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Most of us know what spam is. It’s content that is a blatant attempt to promote some product, site or service. It’s obvious: “Buy Viagra, Get a cheap rolex watch, apply for this fantastic life insurance package, or fill out this Credit Card Application. If you have a blog or if you have an email address, then you have seen it and you know what it is.

But what about spam messages that aren’t so obvious?

Anyone who has dropped by this blog before will know I am a big fan of the plugin keywordluv. I feel it brings more comments, and thus content to my blog. As a result I get plenty of comments from other webmasters looking for targeted backlinks to their sites. There are dozens of PR3 and Pr2 pages on this blog when you can easily get a backlink to your site, and that backlink can have any text you want in it…within reason.

Now comes the reason why I am writing this post. What about people who want targeted backlinks from your blog, but they want lots of links, and they want them fast. This sort of person doesn’t really want to read your content. They don’t want to think of a meaningful comment to add, they just want to drop in and dump a “Generic comment” with their anchor, then move on. The faster the better. Now to the untrained eye these comments can look like legitimate comments. They normally look something like this: “Great post, bookmarked, will be back later”, or “fantastic article, keep up the good work”. Neither of these comments even suggest the person has even read the title of your post, they may not have even visited your site. The comments could apply to any post.

So, if you want a backlink with your choice of anchors from this site, you need to read the article and add to the content to my site. Nothing comes for free. Add a meaningful comment or I will flag it as the spam that it is.

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  1. Great post, bookmarked, will be back later. Because this was a fantastic article, keep up the good work. (There we go, hows that? Two sentences now, can’t call that SPAM.)

    Seriously now though, I have been deleting those types of comments from day one on my blogs. I can’t stand them, to me it just adds useless junk and filler to my page for no real reason. Nobody gains anything from reading a sentence like that so there is no point of it being there. It does not add any value or any other view points to the discussion.

  2. I know what you are saying Simon. The comment spammers can really be a pain in the *ss. One blog I usually follow and comment on actually took Keyword Luv off because he felt all the spam was getting in the way of the people who had a legitimate question.
    There are always some who try to ruin it for everyone else.

  3. I totally agree , I absolutely hate the “Hey there, I subscribed to your RSS Feed” type of comments on my blog.

    HOWEVER I do get a kick out of comment spam that has absolutely no benefit for the guy spamming , broken links , no anchor text ,ect. I guess I should be upset a little more about it , but akismet is so great about catching things any more.

  4. I would have posted “Great blog! nice posts!” then I would be spamming your blog. Its true that generic comments are a bit annoying for the fact that they do not contain any sensible thought. I too have a blog, the first thing I would do everyday when I signed on to my blog is check out comments to my posts and manually approve or reject these generic comments.

  5. You are right, people are creating more and more sites, and they need backlinks, more backlinks, they don´t stop to read anything. But that hunt can be harmful for them, because if Google detects a recent blog with lots of links, it will be send to Google Sandbox, and it may take months to recover from there.

  6. I can appreciate spam, if it comes in cans though. LOL. I’ve heard of automated tools which create these generic comments. If I’m new to blogging, I would say “cool, some people are reading my blog. and they’ve bookmarked it too”. But in reality, they did not even visit my blog. And that really sucks. Pardon me French.

  7. Keywordluv not only brings you more commenters. It boosts your position in search engines as you’re not only on countless “dofollow blog lists” but also on couple of those “keywordluv lists”. Anyway free backlinks are always a nice thing – I don’t really see any drawbacks with enabling Keywordluv.

  8. I agree that nothing is free. If people are trying to build links to their website, they need to also mind how they may be perceived in those comments. It’s so lame to just leave a standard response. If I can tell that you didn’t read my blog post, I’ll probably remove the comment.

  9. In an effort to combat bad spamming on my blog, I put a little disclaimer next to the comment box. I let the blog readers know that I encourage them to promote their own sites so long as they contribute some decent information related to the post. I don’t mind working a little bit in order to get a decent link.

  10. I have the same problem. I’m generous and I use KLuv as well, but I also get the spam… I don’t mind if people are going to use my site for backlinks, but for those who come by and leave those comments, i’m sure you’ve seen them, “great post!” or the ones that try to work on your ego “youre a great writer keep it up”.

