KeywordLuv and Do Follow

Having not posted on Pingable for some time, I have decided to restart my new posting schedule with an announcement that I have enabled two plugins KeywordLuv and Do follow. These plugins are to encourage comments from other bloggers and web masters.

For those who don’t know

Do follow means comments left on this blog give you a backlink to your site. This will help you improve search engine rankings.

KeywordLuv is a plugin with allows you to stuff your backlink with keywords which you are trying to rank in search engines with.i.e. If you write about “Making Money”, If you leave as your name, Simon@Making Money your backlink will say comment Simon from “Make Money” with make money as the hyperlink.

Both these plugins are to help readers improve the search engine ranking of their sites.

Comment Policy

I am happy as Larry to provide keyword rich backlinks to anyone who leaves a comment, however, the comments must add something to the post and be meaningful.

I will remove any links where posts are not adding to the post. I will also remove links to any porn, Viagra or other dodgy sites.

166 thoughts on “KeywordLuv and Do Follow”

  1. Hey! Glad to have you back! I hope everything is ok
    I decided to do follow when I started my blog a month or two ago. Yet I have been hit really hard by spam bots and spammmy trackbacks luckily Akismet takes care of them. By the way since I really like you posts I would like to include your blog in my blog roll just email me with the Anchor Text you would like to appear.

  2. I luv the keywordluv plugin. This plugin allows the commentator to announce himself while still getting an anchored link. Thank Simon!!

  3. Hi Archie, yes everything is ok. Everything is great. I just haven’t had time to write new posts for this blog in a while. I have just renewed the domain for another 12 months, so I will be sticking around for a while yet. We just bought a new house, and got engaged, so I have been real busy. I have also been focusing what time I have online on other projects which are making more much more money than this blog…actually the truth is…only one post on this blog is actually profitable. The rest of the site hardly makes a cent. Sad but true. Anyway thanks for stopping by. I will send you an email about your blog roll when I am done typing here. Cheers.

  4. I hear you about sites hardly making a cent. We are doing adsense and strangely enough our earnings have decreased over 75% while traffic has actually increased. We are in the process of talking to advertisers about possible sponsorships; adsense ads just don’t cut it anymore. I guess it has to do with the fact that it may be hard to match up advertisements with our niche. In your case, I hear that us, you, me, ‘web workers’, don’t click much on ads at all so you may have to look at affiliate programs and sponsorships may also be a good idea for you.

    I know this is somewhat off-topic but hopefully you will find it useful.

  5. Adsense does well on pages that get a lot of organic search traffic. Thats why I only have it on certain posts on this blog. But you are right about people in this Niche not clicking on ads. I wouldn’t even consider running adsense site wide again. Sponorship is great if you can find good sponsors. I haven’t had any luck. And I have hardly made a cent out of the 125 pixel bad banners from running affiliate ads.

  6. I’m really liking this KeywordLuv plugin. Having the ability to use your name and still get an anchored link is such a nice feature. It makes the comments look better while still rewarding the readers with some “luv”

  7. glad to see you use this plug-in… its been badly needed for some time. now both sides win! 😀

  8. We use Akismet spam filter,and monitor all blog comments.We also have a very extensive list of Do Follow blogs and now we’ve added forums.

  9. First of all, thanks. Internet marketing guys are always looking for a quality place to leave a comment that will add strength to their site for certain key words.No one knows how Google ranks sites but strong back links is probably the number one factor in the ranking.

    I have treid to disable my own nofollow command on my blog. I followed all the instructions but did not disable the feature. I also wanted many people to place comments.

  10. I’m still trying to learn about DoFollow, Seo and all the other technical stuff that will help increase my page rank and traffic on my large-size shoe blog. Will KeywordLuv work on Blogger blogs as well?

  11. I’m thinking about adding CommentLuv to my site but have heard it can be a strain on your database. KeywordLuv seems to be a “lighter” application so I may try that one first.

  12. Keyword Luv looks like a fantastic plugin, I have many sites that are based on the popular wordpress platform and love the power and flexibility. Thanks for enabling do follow links 😉


  13. I would like to say: YES and NO.

    CommentLuv gives to back links as well as promote the latest blog post.

    KeywordLuv gives a more specified back link but it is still only one…

  14. This is a great move – I use the keywordluv plugin on my own blog and it’s proved to be a real hit with my regular readers. People like to be able to make quality, meaningful comments and be rewarded with an actual link. To me, this is the future for blogging.

    Thanks for adding it, Dan.

  15. installing luv comment and keywordluv is the two greatest things i’ve done to my blog. It helped increase traffic my blog and traffic increased 3folds! Amazing isn it. I’m sure you’ll be a great success!

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  17. Wow, this is a great plugin, and thanks for posting about it. I even like the way it formats the names of your commentators–it looks good AND encourages people to respond. My only concern is loading time, but it appears negligible from seeing it on your site.

  18. Simon,

    I use the KeywordLuv plug-in on my blog too, and I get a lot of response due to the plug-in.

    If more blog owners would adopt the plug-in, we could all get more links to our blogs and sites…


  19. Thanks for the useful post, and debate in the comments. There are pros and cons to KeywordLuv and CommentLuv. For me, CommentLuv has a slight advantage as it provides a deep-link to a blog post, as well as a general link to the homepage. Assuming you have keywords in your post-titles, you get the best of both.

    Just my two cents! Jon

  20. NIce plug in but this can be a source of spamming on blog sites. I Hope there qould come up like moderation tool as well. thanks

  21. I get over 150 spam messages a day, as I have been no follow since the start, and I am list as no follow on many lists etc. Spam gets caught. What pisses me off when people write 4 word “thanks for the info” type comments for a backlink. I delete them, I expect people to at least go to the effort of adding to a topic if they want a keyword rich backlink.

