Express Blogging – What Is Your Time Best Spent On?

Often during busy times I find it difficult to set aside time to work on my blog. For example the last four days I have been away on a road trip around England. Even when I am not on holiday, there are times when I just can’t make it to the computer. This got me thinking on what time is best spent on if you only have a little each day. 

If you only had 1/2 an hour a day to blog what would you time be best spent on? The two key aspects are:

One – Writing Content

If you are limited to only half and hour a day, you are not going to be able to write seriously good, well researched  articles each day, half an hour just isn’t long enough. So you are going to have to start using drafts. I think drafts are a great idea even if you have a lot of time anyway, but they are very useful to record you thoughts and progress if time is limited. When you are using a lot of drafts, The Clean Cut Blog suggests to Beware of  not to letting your articles go cold in the draft.

Two – Reading articles on other blogs with-in your niche + posting comments

It is important to read other articles and post comments for many reasons. Firstly, it is like research for your own work and this is important. Secondly, building relationships with other blogger’s by commenting on their blog may bring your blog to their attention, and you may also get the odd link through from your name signature in their comments. There are thousands of great blogs out there, and you want to know what they are blogging about and what topics are working well for them.

Ok, so what mix of the two?

I think most people would jump in and say writing content for your own blog is most important, and although I think that is true, when it comes to the ratio of time to spend on each, plenty of blogger’s would suggest you spend more time reading. This article by Chris Marshall: Read more – Write less – The Key to Blogging Growth goes into this subject in more detail. He uses the term BMI (Blogger Mass Index) similar to a weight index, and uses the analogy to suggest that you should be reading more.

Final make up – 12 / 12 / 6

Here’s what I think is a good final make up.You would be best to spend about 12 minutes working on content, not necessarily a single article, have a few drafts in progress. 12 minutes reading other articles from other blogs in your niche, making sure to leave comments if you have something interesting to say. And 6 minutes sorting out random bits. Perhaps moderating comments, fixing something, writing an email, checking statistics to see where your traffic is coming from.

A tool to save you time

If your blogging time is limited you are going to need to use some tools to help save you time. One that I would suggest is Google Feed Reader. You can easily subscribe to thousands of blog feeds, and use folders and tags to track blog articles. This will save you from visiting the actual blog site to read articles.

Final thoughts

If you really only had half an hour a day to blog, you may not be able to have an amazingly great blog as good things take time. However, ensuring you keep up with good practices like the ideas mentioned above, should at least keep your blog ticking over. Then when you do have a bit of extra time you may be able to really get things going. Good luck with your articles.

12 thoughts on “Express Blogging – What Is Your Time Best Spent On?”

  1. Thank you very much for highlighting my article, Simon – I’m glad you found it interesting.

    Great idea for a post, by the way. 12/12/6 makes it very easy to remember – such a sensible use of limited time!

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  3. @ Michael: I guess I was trying to suggest ideas to just keep things ticking over if you only had 1/2 hour a day. There are other things you must do though! Cheers for stopping by!

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  6. Well written – you have hit upon a very practical solution to a problem facing many serious bloggers. I have the opposite problem of having too much time on my hands (as a retired teacher) and find myself wasting far too much time on unproductive matters. If my whole blogging day was intensely focussed like you are suggesting I would be FAR more productive.

    Thanks for the idea.

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  8. Great Post. I do have more than half an hour most days, but my biggest problem is time – there are so many things I want to do with my site, plugins I’m writing, etc, let alone the important things such as writing and reading and commenting.

    I find I don’t have a structured layout like you suggest. I spend sometime writing plugins, then switch back to writing until I get a post out, then catch up on my reading etc. That’s what works for me. I do find I spend more time reading and commenting than writing however.

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