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New Premium Theme Resource is a new resource by the creators of Pingable.

PremiumThemeFinder was invented, as most things, out of necessity.  The creator found himself looking for a premium theme, needing to bounce between memorable theme developers.  It wasted time and energy and caused him to forget the lesser known theme developers.

WordPress users looking for their next premium theme just select tags that describe the theme they’re looking for, and filter through tons of themes really fast.

PTF has a simple purpose: to be a single source premium theme browser that is free, easy-to-use and time saving.  There are no ads and no search engine bait.  Simply click the screenshot to go straight to the theme.  It’s that simple.


What you get for $5

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can list what you would do for $5.  Some people wouldn’t do much for only $5.  Others would do some very labor intensive, complicated, desperate things.  If it’s worth $5 is for you to decide.  The flip side of this service is that you can offer your WordPress expertise for $5.  Who knows, a simple theme customization or blog post might be worth $5.  It’s all up to you.

The interface mimics Twitter, which makes sense as a $5 gig is a small, quick thing to handle.  There doesn’t seem to be a limit, however, to what people are willing to do (or ask for).  One person is asking for a complete logo and theme design for only $5.

Here are 20 things people are willing to do with WordPress for only $5.  Some might surprise you.  What would you do for $5?  If you’ve got something creative (and family-friendly), leave it in a comment below.

What people will sell you for $5

  1. Make WordPress SEO friendly.
  2. One hour of WordPress “killer tricks” taught via Skype.
  3. A custom “professional” WordPress theme! (probably an Artisteer user)
  4. Host five WordPress sites monthly.
  5. Fix any WordPress problem related to PHP or a theme.
  6. Complete WordPress setup. (If you’re reading Pingable, you should probably be able to do this yourself)
  7. Design a custom eBook cover.
  8. Review your website.
  9. Get 2500 backlinks. (sketchy SEO!)
  10. A tutorial on writing high quality, original articles quickly.
  11. Update all of your WordPress sites. (unlimited!)
  12. Get a dirty, rotten tool for replacing words with synonyms.
  13. Install and setup a WordPress ecommerce theme.
  14. Add Twitter share buttons to 25 posts.
  15. Remove encrypted links from your footer.
  16. Any small code project.
  17. Install the top 5 WordPress plugins. (says who?)
  18. Optimize your VPS Linux server.
  19. SEO your blog.
  20. Manual submission to the top 20 bookmarking sites.

8 Helpful WordPress Tutorials

Tutorials are all the rage right now, especially WordPress Tutorials. I understand why. There used to be a plethora of posts like this one for a while. Many people still write posts like this: “100 amazing themes” and “50 creative logos”. They’re nice to look at, helpful and inspiring.

However the trend is definitely towards tutorials. Look at Envato’s newest marketplace as an example.  And we at Pingable understand the trend.  Tutorial posts are more helpful in a tangible way.  Users can read a post and walk away with a real, measurable, helpful new skill set.

In light of this trend, we thought it would be nice to combine the two types of content.  Here is a list of 25 extremely Helpful WordPress Tutorials.

Free WordPress Tutorials

16 Vital Checks Before Releasing a WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by Ludovico Fischer

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
This tutorial will help you check off those must-do steps before making your new theme public. You spent countless hours developing the theme, don't forget these steps. From protecting comments on posts to correctly paginating posts, don't forget any of these steps.

Designing the Post Meta Data Section

WordPress Tutorial by the Codex Team

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
Using post meta data is one of the most versatile and helpful features of WordPress. You can essentially generate all of your post excerpt information on the fly which can make for a rich user experience. This official codex tutorial walks you through creating this section of your design.

Creating Custom Fields for Attachments in WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by Andy Blackwell

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
WordPress custom fields are incredibly useful and versatile. They can turn a regular theme into a dynamic and user-powered design. However when displaying attachments the code needs some tweaking. This tutorial walks you through the necessary tweaking to make it work.

Fun Character Entities WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by the Codex Team

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
Using various character entities in your designs can make the user experience smoother. This can be navigation arrows, ampersands, etc. This tutorial by the official codex crew will help you incorporate those characters into your next design.

How to Integrate an Options Page into your WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By Dan Walker

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
All of the latest quality WordPress Themes include backend (administrative) options themes to help the user utilize all of the incredible, complicated features coming standard with the latest themes. This tutorial will guide you in creating this feature for your next theme.

Premium WordPress Tutorials

WordPress, Beginner to Master Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By Dan Harper, $5

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
This tutorial walks you through creating a complete WordPress site including a blog and portfolio. Written after the many new features in WordPress 2.7, this tutorials brings you up to speed before looking closely at WordPress 3.0.