    Unless my visitors have something constructive to say or something of substance to leave on my blogs, they’re deleted instantly. Don’t try and abuse the generosity.

  11. The worst is when the spam filters don’t work. Then you are really left wondering how something which is purely spam managed to get past the system. Some deleting is definitely in order then.

  12. Fortunately I always read the article on blogs/websites before I leave comment. If I have nothing to say about the post topic, I will not leave any comments. And I like to read someone else’s comments on that post too. Because I can find useful ideas from the good comments.

    Captcha is a good way to prevent cheat bot or automatic commenting.

  13. Glad I found someone who shares my passion on the topic. I think I wrote about 3 or 5 posts on my own blog that deals directly with comment spam.

    Unfortunately spammers are getting smarter or outsource the process now to make it almost look natural.


  14. I don’t know why people want to ruin such a good thing like keywordluv making spam comments. I always read the whole post and keep an eye on other comments too before commenting myself. In this way i have found some good blogs that now i follow beyond the purpose of getting links from them.

  15. I ended up turning off comments altogether on one of my blogs because it ended up on those dofollow lists.

    I now have a link to tweet me if you want to comment on the post, and it actually works quite well.

  16. I agree with Joe there is quite the blog list I now keep track of beyond the point of just getting some links back to my site. I always read through the article and comments to make sure that my comments add some meaningful discussion to the post. If some one is to be so kind as to use the plug-in “Keyword Luv” the least you could do for the blog owner is read their article and write up your thoughts about it. Anyways good read and keep up the good posts!

  17. I have keywordluv on one onf my sites and the amount of people trying it on is unbelieveable at times.

    It is a shame as it ruins it for other people.

  18. I am using Keywordluv and Commentluv and really I did not see a increase in comment spam. Of course I was already getting a lot of the obvious spam and those are junked. But the generic spam went up only a little. For the most part many of them are at least trying to add something useful.

  19. Simon, people who use generic comments in their effort to spam, er, I mean “obtain meaningful backlinks” to their websites are shooting themselves in the foot anyway. Lame comments don’t add value to the page content, which is important. Lame comments reduce the value of their effort, because they reduce the value of the page information. If you want to get the most out of the page you are commenting on, you must add to the value via strong understanding and information. A good comment will also get your site more traffic because people are much more likely to click your link too. So why some people are always looking for the shortcut I don’t know. It seems like the people who do it right get better results. BTW, I like the article…

  20. If user have no reward to comment why he comments so using keywordLuv benefit for both user & blog owner.

    It’s prevent Actual spam using software. for hand posting user get reward i don’t think it’s bad.

  21. Nice – didn’t know about that plugin. Just googled it and found out how it works(i hope) 😉

    And i guess you’re right… The side-effects from a tool like this, could get pretty ugly, and i believe you need to seriously consider it, before you start using it.

    Im new to this site.. just stumbled upon it.
    I know you hate it, but i AM gonna bookmark AND return 🙂 Nice website, nice content.

  22. Apparently it’s pretty difficult for people to understand that relationships can be mutually beneficial. I can leave a meaningful comment and add content and substance to one of your pages and you will give me a link in exchange.

    There are too many takers out there and they aren’t willing to help people out. Take take take!

  23. Nice post. Will be back later.


    Seriously, though, my “favorite” is when they address you in this incredibly generic way –

    “Nice site, webmaster!”
    “Keep up the good work, blogger!”

    It would actually be funny if I didn’t have to deal with hundreds a day across my blogs…

  24. Apparently several of my blogs ended up on some dofollow blogs lists. Comments range from “hi” to more prominent information. Sometimes the keywords are not even remotely close to the type of blog they are commenting on. I’m always grateful for traffic but it doesn’t help the commenter much if they are selling toasters and comment on an SEO blog. A name will do just fine. I’m constantly monitoring my comments now.

    Also what Brandon said…’http://’ comments don’t make it to my sites. However a live link that is a valuable resource to readers has a better chance.

  25. Too right – quick comments like that don’t add anything to your site, so quite right to remove them.

    Back links are important to websites so allowing DoFollow links on your blog, together with keywords in the anchor text, is a real service and will encourage a lot more people to contribute posts.

    However, it is totally reasonable that you should expect the poster to spend a little time over the posts they make. It’s actually not usually that hard to think of something constructive to say as a comment to a post if you just read it in the first place and take a few minutes.

