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Excellent Free and Premium WordPress Magazine Themes for 2012

Online magazines are not just for major publication companies, with the some energy and a great WordPress magazine theme, anyone can create one.  If you are willing to put in time and very little money can create a wildly successful magazine.  Just look at Huffington Post, started by an individual in her home, recently sold to AOL for $315 million.  Overpriced?  Perhaps, but Ariana Huffington isn’t complaining!

The following are some great WordPress magazine themes.  They are well designed, bring lots of organizational function to the WordPress site, and are fun to navigate.  We hope you enjoy them.  You may also enjoy this post about WordPress magazine themes.

The Morning After (Free!)

Premium News (Free!)


The Daily Press



Felici (Free!)

Sight (Free!)

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Free Viral Launch Theme

Launch Effect was recently brought to our attention as a solution for pre-launch and early launch applications.  Launch Effect is a one-page WordPress theme intended to help developers and new businesses generate buzz before launch.

The theme is incredibly customizable and serves one very important function.  Users visiting the site can enter their email address to receive future updates.  That’s something many themes can do.  But here is where Launch Effect stands apart.  Users who sign up are provided with a custom generated URL they can use to share with friends.

You can then track referrals so top performers can be rewarded, or just thanked with a kind email.  The following are screenshots of the signup and sharing screens.

As you can see, users can share the launch in lots of different popular ways.

The free version of this theme has all the features described above including a powerful design dashboard and lots of customization options.  It also comes with a small footer linking back to the developer.

The design dashboard allows for complete color and style customization from top to bottom.  All colors, fonts and text is customizable through this dashboard.

The premium version adds functionality to include a progress bar, countdown timer, brandable footer, and full theme functionality to use as a regular WordPress site.  In development for future releases is the ability to add extra form fields and sell single products with Paypal support.

Launch Effect can also integrate seamlessly with Mailchimp (my personal favorite), Google Analytics, AWeber and PressTrends.

The stats are also impressive, allowing the site admin to track signups and conversions each person has generated.  This is great for content entries and true viral launches.

Launch Effect is in use by lots of exciting new concepts right now.  One nice feature of Launch Effect is that no theme ends up looking the same so you don’t have to worry about lots of other sites using the same design.  Check out some of these cool designs:

Go ahead, check out Launch Effect for yourself.  If you’re experienced with this theme, we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

35 Free and Premium WordPress Photo Gallery Themes

WordPress photo gallery themes are an advanced feature available to WordPress users.  On the day it was first released, May 27th, 2003, WordPress was a blogging platform.  On May 28th, the world realized how many other things were possible.  From personal portfolio sites to business sites, WordPress drives them all.

For Photographers especially, WordPress has become an incredibly powerful tool.  WordPress photo gallery themes are advancing seemingly by the day.  In true Pingable fashion, we have assembled some of the best free and premium WordPress photo gallery themes that are currently available.

Free WordPress photo gallery themes


photoria photo gallery theme


imbalance wordpress photo gallery theme


Wordpress Photo Gallery ThemePortfolio WordPress Theme

Portfolio WordPress Photo Gallery ThemeFullscreen

wordpress photo galleryMansion

mansion photo gallery theme

The following WordPress photo gallery themes can be found on the ThemeForest marketplace.

Footage – A Photo & Video Production Theme

Simple WordPress Themes

I’ve said it countless times before, simple WordPress themes take just as much talent as those with lots of bells and whistles.  You’ve heard about minimal WordPress themes before, but there’s a difference between minimal and simple WordPress themes.  Run a search on ThemeForest for the word “simple” and you’ll come up with 314 results.  Browsing the search results yields a different result, you’ll see some great themes mixed in with junk.  The following is a guide for identifying great simple WordPress themes among the thousands.  Afterwards, there is a list of some of Pingable’s favorite simple WordPress themes so you can see what we’re talking about.