Securing and Hardening WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By JT Pratt, $5

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
WordPress is inherently secure as a blogging platform. However as it is converted into a CMS, more user data is being transfered and more opportunities to access core files are created. This makes it less secure. This tutorial will help you secure WordPress against data theft but also make it less prone to malicious attack and forceful entry. A must-read for any serious WordPress user.

Creating a Custom WordPress Portfolio Page Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By nuResponse, $5

Helpful WordPress Tutorial
This tutorial will help you leverage the WordPress custom template functionality to create powerful design functionalities within your site. You will be walked through creating a portfolio page to display information in a unique way which can be applied in unlimited ways.

We hope you enjoyed these Helpful WordPress Tutorials.  These are some of the best free and premium tutorials we could find.  If you have your own must-read WordPress Tutorials, please leave a comment below!

Easy WordPress Online Store Option

Wazala is a new service that allows you to insert a secure online store on any WordPress site without bulky plugins or sketchy security measures.  You can also forget about awkward forwarding and checkout pages.  Wazala creates a seamless integration with slick overlay interactivity.

Some key features include the ability to sell both physical and digital goods, Paypal and Google Checkout support and support for inventory and coupon management.

This is not your momma’s shopping cart.  It also includes product options (like shirt size), a smooth backend dashboard, multi-language support and tons of design customization options.

Wazala uses it’s own secure connection via a jQuery overlay which makes for a secure integration.

Here are some screenshots.  If you want to check out Wazala for yourself, they offer a free trial.

jQuery Powered Sticky Footer Plugin

In a recent post, we hinted at the development of an exclusive jQuery powered WordPress Plugin. Today is the day! We have released the brand new, completely unique WordPress Constant Footer Plugin.

It uses a jQuery plugin combined with the simplicity of a WordPress plugin to create a super-simple sticky footer. The footer sticks to the bottom of the browser window regardless of how/where the user scrolls.

Complete with an easy-to-use dashboard settings page, the WP admin can change the opacity, color and height of the footer. Utilizing a slick fade-in effect, the plugin allows any HTML to be entered by the admin and displayed to the public.

Use the plugin to:

  • Showcase new content
  • Display site news
  • Encourage Twitter, RSS or other social media following
  • Offer premium, unique advertising space
  • Flag user attention for breaking news
  • And anything else you come up with!
  • (Tell us how you’re using the plugin in the comments belows)

The plugin is completely free, although donations are much appreciated.  Here are some helpful links:

Plugin Homepage | Demo | Documentation

Inclusion in the Plugin Directory is pending.  Until then, you can download the plugin from the homepage or by clicking here.

This plugin was developed by and released to our community of readers first.  We like you that much!  As with any new plugin, be patient as we work out any bugs.

Here are some screenshots:

Sticky Constant Footer PluginSticky Constant Footer Plugin

31 Great WordPress jQuery Resources

I have been spending a lot of time recently looking into WordPress and jQuery.  jQuery is a Javascript library built to create some amazing user experiences.  I found some amazing information in my searches so I decided to share them with the Pingable community.  (pssst. Stay tuned for a cool jQuery/WordPress related announcement from Pingable)

Simply put, jQuery is a Javascript library that allows web designers to create some neat effects.  For some cool examples of what jQuery can do, check out this site.

Mostly, jQuery is used to overlay elements in a manner that had never previously been possible.  When you see a nice Lightbox effect when viewing an image, it is most likely a jQuery effect.

However, jQuery and WordPress don’t always play nicely together.  Although you can load the jQuery library with one simple line of code in the header.php file:

<?php wp_enqueue_script("jquery"); ?>

Make sure this tag goes before the wp_head tag.  You can load the jQuery library using the wp_enqeue tag.  Read the Codex documentation on this before moving forward.  Also read digwp’s opinion on the matter.

it can sometimes conflict with other plugins or themes.

Without further delay, here are some excellent resources, tutorials and plugins for incorporating jQuery into WordPress.

WordPress jQuery Plugins

  1. jQuery Lightbox
  2. WP Wall
  3. jQuery Comment PreviewComment Preview jQuery Plugin
  4. Simple Modal Contact FormSimple Modal Contact Form jQuery
  5. Shockingly Big IE6 Warning
  6. WordPress Tabs using jQuery
  7. Reply to comment feature
  8. Featured post slideshow
  9. jQuery Form Validation
  10. Overlayed Login Form
  11. Tweet Blender
  12. Tweet Blender

  13. OpenID Commenting
  14. Infinite Scrolling (no pagination)
  15. Image Drop Shadows
  16. Advanced Search (live AJAX results)
  17. Highlight Search Terms
  18. News Ticker of Posts
  19. Social Bookmarks with jQuery
  20. jQuery Shoutbox
  21. Smooth Tooltips
  22. Create slick data tables
  23. Small, overlay messages
  24. Polaroid Picture Overlay
  25. Content Slider
  26. jQuery Rotating Image Widget

Resources and Tutorials

  1. jQuery Crash Course
  2. jQuery in 15 minutes
  3. Getting Started with jQuery
  4. Including WordPress and jQuery (the right way)
  5. Using Google (jQuery) libraries
  6. Turning a jQuery plugin into a WordPress plugin

Stay tuned for a cool jQuery related WordPress announcement from Pingable!

