Excellent WP Themes That Use Shadow

Shadow is a powerful design element that adds depth to any design.  A talented designer can create multiple layers and dimension where there was none.  These sites are selected from some of Theme Forest’s best.

Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s subtle.  But shadow creates a depth of focus and quality in a web design.  Check them out! Note: Affiliate links below.










9 thoughts on “Excellent WP Themes That Use Shadow”

  1. Thanks Cyrus. The Simple Crafted theme looks amazing. Doesn’t even look like any normal WP theme but its so eye catching. Good list.

  2. I like the colosseum theme! It’s a perfect design for me, very elegant looking that gives additional appeal to the design. Something that you’ll surely love because of the nature.

  3. The Designer Wanna Be looks very nice :). The top menu with the shadow is great. And I always have thought that the menu is the most important part of a design :). The colors are maybe not the best but they will do fine 🙂

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