Identifying Great Simple WordPress Themes

1. Simple WordPress themes are easy to use

It’s not just about style, great simple WordPress themes are really easy to use.  Look past navigation, towards clear directive design.  By this I mean the eye is naturally drawn to important elements on the page and not to useless graphics.  The user should naturally know how to progress through the site because they are drawn to the “next step”.  For some sites this is a “read more” link.  For others it is a “donate” button.

2. Simple WordPress themes are spartan

This doesn’t just mean they’re white or monochromatic.  Each component in a spartan theme has utility and purpose.  Some theme designers are baiting customers with a ridiculous number of theme variations.  This is helpful for some people but not for those looking for a simple theme.  A simple wordpress theme has no need for anything without a purpose toward either the content or user experience.

3. Simple WordPress themes are fast

Small file sizes, compressed and minimal images create fast themes.  Why have a simple theme with the speed of a complex one?  Look for the right image types and compression.  Also look at the load speed of the demo installation.  Even a dedicated server will load a bulky theme with a slight delay.  Look for tableless designs that rely almost entirely on CSS and image sprites.

4. Simple WordPress themes are smooth

A simple theme takes advantage of the natural flow of the eye and human intuition.  Jagged and blocky designs make the user work to find what they need.  Smooth designs have a flow that is almost imperceivable unless it is managed poorly.  Sites with many different contrasting colors and no logical layout work against a smooth user experience.  Consider these two examples.

This design is smooth. Despite the color contrast is has a clear message ("War Destroys Children's Lives") and a clear action step ("Donate").
This design is not smooth. Professional? Yes. But smooth? No. The user doesn't know where to go next, and has to work for the content.

Now that you are equipped with four steps for filtering out great simple WordPress themes from the junk, here are some examples using the methods we just identified.  These are both free and premium themes.  Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this post, please share it!

Bueno (Free)

Gridlocked ($40)

The Style (Club membership $29)


Excellent Minimal WordPress Themes

I’ve said it before on this site, a good minimal WordPress theme is often more difficult to code than a complex, flashy one.  In looking at good minimal WordPress themes, I look for clean lines, mostly CSS instead of images, and grid-based or clear organization.  For example, a strong navigation system need not be overly dramatic or layered.  These are some excellent minimal WordPress themes from around the free and premium providers.








3 Fresh WordPress Themes for October 2011

Those amazing theme creators are at it again, producing some special new products. Always pushing the limits of what we thought WordPress could do, creating new ways to use this amazing content publishing platform. WordPress can no longer be considered just a blogging platform, it’s now a full fledged content management system. Check out these new themes from well known designers.

Teamster WordPress Theme for Multi-author blogs

teamster wordpress theme

Teamster is a theme created for blogs that are run by multiple authors. As content is key, more blogs are converting to this collaborative model because the time demands of creating competitive content are increasing. Teamster WordPress theme is designed to meet the unique needs of multi-author blogs.  Check out Teamster Theme.


  • AJAX Powered author tabber
  • Minimalist design
  • Author content showcase
  • Custom typography

Photocrati 4.2 Update

photocrati wordpress theme

Pingable is a long time fan of the Photocrati WordPress theme. Why? Because it is 60 themes in one. When you buy Photocrati, you get 15 preset styles with tons of customization options. Although Photocrati has been around a while, they just released the latest version this month. What’s more, the sales of this theme go, in part, to the Photocrati fund which gives $5,000 scholarships to photographers working on environmental and humanitarian projects. Now that’s worth supporting.  Check out Photocrati Theme.


  • IPad and iPhone compatible
  • SEO optimized
  • Powerful options panel
  • Built in copyright protection
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Sky Whimsical WordPress Theme

sky wordpress theme

Sky is truly whimsical. It floats your content in a nice sea of background texture. It is iPad compatible and utilizes a nice slider on the front page. Wow your clients with this professional theme.  Check out Sky theme.


