still loving StumbleUpon, although I find it a terrible procrastination tool. Here is a useful resource page: Stumble Add-ons.

Heading into the festive part of the year consider checking out some gifts from this cool site.

On a personal note I am celebrating passing 100 RSS subscribers on Pingable, so I have decided to add a feed burner counter. Cheers to all those who have subscribed.

Free Stock Image Sites

It’s quite a difficult task to find clean, crisp, relevant, yet legal images to use on a Website. If you understand what copyright is you will know that you can’t just grab any old image you see on the web and place it on your own site. So where do you get images from? Stock photography is the answer for many web designers – well those that aren’t the sort that carry around a digital SLR in their bag anyway. The problem here for most small sites is that a good stock image doesn’t come cheap, and I hear you saying…”why pay when I can just download free images from the net”. Good question. To get to the point, your main concern here should be legality. I am certainly not going to trust any old “Free Clip-art download site” where you don’t so much as even see a legal notice or licence for the image you are getting. However I have found a few sources of free legal downloads of stock images where the licensing of the images is very clear. These photos are sometimes referred to as public domain images.
Free Stock Image sites:
SXC <- Has many free images, with some extra sharp premium paid images which cost.
Morgue File <- All free, a good source for images.
Dreamstime <- Has some free images, mostly pay images.
Image After <- All free images.
Vecteezy <- Very cool site with some free vector images, and sorted by licence type (source of bikini image above).

Good luck pic hunting.