Essential WordPress Social Media Tools

Converting users is as important as ever before. With millions of websites being created every day, how can you compete? Here’s how: convert your readers like a pro with these essential tools.

Meebo Toolbar

Meebo Toolbar for WordPressA sweet little bar that hangs out at the bottom of all your pages. It is available as a WordPress plugin or standalone code. You can customize the bar with anything you might need to convert users like RSS links, and integration with your Facebook page.

Wibiya Toolbar
Wibiya Toolbar for WordPressAnother handy toolbar with some different content and style options. Both tools can help convert users, it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you.

WP Greet Box

WP greetbox plugin for WordPress This handy plugin will insert a discrete box below the heading but above the content with dynamically generated message to readers based on their referral source. See it in action here: 43 Ways to Promote your content like a pro.

Smart Sharing Plugin

Easy Share Plugin for WordPressThis plugin creates a box that can be aligned to the left or right of your site with important sharing links.  It scrolls with the user, meaning they are always reminded to switch from “casual visitor” to “avid follower”.

6 thoughts on “Essential WordPress Social Media Tools”

  1. We are just about to create a blog for our roller blinds company and this is great info – the amrt sharing plug in looks particularly aesthetically pleasing…thanks Cyrus!Is it better to have bigger social bookmarking buttons or should I keep them discrete?

  2. Good question Wayne. Everyone has a slightly different perspective. One thing that can’t happen: a user wants to subscribe or somehow follow your blog and can’t find how.


  3. Boy am I glad to have subscribed to your feed. I’ve been looking for a plug-in like Smart Sharing plug-in for ages. I just susbcribed, downloaded and installed the plug-in on my site. I’m LOVING IT! Gracias 😉

  4. Suggested tools are really great to improve visitor’s royalty and to decrease bounce rate. These two are very common issues most of the newly developed websites faces.

  5. This is worthy information for everyone who is planning to create new Website. Above suggested tools are very important to improve royalty as well as bounce rate.


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