Free Social Sites for Link Building

Building quality links to your site will help it grow, and gain organic traffic from search engines. This is key to the success of your blog or website. So what social sites are good for link building?

Best Social Sites For Link Building

Hub Pages is a great option for link building. You need to build your profile to have a ranking above 74 before your links get nofollow taken from them. This isn’t hard if you plan to have more that 4-5 hubs.

Squidoo is a good option. You can create a lens on any of your niche topics and embed follow links back to your main sites.

Both these sites give you tools to create great media rich content, and is ideal for link building.

Best article sites For Link Building

The best options for building links using articles sites are:

E-zine – The articles can rank well in Google, and links in the resource box will carry a good amount of strength.

Go-articles – Another good option link building, articles can rank well in Google, and the links well worth your effort.

Tips for build linking on these sites

Articles on the above sites can rank quite well in Google, and the links can carry a lot of value, but for you to get the most out of them, you need to do more than just write content and hope. Good readable content is a must. Read other hubs and lenses and see what content is performing well.

Here are a couple of hubs I have created to give you an idea of the sort of level expected. Both are only very new though. I didn’t put too much effort in to either of them, as I find it easy to write about MMO topics.

Other thoughts

A good strategy for building quality links to your site is do more than simply create content on these sites, but to create content which links to your site, then build links to that content as well. A few links from social bookmarking sites will help your hubs, squidoo’s and articles to perform much better, and give much more value to them.

55 thoughts on “Free Social Sites for Link Building”

  1. I agree squidoo is a great resource tool but I feel it is really becoming bogged down making it harder for your lenses to get indexed.

  2. Squidoo is great but requires a lot of effort. Not everyone likes that. But if you’re willing to spend some time you will see great results.

  3. There seems to be a real buzz about HubPages at the moment, with Courtney Tuttle and a few of the other big IMers pushing them. Like Aaron said above, Squidoo is getting more and more abused right now – let’s hope HubPages doesn’t go the same way!

  4. Well i can’t agree with Kotlina. I think every social network requires a lot of effort, and that should be normal. It’s not normal to expect big returns from something if you have invested smalls. That’s the way should work with quality socials too. We have seen what happened with the ones that were easy, many have fallen over time, and only the best and quality ones like Squidoo and Ezines for example has survived.

  5. I can see people creating hubs and lenses and then to promote them on social media or social bookmarking sites. Even they do enough seo to push them in Google to get traffic on them. I thought it will outrank your current rankings and they became your own competition. Thanks for writing a post to get some benefit form them. I am going to create a and try a few of them.

  6. From all the above sites I go through Squido and Ezine for the articles….these are really good sites as they truly benefits you in several aspects….and also in getting link juice…..too

  7. I love ezinearticles and go articles – they are both super easy to use. I find squidoo and hubpages a bit cumbersome but they do rank well

  8. @freesat, How you find that squidoo and hubpages are difficult than others? I think they are even more easy and more beneficial.

  9. I had gone through this social sites they are very well in getting some link juice and also serves very well….

  10. hey Jordans
    I just find the web based interface of hub pages and squidoo a bit annoying to use. I like to write my content in notepad and upload it quickly….with squidoo and hub pages, it just takes more time because of the interactive onscreen website builder. The article sites I like because they are just simple text boxes…cut, paste and bam, you’re done!

  11. Aside from providing quality backlinks, has also been able to give me great traffic that converts to income. The only problem is that they can be very strict with article quality.

  12. I agree. I don’t think Squidoo is worth the amount of time it takes to make it successful.

    I have had made an effort but cannot pursue it any longer.

    Thanks for the article.

  13. I’ve been with Squidoo for a while, but I agree it takes alot of time. I’ve found more success with the article directories such as the ones mentioned here and also buzzle (but you have to agree for it be unique to them or they won’t publish).

  14. Goarticles is a brilliant resource if you write good articles. Don’t bother if you don’t want to put in the time to an original article that people actually want to read. Good article.

  15. For my articles i always prefer Ezine as it gave my article the best promotion of my articles to get the link juice to my site….and also social sites are beneficial too…

  16. I use go articles and ezine when submitting articles, however I am never sure if I should submit to lots of articles directories, a few or just one – not sure which is best for SEO. Haven’t tried squidoo or Hub-pages – will have a look when I get chance.

  17. There seems to be a real buzz about HubPages at the moment, with Courtney Tuttle and a few of the other big IMers pushing them. Like Aaron said above, Squidoo is getting more and more abused right now – let’s hope HubPages doesn’t go the same way!

  18. I’ve played around with Squidoo a little bit, and it seemed pretty complex and involved. I haven’t tried Hub-pages, but I’m definitely going to give it a try.

    I’ve published a couple of articles on E-zine, so I guess I’ll check out Go-articles next!

    Thanks for the tips!

  19. I’m with Jane on this too, I’ve only recently learnt about article publishing as a means of site promotion, and just had all 10 of my first articles published on 3 different sites. But I would also like to know if Google sees this as duplicated content and lowers the value of the link juice being produced.