  • Four color schemes
  • AJAX preloaded for fast page changes
  • Built in gallery feature
  • The famous ElegantThemes shortcode package
  • Powerful control panel


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50 Ajax WordPress Themes for Fall 2011

You’ll find some really incredible AJAX WordPress Themes out there.  AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XHTML.  If you’re not familiar with AJAX, you may be familiar with some of the features it is responsible for on WordPress sites.  For example, almost any feature that allows you to stay on the page while updating the content is using AJAX.  Search results are a common use of AJAX in WordPress themes.  When you search and the results automatically appear without clicking search or pressing “enter”, this is AJAX.

The following are 50 of the best AJAX powered WordPress Themes for Fall of 2011.  We sincerely hope you enjoy.  If you liked this post, we would love to share more with you with Facebook.

Grace powerful HTML CSS AJAX template

Revoltz – Premium WordPress Theme – 3 in 1

Distinct – Portfolio and Business WordPress Theme

Style and Fashion

cleanTypo Website Template 6-1 for clean websites

web access Website Template web 2.0 look

RamInfo Clean Corporate Business Website Template

Integrity Website Template web 2.0 style

Carta – Minimalistic Html Template

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5 WordPress Themes for Political Candidates

WordPress is a simple tool used by millions of webmasters.  Did you know Google has a whole department dedicated to political adword accounts?  We didn’t either until recently.

There are many political candidates using WordPress to manage their online presence.  As the United States Presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Howard Dean showed, the web is one of, if not the most important tool for political organizing.

Here are our picks for WordPress themes best suited for political applications.  The criteria we used to evaluate themes were:

  • Layout – political WordPress themes need to grab visitors’ attention quickly and convert visitors to action-takers.
  • Design – political WordPress themes send a message about an individual candidate.  They are not just a design, but a brand that must be sold.
  • Function – themes should have lots of room for widgets and sidebar content.
  • Integration – good political WordPress themes should integrate smoothly with social networking sites, social bookmarking, streaming media, Twitter and similar organizing tools.
  • Customizable – no political candidate should use an out-of-the-box theme without customizing it to fit their campaign, their constituency and their message.

Update: Here are some new WordPress Political Themes for 2011 2012.  Enjoy!

Update to the update: Since this post was originally written, there have been many more political WordPress themes developed.  We just removed a couple outdated/no longer supported themes, and added some very cool new ones.  Check them out below!

Campaign <– My new favorite!

Campaign is my new favorite because of the look and feel, and built in functions.  This theme is fully translatable, and comes in 4 color schemes so it’s good for any political perspective.  It comes with some cool jQuery powered hover effects and a neat slider.  It also has support for multimedia including Vimeo.  Like any good WordPress political theme, it has great styling for email capturing and event management.  What’s more, the latest update makes this theme fully responsive so it looks good on all devices.  An optional donate button can be set up with any payment gateway as well.  The designers thought of everything, even the FEC elections disclaimer (for those in the United States).

campaign wordpress theme


Candidate was built as both a political campaign WordPress theme, but also a social issue/grassroots campaign theme.  The designers claim to have experience building real political themes, and their design suggests they’re telling the truth.  Although not as trendy a design as Campaign, this one is definitely a good choice.


Politico is a straight WordPress theme that you can customize to add features common on political websites such as donation widgets and signup forms.  Lots of buyer feedback suggests folks are really happy with this theme.  Also, this theme has a strong media slider which is important for political campaigns that need to showcase their candidate kissing babies and such.

Victory Framework

The Victory Framework is essentially a theme, with tons of built-in features.  It is an out-of-the-box website for political campaigns that only needs basic information to go live.  Of course, any candidate would need to make it their own before launching officially.  But it includes all the basic functions of a political website.  This is one of two complete campaign packages.victory framework wordpress political theme

Win With WordPress

This is also a highly-evolved WordPress Political Theme.  It has built in features underneath a political design.  It also boasts contact management features which is a plus for any campaign.  Rather than signing people up for email lists, you can turn them into advocates and constituents.

win with wordpress political theme

Who’s Who @ Elegant Themes

Who’s Who is a clean, multi-level navigation theme with not a lot of options, but the right framework.  If your campaign is purely informational, this theme will do great.  It also has multiple color options so you don’t have to go blue.