    If you can’t think of something useful to say as a comment, then leave it. Find a post or blog where you can add some constructive comments instead.

  26. Yes, it is quite irritating when people just leave a comment like great post. I suppose is is intended to appeal to your ego?

    We recently looked over a site that had 20 pages and the home page had a PR2 and the only other page that had PR was the links page!?!?!?

    So leaves me thinking link luv works!

  27. Ive been commenting on a lot of blogs these days, for seo, I read the articles, i might be more work, but its more effective and most of the articles are intersting to read. I can imagine that its more work for you to keep all the spamm comments away. Thats why i like keywordluv to give something back to the commenters.

  28. I had a blog once with keyword luv. The PR was only 1 but still I had some serious spamming all the time. Had to give it up cause didn’t have the time to do all the moderation. Maybe that just happens to some. I guess it is niche related.

  29. I actually leave a lot of spam there in my blog comments.

    If it actually contains your keywords, or related keywords, it’s just more content as far as the search engines are concerned! 🙂

  30. I hate the generic spam as much as you, but I find the blatant spam kind of interesting. If you search for example for “buy viagra” on google, you can see what web2.0 sites are ranking well for the term, and you can often use them as well for your own link building efforts. =)

  31. Well, generic commentators are getting really crafty. Some of the examples that I frequently get on my blogs.

    1. Great post, good work; now I know what you guys have been doing all this time.
    2. I really liked your blog, you provide some really good information on this blog.

    Some are really smart and copy paste comments that I have approved in past, they know it’s a comment I have approved before, it’s highly likely I would approve it again. They just steal someone else’s comment and post it.

    Many don’t even bother to check their spellings 😉

  32. I really loathe people who try and take advantage of do follow blogs and contribute nothing. I do however also have a problem with many automated spam blockers on blogs. I can’t even tell you how many times i’ve spent the time to write out a relevant post that contributes to the blog only to get blocked by wp comments.

  33. Been seeing this type of comments in my blog. At first, I want the deleting it but I get tired since they are too many. So I installed a spam blocker. Helps lessen my work. This the only thing that can stop spammers but still have “dofollow” blog.

  34. I mostly just delete the silly comments like: keep it up or nice work. those are the most obvious anoying comments, just to get a backlink.

  35. I have noticed that comments increase as the page rank goes up on my site. Half of them are hi’s and nice blog. But some are very useful and I want to continue invite such comment.

  36. Nice post. I agree that while I really like the CommentLuv and KeywordLuv plug-ins, it really irritates me when someone makes a generic spam comment instead of taking all of 60 to 120 seconds to at least even skim the blog post and come up with a decent comment that adds some real text to the blog. Ironically, time would be better spent taking more time to skim everything – at least then you would get most of your links as opposed to most just being marked as junk.

  37. I agree completely. I’m fed up with these generic comments that don’t add any value but I agree keywordluv (& commentluv) is a great way for both parties to win – you get a name and decent comment and the commenter gets a backlink with keyword text.

  38. Good post will bookmark. HA just kidding I to run a couple of no follow comments and understand that no matter what kind of do not spam or any other type of warning that you place every day you will wake up with a couple of comments that are pure spam. Thank you though for the attempt to let these people know how to get a comment actually published I find it quite difficult. Anyway good post on the war against spam I think I have a new post title.

  39. I’m not going to lie, the primary reason I do blog commenting is for backlinks. If this was a nofollow blog, I would not be here. Why can I openly admit this? Although this is the truth, my comments are meaningful! I read the blog posts, think about them, and respond accordingly. Sometimes I forget I’m even doing this for backlinks. I hate generic comment spam! It’s alright to post for links, but write something meaningful, dammit. Is that so difficult?

  40. One thing they do not seem to realize it making so many comments that fast makes google think they are not natural links and can hurt them also. You never knoew what you will learn from the post let alone the comments sometimes people make some great points that could help you out and the people who do not read them loose out.

  41. You are right Simon, spam comments are actually abuse to system and misuse of privileges. Spammer want to build back links with out doing any thing for this purpose they use automated system of spam commenting without contributing to discussion.

