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WordPress is simple, powerful and easy to learn.  But it still takes some time to learn to be a pro.  And you will never know everything there is to know about this amazing blogging platform.  As each version comes out, there are new features and structures to understand.  There is always a new trick or tip, no matter how long you have been working with WordPress.

These are a few excellent resources help you learn WordPress.  These are targeted to both experts and newbies.

1. The official documentation.  This is regularly updated by a slew of editors and developers.  Most often, if you Google a WordPress term, the documentation is one of the first results.  There’s a reason for that!

2. WordPress Lessons.  Another official resource, WordPress lessons are targeted towards newbies and intermediate users with specific tasks in mind.

3. WPQuestions.  A Fiverr style website where you can ask a question, name a small price, and people will answer it.  The site takes a cut and the answerer gets paid.  Some people are making a modest living on this site.

4. WP Apprentice.  They are a paid site with a lot of free videos as well.  They will teach you mainly simple tasks aimed at beginners.

5. Part of the TutsPlus and Envato network, this marketplace has lots of tutorials about WordPress.  Some are free, many are paid or part of a membership plan.  But you can guarantee you’ll get quality instruction on WordPress.

10 thoughts on “Great Resources to Learn WordPress”

  1. WordPress questions looks like it’s going to be useful to me in the future. For now, I’ve been using the official documentation which I find quite helpful. But it has it’s rough sides too, the harder aspects of wordpress knowledge that involves unknown codes.

  2. As a WordPress newbie, we need a reliable source for the tutorials and other resources that will make our website look good. I don’t have a preference to where I should get an answer for my needs but my searches on Google always take me to the official documentation.

  3. WordPress for me is very interesting. I wanted to use it for my blog also but the worst part is that I don’t know who to use WordPress and it make beneficial for my blog. You real sorted my problem. I would surely learn WordPress and use it for my blog.

  4. The links provided in the blogs are very useful. All the information can be found in one place no need to search different sites for it. They help a lot in understanding the concept of wordpress much better. Its simple and easy to understand. Each topic is broken down into sub topics and given equal importance. Every topic is covered without leaving any doubts. However a brief summary in the beginning would be able to provide further assistance.

  5. I am planning to use WordPress for my website but I have to learn WordPress before using it. You gave lot of information and resources from where I can learn WordPress which is beneficial for my website. It would give new look to my website and make it more attractive. Thanks for sharing an informative post.

  6. I am new to wordpress, thanks for sharing those very useful resources. I’m going to check them out to improve my learning on wordpress. Thanks a lot, nice share.

  7. WordPress is an amazing tool to create your business site or personal blog. However, there can be a bit of a learning curve to understand the terminology, data relationships and design. Once you get the hang of the basics then the best method of learning WordPress is simply trial and error. Learn something new every day and eventually you’ll be a WordPress expert.

  8. I can’t imagine why someone would pay for WP Tutorial when there are lots of sites out there offering great information for free.

  9. I read lots of review about WordPress and I think it’s very useful to our blogs. I tried to understand the whole concept and working of WordPress. I would love to use it for my website to give it new look. You post is very helpful to those who wanted to change their website to WordPress. Thanks for sharing informative post.

  10. I am planning for my own website and read lots of review on WordPress but I dint get perfect resources from where I can become expert in it. Your blog is very helpful because it gave me whole lot of resource which will help me in learning WordPress. WordPress will be very essential for my post. Thanks for valubale post.

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