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This plugin is no longer supported and won’t be updated because, let’s face it, this one is much cooler.

This is the home of the Constant Footer Plugin created by Pingable.  It is completely free.  If you’re looking for the documentation, you can find it here.

Based on the jQuery plugin by the amazing Steve Fenton, this plugin creates a slick footer on your site what fades in when the page is loaded.

You can adjust the color, opacity and size of the footer which will stick to the bottom of the browser window, regardless of where the user scrolls on your page.

This is a terrific option for drawing attention to important updates, asking users to follow you on Twitter, or virtually unlimited uses.


To see an example, check out the demo page which is using the plugin virtually out-of-the-box.


Full documentation on how to use and edit this plugin can be found here.  However, as this plugin was provided free-of-charge, we are not providing support.

Support this plugin

If you like the plugin and appreciate it as a useful tool, please consider supporting the further development by:

  • Voting for it on
  • Blogging about it
  • Sharing it via social media
  • Making a small donation (see below)


As with any plugin, you are strongly advised to backup your WordPress site and database before installing and using this plugin.  Although we’ve done our best to test this plugin across multiple platforms, it may not work with your site.  If it breaks or otherwise harms your site, we are not liable in any way.


By downloading the Constant Footer plugin, you are agreeing with the disclaimer above.

Please download Constant Footer from the WordPress plugin page.

This plugin took a lot of time to develop. If you find it useful, we would really appreciate a small donation.

8 thoughts on “Constant Footer”

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  2. Please update your plugin to load jQuery correctly and not via your own copy of the jQuery library.

    This is causing a lot of other jQuery based plugins to break

  3. Hi there, can I add to the calls to have Constant Footer load jQuery some other way? It basically prevents all Lightbox plugins except SimpleLightbox from loading. Major bummer.

    Please please, if you can update this great plugin!!!!

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