  42. To eliminate quite a few of them you could probably just develop a plugin that wouldn’t approve comments under a certain amount of characters, or would scan the comment against a pre-set list of words and try and buffer out spam. The big downside would be the returning of false positives though.

  43. Sorry, Simon, I couldn’t resist. Anyway, I found a good halfway point that takes more effort on the part of comment spammers to get worthwhile links. Consequently, the spam has been reduced by an incredible amount while those in the know can still get great backlinks. My latest “nofollow” post, which you already commented on, leaks it out if anyone takes the time to read the post.

  44. ive heard u have some plugins for that, but most of em wont work properly for some reason :S takes a lot of time now to aprove al those comments?

  45. I must admit, that when I first heard about the do-follow movement, I thought it was a fantastic idea. Really, what could be better than sharing a little link love?

    Then, I took the plunge and went do-follow on a few of my sites. At first, everything was wonderful – the birds sang, the sun shined, and life was good.

    Thinking this wasn’t so bad after all, I submitted my sites to a handful of do-follow lists and directories, thinking I might pick up some quality posts and backlinks.

    Whoa! Hold on there Nelly!!

    The amount of pure link spam, poorly disguised spam, and iffy posts with great link anchors outweigh the valuable posts by several orders of magnitude.

    I’m to the point now of seriously reconsidering the do-follow mentality, strictly from a maintenance perspective.

  46. I think there are few plug-ins available already but to work effectively it should be intelligent enough to learn by itself.

    Once if you have deleted a comment, the system should understand it and when next time that kind of comment appears it should be deleted automatically. That’s only the idea.

    This method will not be hundred percent accurate and there are chance that some valuable comments will get deleted.

    Actually some one has to develop some excellent logic to fight against spam comments.

  47. I completely agree with you. It seems like when ever there is a somewhat easy link building method, spammers ruin it for the rest of the people who actually want to add some value to the Internet.

    Askimet has also gotten really heavy handed lately and my comment success rate is only around 20%. Seems like once you trip the filter once, you are screwed.

  48. Very nice post. I couldn’t agree more with you. It seems that generic spam is just something that I have to live with, as I haven’t yet been able to find a way that works 100%.

  49. When I want to get some backlinks for my sites, first I’m looking to find blogs from my niche. When I find a good blog, I’m looking for articles related to my sites content, in order to leave a comment. And if I have in front of my eyes a good article, related to my niche, why don’t read this article? I can learn new things that can help me in the future, can help me to grow up my own business. And why do not leave a useful comment, because adding value to that post will also add value to my backlink, and peoples who will see my valuable post will think that I’m an authority in my domain and probably they will follow my link, and this mean traffic. Targeted traffic. So many reasons to leave valuable comments!

  50. Hi,
    Spam comment are very big problem in now days.They are coming to dofollow blog like ant come on the food.
    Thanks for sharing.

  51. I think spam is just a necessary evil of blogging, and there is very little anyone can do to prevent it.

    Our blog is still quite small, so we don’t mind getting a few ‘Nice post’ comments a day. However, more popular blogs seem to be inundated with spammy comments, to the point that they have to be quite strict about the comments they will approve.

    It sucks that spammers are ruining what should be a place for feedback and discussion, but it seems like that’s exactly what is happening.

  52. it is very hard to fight spam even google. we all need do realize byself be do not spam. that’s all simple. if you do not do spam maybe you can fight spam . thanks

  53. I really appreciate what you’re doing for us webmasters who are trying to get a good backlinks the honest way. These days, it’s so difficult to get a good link unless you have alot of time or money. Unfortunately, i dont have either…lol

  54. Well said, I’ve seen so many blogs that are overrun with people who leave 4 word comments and obviously have no interest in the site whatsoever.

    If people want to generate links then they should at least have the decency to give a structured and thorough response. All comment spam does is hurt your SEO attempts and creates worthless backlinks. The real way to make money online is to befriend other bloggers who have blogs of similar subject and generate targeted traffic by leaving a detailed response.

    Hope fully some of those people will read this before posting below me 😉



  55. I hate spam simply because so many brilliant resources for getting backlinks have been destroyed (i.e the blogger has added back nofollow) because people can’t cope with the influx of spammy comments, and can’t be bothered to moderate it. Thanks for taking the time to moderate and not put in nofollow. Respect!