Whos Who Political WordPress Theme

 Politic @ ThemeForest

This theme comes with 9 custom widgets and is one of the most professional political/campaign themes available without going completely custom.  The theme supports 5 different post formats and audio/video.  Here’s what’s extra cool: this political WordPress theme supports BuddyPress!  This means you can easily build a community on your site with chat, forums, connections, messages and more.  Politic has a custom skin for the Events and WP Email Capture plugins which are very helpful tools for political campaigns.

Compositio @ Design Disease – FREE!

A cool blue theme with a design that never seems to get old.  This isn’t a new theme, but it seems to always look stylish even as design trends change.  I like the blocky design and clear, simple navigation.  For a not-too-complex political WordPress site, this theme would be perfect.


Top 5 WordPress Landing Page Themes

Landing pages are and often forgotten but incredibly vital component to any website launch.  They are not just used to park a domain name, but more importantly they are used to show the world you’re coming.  They are particularly important if you intend to:

  • Build buzz around your concept before launching
  • Convert casual visitors to subscribers
  • Develop a list of potential customers or users prior to launch
  • Show visitors you’re serious and professional
  • Let people know your intentions with a domain name

Quite simply, WordPress landing page themes are used as a temporary design before your official site is up.  Check out these WordPress landing pages, in our humble opinion, the top five ten.

Update September 28, 2012: As the WordPress community is so robust, there are even more WordPress Landing Pages being developed since this article was written.  Check out five more WordPress landing pages below!

1. Personal Landing Page

2. Netix – A product-oriented landing page

3. Deploy

4. Business Card

landing page theme

5. Convertible

wordpress landing page theme

6. Premise Landing Page Theme

Easily the number one choice, the Premise system allows you to build custom landing pages so yours will actually be mostly unique!  It comes with 1,100 custom graphics to use and an amazing system for converting visitors to followers.

7. Placeholder (Free!)

This theme is simple but very elegant.  It has an optional countdown clock you can use to lure visitors to come back again.  It also showcases social media connections and conversion options which is very helpful.

placeholder landing page theme

8. Timelaph (Free!)

A clean and modern landing page that is dark and simple.  You can incorporate text as you see fit, so including social media or conversion links is simple but not graphically popping.  There’s a built-in email conversion.

9. Startup

Startup theme is actually a fully-functioning WordPress theme that happens to come with a “coming soon” page that matches the style of the main design.  It has a nifty flash powered countdown clock, an original under construction image and a nice big text block.

startup landing page theme

10. Under Construction WordPress Theme

Although is says HTML page, it actually comes bundled with a WordPress version.  Plus, there is a very nice full WordPress theme that goes along with this landing page.  The coolest part about this theme?  It has a pie graph and twitter integration that keeps visitors updated on your stage of development.  Very cool.

underconstruction wordpress landing page

Amazing new portfolio theme

Folioway is a new, amazing and unique WordPress theme for showcasing your work.  It is also a great option for a business wanting to display their products.  It features a smooth slider, unlimited built-in styles, shortcode support and stunning typography.

Slick Gallery Feature

The theme comes with a nice gallery component that lets you display your graphic work or products in a stylish way.  Great for artists or other creative folk, it will simplify the need to show lots of images on one page.

Custom Shortcodes

Custom shortcodes make styling your blog easy.  No CSS necessary, just frame something in a brief code snippet and voila!  Shortcodes can create styled boxes, dropcaps, buttons, anything.  This helps keep the style of your blog uniform and professional.

Custom Styles

The theme comes with built-in background styles as well as an infinite color option using the unlimited palette that exists in, umm, the world.  With a few clicks, you can customize the look of your design without having to actually customize the theme.

Professional Typography

WordPress themes often neglect quality typography.  Folioway comes with an impressive set of typography that lends credibility and professionalism to your site.  High quality typography communicates your message effectively.

Folioway is a professional, stunning and impressive theme for almost any use.  It is particularly equipped to be used as a portfolio or design showcase blog.  The designer has paid attention to every detail, producing a high quality product for only $35.  Check it out now.