    I too was encouraged to have a look at Squidoo and signed up for an account, but I let it go after a short while, too much work and not my preference, I’d rather share knowledge in other places even if they produce less link love. My main reason for having a presence on the web is to share what I love talking about, so it’s good to keep a human aspect on things too, and find the right methods we all enjoy using.

  20. I have been using hubpages and goarticles more recently as ezines changed some of their terms and I was having a hard time getting my articles accepted. Plus, you have to wait almost a week for it to get reviewed. On the sites that I put up, sometimes a week is too late for the promotions that I want. Also, squidoo has cracked down on some of the content they will allow now too. I think it may be a matter of time before some others start reducing what they accept too which is a bummer.

  21. If we build links on social networking site profile, create blog etc, this surely help in a much better way to get rank your website. But the effort is to much, i agree.

    Commenting is a good way to build link, but moderator is a problem, you are in the queue of uncertainty.

  22. Tommy, I think Google discounts the link from duplicate contents. Therefore, I suggest that if you want to submit to a lot of article directories, you should at least make a few changes on your articles. The way I see it, there are three ways to do this. One is to do it yourself manually which is great if you want quality articles. The second is to outsource it. You can get good quality rewritten articles but you have to pay. The third is to use tools to rewrite your articles. Some are free and some are not. But they are great if you want a hundred or so rewritten articles.

    Hope that helps you Tommy.

    On to my comment about the post… I think you could add eHow in there. I’m not really a fan of Squidoo and Hubpages but I try to create lenses and hubs just in case they really work. LOL

  23. Hubpages and Squidoo are good, but how do you embed follow links on Squidoo? All the links I have seen there are nofollow.

  24. I think the article sites are best. You can write mutiple articles and link back to site and inner pages. Hubpages and squido do help but the more articles you write the better you will do.

  25. All the soocial site sthat you mentined in your post are very good and also amongst all that Ezine i find very good for the articles.


  26. I personally like GoArticles better than Ezine, because the articles are published right away, and Google picks up on the articles pretty quickly.

  27. Thanks for the advice. I’ve never really tried article submission before as a means of generating traffic but I hear that it can be very effective.

    RSS feed submission is another way to find traffic but needs some general knowledge to get set up.

    Nice post,


  28. I have been using ezine for more then a year and found it very good resource for quality links. Articlebase is another good article directory to consider if you are serious about writing articles.

  29. I have been using ezine for more then a year and found it very good resource for quality links. Articlebase is another good article directory to consider if you are serious about writing articles.

  30. while submitting content to article sites such as e-zine, go-articles, and so on, what can you do about content scrapers? especially when they get ranked higher than your articles?

    1. Jayess, there’s not much you can do to stop it. If you want your articles to perform better though I suggest doing a social bookmark run on each new article you write…onlywire is a good free option. By bookmarking all your articles, you build a few easy backlinks to them and build the authority of that article.

  31. well i am a regular basis user of the ezine and the go-article directory… when i first joined it my intention was of to use it as a marketing tool… but later on i enjoyed writing on it and now i use it for writing and the marketing purposes.. my lenses on squidoo are doing well and i always link hubpage to squidoo… i enjoy doing work on web2.0

  32. I have not yet tried squidoo yet. But after reading your post and also reading some of the responses also reccomending lenses. I think I will give it a try. Thank you for this post.

  33. I’ve been considering doing a few articles on my very small niche blog for backlinks. After reading the comments it sounds like E-zine and Go-articles would be the best fit for me. Since there were a couple of comments about E-zine being very strict and somewhat slow, would there be any reason not to start with Go-articles? Does E-zine offer anything it doesn’t?

  34. Fine blog. I got a lot of good info. I’ve been keeping an eye on this technology for awhile. It’s interesting how it keeps changing, yet some of the core elements stay the same. Have you seen much change since Google made their most recent acquisition in the area?

  35. I have been using Hubpages and Squidoo for about 1 month now so I am at the early stages of link building with them but what I found is that once I get in the rhythm with them I can post good articles in a short amount of time. The Ezine article directories are my favorite because I seem to get more hits from those. I even got asked to become a contributor on a industry website after someone saw my posts on a Ezine directory.

  36. “Building quality links to your site will help it grow, and gain organic traffic from search engines” true, and blogs are very important. they encourage great user interactivity in your site

  37. LOve your website im learning a lot. But how to get the links in their cuz i’m heading there right now to check it out. anyone with more info plz you advice will be helpful thanks.

  38. I would like to thank you for this great tips i did sign up in and submitted a hub and got me in the first page in google for my keyword that i really wanted for a while. WOW thank very much for this.

  39. it is necessary for the link building strategy to continuous posting of the article into the thematic web site .. The mentioned site are the best way to get the back link for the site

  40. This is a nice post on free social sites for link building. I got useful information how Hub pages and squidoo works. I appreciate you to provide us your own created hubs on “make money online today” that must enrich my practical knowledge. Thanks for sharing the post.

  41. After the Penguin & Panda updates, I’ve found that Squidoo has held up fairly well. My Hubpages plummeted a while ago, as did Ezinarticles. I have a pretty limited number of Lenses, so it might be different for others though.

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