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I’ve said it before on this site, a good minimal WordPress theme is often more difficult to code than a complex, flashy one.  In looking at good minimal WordPress themes, I look for clean lines, mostly CSS instead of images, and grid-based or clear organization.  For example, a strong navigation system need not be overly dramatic or layered.  These are some excellent minimal WordPress themes from around the free and premium providers.








22 thoughts on “Excellent Minimal WordPress Themes”

  1. It is rightly said that ‘simple is better’. And even I think in that way. But agree with you too that things which look simple from outside are usually complex from inside. Even I would prefer simple themes than the flashy ones for my WP page. Also the ones which you have sorted out look simple yet attractive enough for me. Thanks for sharing them! As I like organization of my page simple and clear, I am looking forward of using Canvas theme.

  2. Agree with you Dusty, it is a tough job to make WP minimal theme than complex themes. Even I prefer them than the complex one’s. Also the one’s which you have mentioned in this post are good. These themes are simple but yet striking one’s. And to get them free is an added advantage!

  3. I think minimal WP theme is always better to use than the complex flashy one. The code to create simple themes are more tough than the flashy ones. One can go for simple themes to organize their WP page in a better way. Most of the flashy themes are simple to create but not manageable. Minimal themes are the best options I think.

  4. I don’t know much about codes in WordPress Themes but I am always a fan of simple WP Themes. I think it is more user friendly than anything with flashy designs.

  5. Minimal WP themes are way easy to crawl by search engine crawlers. Do you know that the script errors or script load on your complicated themes may damage your rankings. I personally think minimal WP themes should be the way to blog.

  6. I always prefer minimal theme for my sites from WordPress. WP has got a good collection of themes and this is the main reason why I prefer using it for getting the best themes for my site. This makes my readers attracted to my sites I think. Giving a well organized site for my readers is my main aim and I think by using simple themes form WP makes this possible for me. Thanks for listing out some more simple and classy themes for us! I liked all the themes which you have listed here.

  7. Minimal themes of WP are truly excellent! I have been using them for quite sometime now and have found it very impressive. These themes are simple yet they have the ability to attract people to the sites. I believe in giving my readers clear lines on the my site to give them a well organized site to read. I liked the themes which you have shared here. They all are good and seems to be well manageable.

  8. Great share dusty, simple theme always converts more traffic into loyal visitors.

    I have used elist from elegant themes, although its an premium theme but managaging website lists is very easy with it.

  9. When looking for a wordpress theme to install, minimal or not; you’ve got to choose a light one especially if you want to get traffic from search engines like google. I like themes that are easy to customize but page load time when installed comes first.

  10. For my business I always prefer minimal themes. I think these themes are more manageable than flashy themes, and this is the main reason why minimal themes are more difficult to create. The themes which you have listed here are very good. They look well organized. I think it is important to give readers a clear and well structured site. I liked the Canvas theme which you have listed here. It seems very well organized.

  11. Attracting visitors with the help of flashy themes is very easy. But giving them well organized website is very important and I think flashy themes of WP lack this. By selecting flashy themes visitors usually leave the site unsatisfactorily. To transform visitors into regular readers, I think WP’s minimal themes is the best choice. I always prefer minimal themes for my website to give my readers easy access to the useful information they need.

  12. Not only do they look better they have faster page load. they are easy to find what your looking for and people like simple sites compared to ones that they have to search around for what they are looking for. I like wikeasi and canvas best out of the ones you listed.

  13. Joe yep, you are right. Some cheap host with 64 mb PHP memory don’t work with big themes.
    I never use a wood theme. I prefer the cheaper type, themeforest as example.
    So, in a big theme my thinking is broken. Easly find myself in a smaller theme.

  14. Canvas is simple and clean looking. I like simple with no clutter so people find what they are looking for. I also agree to much slows site down and to many plugins or apps also do. Most people decide to stay on a site in the first few seconds so simple and easy to read works best.

  15. Such a great and clean looking themes. Canvas is truly looks simple and clean as well as Currents too. I think when your Theme is big enough it will not actually work in such low memory host.

  16. Thanks dusty those are some good themes. I like wikeasi best because it is simple and easy to navigate. very clean lookin and not cluttered.

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