Introducing the Pingable collection on Themeforest

We are constantly watching for amazing new WordPress themes that are both free and commercial.  One of the places we look for new talent is ThemeForest, a marketplace for all sorts of web themes.  When we find something exceptional, we add it to the Pingable collection.  Check out the Pingable collection periodically for new, stunning WordPress themes.

Check out the Themeforest collection here.

4 thoughts on “Introducing the Pingable collection on Themeforest”

  1. Cyrus,

    The themes are beautiful yet not too fancy, just cooked enough to serve their purpose. I know you must have written somewhere in your blog but what is your considerations in choosing the best templates in the Pingable Collection?

  2. Hi Dazzle,
    Good question, which I will probably need to answer in a post soon. Criteria for selection is broad but strict.

    Themes need to be well-crafted, using the latest them trends and technologies, have stunning graphics and are well executed in their niche. For example, a theme labeled “simplistic” needs to be skillfully simplistic, not just blank and boring.

    Ultimately, people browsing the Pingable Collection should feel confident that they will find the best of the best.


  3. Personally think that it’s a nice collection, the prices are affordable to everyone, however an even more higher quality will cost you a bit of a fortune. These themes are great as a starting point indeed, but should be replaced with more professionalism and uniqueness once you have achieved your first goals as a website.

  4. Hi Cyrus,

    The themes look first class. The prices are also reasonable it seems. If you are going to compute for the time and cost of designing a theme yourself or hiring a designer, this definitely costs less. Thanks for sharing..

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