  56. I must admit, when I first started blogging I fell for these comments and was quite flattered.

    Surely Akismet or another engine should be able to pick them up by now?


  57. Well, you know sometimes these things happen with the whole spam issue. I don't see why people would have to spam if you are allowing the keywordluv tool. I wish spammers would stop because it is messing it up for the other people that are actually legit and and making comments related to the topic. I have a blog and allow keywords as well, but as long as people are contributing something to the topic.

  58. Interesting… I am just starting out with my blog website and still learning about all the different things I could do with it in terms of plugins and promotion. I haven't gotten any spam yet but I could see how it could become a problem. I see you're no longer using the KeywordLuv plugin, was that because of too much spam?

  59. Well, you know sometimes these things happen with the whole spam issue. I don’t see why people would have to spam if you are allowing the keywordluv tool. I wish spammers would stop because it is messing it up for the other people that are actually legit and and making comments related to the topic. I have a blog and allow keywords as well, but as long as people are contributing something to the topic.

  60. Interesting… I am just starting out with my blog website and still learning about all the different things I could do with it in terms of plugins and promotion. I haven’t gotten any spam yet but I could see how it could become a problem. I see you’re no longer using the KeywordLuv plugin, was that because of too much spam?

  61. 2.Hi, your site back link structure is an important aspect of your search engine optimisation and relates to the number and quality of the sites that link to your site.

  62. well i agree that nothing comes free..and i have read your comments post and it is really meaningful… meaningful; comments are a essential factor that helps you out in staying at the comments ground.. i myself don’t allow the useless… ambiguous comments … and glad you do that too… thanks for it

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  65. as we are saying there are lots of uneducated people who will just leave a blank comment on our pages, from we all know they are doing these for a couple of bucks, for me its really find to add comments as long as it is well written and adds to the conversation and knowledge of everyone..

  66. Well I completely agree to your point. Comment spam is a major technique used by many people to build links. But ultimately it hurts sites SERPs.

  67. In many ways, I’m more offended by the “generic commenter” than I am by the blatant spammer. Why? Because at least the spammer is completely open and honest about their intentions! I know who… what they are.

    The generic commenter is a liar and a faker!

    You can probably tell that I have strong feelings toward this group of “individuals”….

  68. Hi,

    I have a couple of blogs, both of which have the plugins of keywordluv and commentluv and are dofollow.
    I want to reward reader and commenter with the links, but the spam that akismet catches is getting to be a huge amount. I see you have a security code in place, that is one thing I learned.
    Another is to be more strict with the comments that come in, and use an iron hand with them and only allow in what comments will attribute to the post. Just like online college discussions were.

    Thank you for the lesson,

  69. During my first time in blogging world, my blog was started as “dofollow” and if people leave comment such as “nice post”, “Great article”and many more I approved their comment/s . Never thinking it was spam. How fool I am. And now, I know how to prevent spam.

  70. Simon,

    I agree with you. Commentators can be tricky in their attempts to spam. Akismet can’t determine what is and isn’t spam when someone is attempting to be clever with the commentary. I believe your question is answered by saying that “generic reply” spam is only spam as a matter of opinion. Perhaps, when the webmaster wants only a HIGH QUALITY site they will consider these spam. I have seen other webmasters who are so desperate for content that they would accept content from a monkey. I personally agree that you should watch it. Thanks for upholding the quality.

  71. You are correct about these types of comments, I see them all the time. Unfortunately there are so many forums/blogs that let these people get away with them and the spam software doesn’t catch them because they look “legit.” Have you come across any spam software that is able to weed out these types of comments?

  72. I found this site via a google for the same problem the commenter known as ‘jeet’ described.

    “Some are really smart and copy paste comments… They just steal someone else’s comment and post it.”

    I’ve been blogging at a site for years and have well over a million visits to that blog. The comment spam there is great but mostly caught by askimet. It is the typical variety, pharmaceuticals and the like. At the site I’ve commented here using, (new and self-hosted) I’ve noticed that suddenly I’m getting a fair number of comment-copying spam comments. A comment just posted gets reposed within hours, verbatim.

    Any ideas why this is happening or if there’s a security setting I might not have known about? Or is this just a case where I’ll need to use captcha? I do have it on my contact form but not for comments.

