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Wazala is a new service that allows you to insert a secure online store on any WordPress site without bulky plugins or sketchy security measures.  You can also forget about awkward forwarding and checkout pages.  Wazala creates a seamless integration with slick overlay interactivity.

Some key features include the ability to sell both physical and digital goods, Paypal and Google Checkout support and support for inventory and coupon management.

This is not your momma’s shopping cart.  It also includes product options (like shirt size), a smooth backend dashboard, multi-language support and tons of design customization options.

Wazala uses it’s own secure connection via a jQuery overlay which makes for a secure integration.

Here are some screenshots.  If you want to check out Wazala for yourself, they offer a free trial.

18 thoughts on “Easy WordPress Online Store Option”

  1. Wazala looks really nice, and it could certainly be an easy wp online store alternative, but I would have preferred an one time fee over the recurring payments. Still, there is a free option for up to 5 products, along with the mentioned free trial. Worth trying out.

  2. It seems to be a promising plug-in to turn WordPress into a full featured e-commerce website but I don’t think integration is possible in just 15 minutes as published on its website.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but I was looking on the sample page and all the web shops they showcase load the shop from a wazala.com sub domain. Is this indeed the case?

  4. Wow, this is nice. I do like the idea of getting folks shopping on my site. I’m going to try the demo and if it’s good, I know a few people who may like it.

  5. This is a good post about Wazala and I must say that you have given nice information about it in detail.People should really consider your points and suggestions for Wazala.I do appreciate you for this valuable information.

  6. Hi Inge,
    I am not sure exactly how it is hosted, but it is possible to load within an iframe (shudder) or a jquery frame regardless of the domain. Most users wouldn’t even know the difference.

    Thanks for your comment.

  7. Sounds very good but I’m wondering how exactly Wazala would integrate with PayPal or Google Checkout. The review says these are supported, but I’m not sure what that means – looks to me as if there’s a duplication of features, so can’t quite work that one out.

  8. My main worry regarding the Wazala shopping cart is that there doesn’t seem to be any deep linking facility. After users navigate to a page on your site, if they want to buy they are forced to enter the top level of the associated store.

    Once there, they have to start over again to find their way down to what product they originally wanted to buy.

    For small stores with only a handful of products that probably isn’t too much of a hassle but for any store with more than a dozen or so it just translates into annoyed customers and canceled potential sales.

  9. Wow, this is really nice. I was looking to use the e-commerce software on my site with another company but this looks to be pretty easy to set up, I will definetly try the demo to check it out.

  10. Great!! Nicely written and informative for everyone who is creating websites. Thanks for sharing and I will also try it on my website and let you all know about the results.

    Many Thanks,

  11. This is really nice. I like the idea of getting people shopping on my site. I am gonna try the demo and if it wroks then I know that many people will like that too.

  12. Wazala seems to be a very easy to use and build interface platform for any online store. I particularly like the facebook business pages integration and the checkout features. I will get more details about the system before recommending to my friend who is going for this option. Thanks for sharing this piece of information.

  13. I just checked out the Wazala plugin. This seems pretty good for building an online store. I provide merchant services on a professional level and this is definitely comparable to most of the services that I offer. Two thumbs up from a merchant services pro.

  14. What a great sounding service. With both PayPal and Google Checkout support, and the ability to sell both digital and physical products, then I’ll definitely be taking up the free trial.

  15. I just started my free trial for one of my client’s sites I am building. I really like it so far. I’ve found with other competitors options that the size selection methods can be clunky, but Wazala’s works very nicely. Thanks for the heads up on this great product!

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