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In a recent post, we hinted at the development of an exclusive jQuery powered WordPress Plugin. Today is the day! We have released the brand new, completely unique WordPress Constant Footer Plugin.

It uses a jQuery plugin combined with the simplicity of a WordPress plugin to create a super-simple sticky footer. The footer sticks to the bottom of the browser window regardless of how/where the user scrolls.

Complete with an easy-to-use dashboard settings page, the WP admin can change the opacity, color and height of the footer. Utilizing a slick fade-in effect, the plugin allows any HTML to be entered by the admin and displayed to the public.

Use the plugin to:

  • Showcase new content
  • Display site news
  • Encourage Twitter, RSS or other social media following
  • Offer premium, unique advertising space
  • Flag user attention for breaking news
  • And anything else you come up with!
  • (Tell us how you’re using the plugin in the comments belows)

The plugin is completely free, although donations are much appreciated.  Here are some helpful links:

Plugin Homepage | Demo | Documentation

Inclusion in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory is pending.  Until then, you can download the plugin from the homepage or by clicking here.

This plugin was developed by Pingable.org and released to our community of readers first.  We like you that much!  As with any new plugin, be patient as we work out any bugs.

Here are some screenshots:

Sticky Constant Footer PluginSticky Constant Footer Plugin

35 thoughts on “jQuery Powered Sticky Footer Plugin”

  1. Thanks Cyrus.. I am tired of hacking up themes to make a sticky footer.. The plugin makes it very easy, and it looks great.

  2. wow… this is fantastic. i’ve seen a lot of sticky footer or header “divs”, but all of them were a little clumsy and slowing down the scrolling of the page and they didn’t actually stick to the footer or the header when scrolling. they scrolled a little with the page and then scrolled back to the original position. till now i didn’t use such things, because i thought they are annoying, but actually, they might be very useful if used wisely 🙂

    great job

  3. This is a very nice, clean looking footer bar. It’s a good idea for important announcements, a featured post or maybe even promoting a product. I’ll give it a try on my blog.

  4. I’ve tried this plugin on two different versions of wordpress (2.8 and 3.0) and it doesn’t work on either one.

    When I go to settings, it directs you to a url that doesn’t exist.

  5. Ok guys I had some problems with this plugin after i kinda of converted it for other cms then wp. My problem was that it didnt worked in IE(it stayed in one place even after i scrolled the page) and after some research i found out that IE was seeing my page in quirks mode(for very old pages) and after some research discovered that i have to set the right DOCTYPE (with the right syntax) so that my webpage is not rendered in quirks mode. i hope this helps if anyone has the same problem!

  6. Most excellent!! I have tried tweaking various ajax scripts to get this “transparent” effect but to no avail and when it worked, it would freeze the browser. Your script works like a charm! thanks a ton 🙂

  7. great plugin – easy install and usage…but i dont want it to OVERLAY the page…i just want a footer that is ALWAYS at the bottom of the browser BELOW the content…problem is that im using a large height on this and its overlaying the content of the site….various margins didnt fix this for me….any suggestions?

  8. Hi,

    This looks like the plugin I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately, it looks like there is an incompability with some javascript I’m using for my website.

    But before, I try to fix, is there a way to stuick an image instead of the current color overlay?


  9. Hi “Name”
    Unfortunately, this plugin is designed to overlay. However, there are lots resources on how to use CSS to create sticky footers. Use “sticky footer” when searching.

  10. Garry,
    I believe you could do this by modifying the CSS in the plugin files. The styling is simply a div that is manually fixed to the bottom of the browser window using javascript. So adding a background image to the div should accomplish your goal.


  11. thanks for the reply…i found that changing the position from fixed to relative worked, however it causes the footer to behave in unpredictable ways – such as jumping twice as low in the page leaving a huge empty space.

  12. Hi there, this is very useful plugin. I am planning to use it but just wanna ask for if this has an option where you can close it or such as Don’t show this option in the site when used?

  13. Hi Rodger,
    You can change the CSS in the file I believe to make it stick to the top instead of bottom of the browser window.

    Right now there isn’t an option to close the footer, but the original script allows for that so I may release an update soon.

  14. i like what jQuery can do, but i’m totally against use in excess of javascript. i’ve see a lot of website owners complaining that their site isn’t very well optimized, but most of the navigation was generated through javascript and they had a lot of javascript animation… i think SEO and javascript can’t coexist:D

  15. @Lisa If you use javascript with caution, not to make your site full of it and you still follow the google design guidelines (navigation, links, etc), you’ll have no problem with the javascript and jQuery or other JS library… just make sure not to make all your navigations with javascript, because then you’ll have a problem

  16. Perfect justice to optimize a website is not very great need javascript, but if you want to add animation, then yes, it is necessary. So optimization is done in terms of SEO and are real chances of success. If a site has been Well we have not optimized what we fear it will not find in the first google search. Lisa, you say that those who complained of a bad optimization, I do not have well-optimized sites.

  17. Thanks a ton for the plugin. Saw something like this on Cracked.com & theChive.com and have been looking around since.

    Can you please add the ‘Turn Off’ feature so that those who don’t want to see it can close it?

  18. If I have lots of content in 1 page, more than enough to fill the entire page, the footer appears to be not overlapped, and it’s okay. I just get a scroll bar on the right. The footer is then pushed to the bottom of the content.

  19. This plugin seems very cool. I wonder how it helps in terms of SERPs and user-friendliness for optimal conversions. Either way it’s a good ad-on to existing websites. Thank you for the info.

  20. Useful plugin, specially if you could make it to use build an opt-in list by providing signup form in it. Important announcement can be dealt with flashing at the top of page.

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