  73. I had a site (I shut it down to start something new) that was a blog/review site and all I kept getting was short comments similar to the ones you’re talking about: “Great post. Thanks for the information.” I was probably more harsh than you to be honest but it just unnecessarily takes up comment space.

  74. Hi Simon,

    While I will admit that I comment on blogs in the effort to improve my sites rankings, I do actually find it quite boring to simply go onto loads of blogs and type a generic comment.

    I do read the blog posts, however I don’t always read them in their entirity and sometimes I leave without even commenting. If the post is quality and I find it interesting, funny or educational then I will definatly read it all and think about my response. If on the other hand it’s complete tripe I often won’t bother commenting at all as it probably won’t build any page rank in Google’s eyes if its a pointless page.

  75. I know they are going after a massive number of links and all, but I really dont see how they can think it is a long-lasting method. I find by sharing and communicating with blog owners and visitors, you can gain a greater understanding of the topics on hand.

    Nothing worse than these people who post random product-name spam all over your akismet 😛

  76. hey Simon,

    i really think the plugin is effective – it encourages the user to participate, it allows them to exchange their thoughts for a backlink in return. It gives them a sense of gratitude, so they’re more inclined to post a meaningful comment. I really think it’s a great way to get lots of good, related comments, all while reducing spam (except from bots obviously)

  77. Well my site is just starting out, but nonetheless I get tons of spam comments like you explained above. I’m kinda new to the game though so I thought they were just legit people commenting until I started seeing the same people over and over saying the same generic things such as “good job keep it up!” and corny things like that.

  78. ***Sorry Simon, I didn’t scroll down far enough to read the format of the KeywordLuv after the captcha. Hard to view a lot vertically working off my netbook’s low res screen with 2 toolbars filling it up. I apologize for the last comment with incorrect name field format***

    I found this post from an internet marketing forum so I hope many there also come visit your site and read this post. Then hopefully they start to follow your recommendations with their blog commenting activities.

    Glad someone spoke up on comment etituette from a webmaster’s perspective. Thank you for sharing Simon.

  79. Hey Simon,

    Great post. Not sure if there’s a way to detect those bots that most of those people use to do the spamming? Things like Ultimate Worpress Spamming Plugin… It’s really annoying having to approve/disapprove all those comments!

  80. Yup, using captcha will lessen spam. It is obvious, for spammer don’t want to spend money on captcha service. If you are using wordpress, try sicaptcha plugin. and this site is using it as well.

  81. Well, Quite true. If you are really looking for quality backlinks, you need tou send out quality comments that you can chare to the site’s readers.

  82. yes, You are totally right. everybody who wants backlink need to cost the time to read the content of the author respectfully. And this is also a win-win situaion. I am really agree with your option.

  83. I also get a TON of spam in my blogs. It gets to the point where it’s ridiculous. I really can’t believe how most spammers use the same type of comments over and over.

  84. I agree with you.

    It’s really hard to beat comment spam. Adding a captcha is a great place to start. I pretty much delete all those generic comments without thinking twice.

  85. Good post bookmark. HA just kidding I ran a couple of follow-up comments and realize that no matter what is not spam, or any other advice that takes place every day you wake up a couple of comments that are pure spam. Thanks also to try to give these people know how to make a comment I find it quite difficult. At least a good message for the war I think that a new spam message header.

  86. Do you mean that you consider the comments that has “Great post, bookmarked, will be back later”, or “fantastic article, keep up the good work” as spam? What if you have posted a really great article and someone really wants to appreciate what you have written, what would you expect them to say? Of course they would not say ” your article sucks”. Sometimes you also need to know what the comment-er wants to tell you, and those can’t be based on the words that you see on their comments. Most of the times, you also need to read in between the lines.

  87. I agree with You, but the sad truth is that SPAM works. Even if only 1% of spammy comments will be published it still will be rewarding for spammers because they send hundreds of thousands worthless comments, so they still get huge number of backlinks :/

    BTW – just for the record – You have missing quotation mark ( ” ) at the beginning of Your post 🙂 I think it should be before this sentence “If you have a blog (…)”

  88. It’s not easy anymore to say if a comment is spam or not, especially when your site is in a field that magnets comment spammers, like our blog. If you’re very strict, then you may delete real comments and disappoint your readers… The other solution is to remove comments completely, but this looks like “headache? cut your head!” 🙂

  89. It’s a sign of the times: SEO people are under pressure to produce results quickly for the companies who are paying them. The fast and easy method is to generate spam – until it backfires.