Collection of reader submitted resources

Want to see what our readers are interested in?  We ask readers to submit their favorite, new content and resources so we can share them with you.  Without further delay, here are some of the best recent submissions for your enjoyment.

50 Striking Typography Tutorials Using Photoshop

In the broadest sense, typography is the design and use of typefaces as a means of visual communication from calligraphy to the ever-developing use of digital type. we creating list of striking techniques of typography tutorials using Photoshop. Typography is sometimes seen as encompassing many separate fields from the type designer who creates letterforms to the graphic designer who selects typefaces and arranges them on the page. We hope you all like these stunning typography graphics and also can share your own typefaces.

50 Stunning Poster Advertisement Ideas

Poster designing is one of the most creative part of graphic designing and helping for brand advertisements, now web designers also like to draw advertisement posters for web promotions and we have some awesome collection of Poster designs in this creative post. Creative Posters always attract users whether they graphical posters accumulate to the side of roads, in the paper flayers, wall posters, telephone cabin and even when distribute on the way, they always grab the viewers attention and invite them to take some immediate action. This is my favorite alternatives for inspiration is poster design, by looking at great posters, you can learn a lot about composition, typography, and use of colors…

40 Stunning Tutorials about 3D Text

Adobe Photoshop is powerful tool for create any kind of professional designs and effects for both categories like Print Media and Web Designs, we’re proudly present beautiful listing 3D Text Effect Tutorials Using Photoshop, We have collected 40 best ever cool 3D typography text effect trainings. you’ll find all these beautiful, high-quality Adobe Photoshop tutorials from top tutorial sites and designers, they did excellent work in all trainings and sharing helping techniques about Photoshop.

50 Ultimate Useful Free MAC Applications

Apple always produces most powerful products, one of those are Mac Machines and we presenting “50 Ultimate Useful Free MAC Applications” we dug up from famous resources all over the web and arrange on our platform for you Mac lovers. Each of listed are free to download and use as you required in your field, one of the greatest things about Mac Computers are wealth of extremely talented developers that are willing to share their amazing creations without asking for a single cent, because everyone loves to get free Applications.The following list may come in handy too. In this weekend, we’d like to showcase you a list of really useful yet free Mac Software’s you can install for your Mac, we create our list in 3 category: Free MAC Applications for Freelancers, Music and Video MAC Applications, Free MAC Productivity Applications, File Sharing and Transfer Applications and MAC Apps for Web Designers.

30+ Useful Jquery Tutorials Using Advance Techniques

Although there are many great techniques already but hopefully these listed jquery tutorials will help you too and it will also give you a more professional feel and you will get latest techniques for modern design requirements of Web Developers.In this our first jQuery Tutorials article, we will presenting some really useful trainings about how to learn jquery techniques step by step and also will productive in your websites developments.Hope you will like these listed tutorials and leave your comments.

20 Articles and Tutorials About Using Negative Space

Negative space, also referred to as ‘whitespace’ in design, can dramatically improve your designs and help them breathe more and have a much better flow. Today we have collected 20 articles and tutorials to get you started understanding negative space and effectively applying those principles in your designs.Whether you’re a graphic designer or you design solely for the web, I am certain you will learn quite a lot from those articles. Some of them are geared more towards web-design but some also refer to drawing and painting or simply talk about how to effective use whitespace to craft more interesting designs.

Introducing the Pingable collection on Themeforest

We are constantly watching for amazing new WordPress themes that are both free and commercial.  One of the places we look for new talent is ThemeForest, a marketplace for all sorts of web themes.  When we find something exceptional, we add it to the Pingable collection.  Check out the Pingable collection periodically for new, stunning WordPress themes.

Check out the Themeforest collection here. makes WordPress a snap

In this previous post, we talked about ways to install WordPress.  All of them have been eclipsed by this new service in terms of ease and speed.  Our friends over at take the full WordPress install and cram it into 2 minutes.  Watch the video here.

You’ll pay for the service, but not more than a standard hosting package @ $14.95/month plus a free domain.  Check them out here!

They offer “power ups” which are discounted WordPress-related services and products like those from Woothemes.  Plus, sites support all standard themes and plugins.  Plus, a number of themes are pre-installed so you can access them within minutes.  They said it best: “Easy like with the Freedom of”

Heard enough? Check them out here!

Or check out our full: WordPress Hosting Guide.