  90. Like you i enjoy it when people leave comments and I don’t mind people using keywords in their response to any blog posts, however it drives me crazy when i write a comprehensive article only to discover a comment like “thanks” or “loved the article”. The least i think that someone can do is to leave a comment that reflects the time and effort that the author has spent writing the post! I never approve short comments for this reason.

  91. Problem is that people working in SEO game are under pressure to get results quickly, and blogging for backlinks is one way of doing it. If that’s the purpose, I guess it’s tempting to do the “Great post, thanks” comment and hope it works. But I’ve also seen totally meaningless comments on blogs (like ??? from ???) – how ever did they get there?

  92. I’m new to blogging — looks like I’m at least 18months behind everyone else in this blog alone! But I do understand that we need each other. As bloggers we want people to respond to us and as commenters we want to stimulate interest in our own sites. Maybe its like the little pilot fish that hang around with the sharks, cleaning them and in return don’t get eaten. Not sure who is the shark and who is the fish sometimes though.

  93. I agree completely. I’m fed up with these generic comments that don’t add any value but I agree keywordluv (& commentluv) is a great way for both parties to win – you get a name and decent comment and the commenter gets a backlink with keyword text.

  94. can’t blame the so-called “internet marketers” for posting nonsense crap – they need all the backlinks they could get.

    akismet does a great job in preventing this.

  95. I think the problem is further aggravated by noobs who purchased automated tools. Some of these tools do not provide enough instructions. So what the noob does is just to blast away without realising what they are doing!!!

  96. I still see more spam then ever, and people still continue to try over and over. Spam emails and comment bots are more common than ever nowaways, with no real end in sight.

  97. The first blog I set up soon got plastered with comments full of flattery. I thought “oooh thats nice, people are reading my blog and they like it”. I soon realised it was all spam. Instead of being angry/annoyed it just made me more determined to get genuine readers to my blog.

  98. I still see more spam then ever, and people still continue to try over and over. Spam emails and comment bots are more common than ever nowaways, with no real end in sight.

  99. I also got a lot of comments like great, bookmarked, nice etc… at first i thought that they are legitimate. But the number goes sky rocket within days. Now I trying to filter good comments from these ones. Getting better…

  100. I found this post from an internet marketing forum so I hope many there also come visit your site and read this post. Then hopefully they start to follow your recommendations with their blog commenting activities.

  101. Simon,I have to disagree with you on your 2 sentence comment,this also looks as spam to me,cause you get these short sentences every day,I rather post something that makes sense.

  102. These comment bots are a real pain! Although I use KeywordLuv on my blog and turned it into DoFollow, quality of the comments is still poor. Today nobody seems to be interested to put some work into their link building, just those push button geeks everywhere 🙁

  103. We must destroy these automated tools that are causing all the spam on the internet. It really does make it hard on the rest of us who actually work for a living. When I read stuff like this it makes me think that we are headed in the right direction.

  104. i agreed to u r point for a blog there is a 1 relative comment and 100 is not related to topic or just for promotion

  105. I’m liking the fact that this blog was written over 2 years ago – and it’s still getting press – still getting readers/comments. Just proves that this is an issue that many are facing…

  106. This can be frustrating I know with my own blogs to keep up with fishing through spam vs.actually, value added posts is tough.

    I think a lot of times those one sentence posts are just automated bots dropping the same garbage everywhere.

    While not my favorite way, some blogs benefit from user generated content AND elminate most spam by requesting the guest login through Facebook or Disqus to post.

  107. Simon, While I was reading your post, I came up with an idea to eliminate most of those spammers. How about if you give a keyword or phrase in your post and require readers to add that term to posts to get their postings approved. 🙂
    Like please add this to your post “no spam” to let us know you are a real reader. Thanks

  108. All of the self professed “genuine bloggers” posting here, obviously think very little of your intelligence Simon, if these attempts at “honest indignation” are the best they can do, I am delighted I shall never read their blogs, I used to feel sad at the drop in intelligence levels seen on the internet but no longer! I just laugh myself into a stupor at the moronic attempts that the people here make. God people are stupid.

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