  22. Thank you for the “Do Follow” links. I think that there are many people out there that are freely commenting on blogs and could use a link in return at the same but. I figure you might and well give/get both at the same time instead of being uptight about it.

    It is to bad that spammers have some what ruined this for honest individuals that are simply posting and figure they should get some keyword authority and link love in the process. Knock out 2 birds with one stone.

  23. Thanks – we are currently looking into ways to get better visibility with the engines (especially google). I know links are the way – but, not always the easiest to get.

    I’ll check out KeywordLuv and Do follow.

  24. Although I have not yet gotten the KeywordLuv plugin to work, my blog at is DoFollow for comments.

    I just discovered the KeywordLuv plugin (great idea!) earlier today, but sadly my theme seems to be incompatible. This probably doesn’t matter much, however; people seem to be doing a good enough job of putting their keywords in the name field anyway 🙂

  25. This plugin is great, it’s hard having a a blog that is getting comments but all the names are keywords, just looks spammy.

  26. Efforts like this surely affect the number of comments you recieve. I have observed this affect to be very good. And I hope this turns to be good for you too.

  27. That’s really cool plugin, very helpful. Since, I’m a new player in internet business especially blogging, …emm you know… need more backlinks to rank well. Better get start soon…hopefully the result will be good.

  28. i love this plug in! I am very new to this money making scheme and I’ve learned that earning backlinks from high authority blogs to have page ranks. i searched the net about it and happen to stumble upon your site. very helpful. thanks!

  29. Thanks for this “KeywordLuv” post!

    Have you ever thought about adding a a “u comment i follow” badge?

    I think it helps alot more for readers to keep leaving comments on each post you make.

    Just my 2 cents 😉


  30. If they were giving away awards for best WordPress plugin I would have to give serious consideration to KeywordLuv. Great idea!

  31. its a generous step. Commentluv is a reasonable way of promoting keyword and still owner knows the name of commentator. This is a great development and hope many bloggers will join this move. I am trying to implement it in my own “blogger” blog. Thanks.

  32. this plug-in really Great!!!! wonderful
    and thank U to someone who make this plugin …
    linkback from website with pagerank 1-5 or maybe 6-8 (i dunno maybe…umm I never found weblog with PR8 until now) become much much easier…

  33. It is interesting, but it seems to me as though comment quality is actually better on KeywordLuv blogs. That’s counter intuitive, but I think it is becuase people leaving such comments understand the symbiatic relationship between link building and blog owner and have more respect than you standard spammer.

  34. I just installed KeywordLuv plugin, I am hoping this will increase the communication with visitors to my site. I really like finding KeywordLuv plugin sites, I think this is one of the more interesting WordPress plugins. I’m dofollow too, come visit if you want to make a good comment!

  35. I also added this to my site, And I started to subscribe to all the feeds of the interesting blogs that use the plugin (like yours).
    I really make the number of comments go up.

  36. While I support any efforts to help what one of your previous commentators so aptly referred to as the symbiotic relationship between blog owner and commentator, I don’t think it will be long until spammers abuse this system as well. At the end of the day, nothing beats the good old spam comment delete button.

  37. I know Debbie, and so many comments are just people saying what they think I want to hear for a backlink…but it’s ok…it brings traffic, and it adds content to my pages which is good for the SE’s. This blog has had 48,000 spams comments in just over a year.

  38. It’s funny how some people are upset about the use of KeywordLuv for link-building purposes.

    I sell Myrtle Beach Real Estate online, and thanks to KeywordLuv, I have visited (and given numerous comments on) literally hundreds of blogs.

    In addition to building links, I have also discovered a lot of really cool blogs and sites, many of which I have bookmarked.

    While many people are upset about this new development in blogging, ultimately it is encouraging people to “broaden their horizons” using the old capitalistic approach of “do it for money”!

  39. Thanks for sharing – I think comment and keywordluv are great for bloggers and commenters and bloggers alike – I find now (and I have with this blog) that you can search on Google for your term + commentluv and it will pull up blogs with this feature active so it makes it even easier for us

  40. I agree with Spike… If we take the time to give a real comment, there is nothing wrong with getting a real link, and one with specific keywords in the anchor text….

    Thanks for being part of the ‘DoFollow’ movement!

  41. I have just enabled KeywordLuv at my site 🙂 I think as long as you have pre-moderation activated in WordPress, you are in control of any spam attacks to your blog.

  42. Wow, I happened to stumble over your blog when I was just searching around for some stuff on google…looks like an excellent thing you have going on here!Just left a comment coz I wanted to say : THANKS;-)

  43. Yes… as long as you have some kind of pre-moderation method in place (in addition to a captcha) you can completely eliminate spam attacks. It isn’t exactly hands-free, but nevertheless, it’s necessary.

  44. Keyword luv helps out because you decide what to list site as. Comment luv helps get links to each post so it has advantages also. They both help out but in different ways. Just make sure both are do follow to help.

  45. I installed commentluv and I’m planning to install keywordluv as well. I found out that many sites use keyword with nofollow attribute, what is that for?

    What’s the point of keywordluv, without the luv?

  46. The plugin is fantastic and i admire you for using it and probably having to put in extra effort to avoid spam. Rewarding those who read your blog is a great idea!

  47. Keywordluv and Commentluv plugins have been a god send to any webmaster for SEO purposes and also my blog traffic has doubled in the last week due to commentluv traffic alone.

  48. Just so ya know. I found this article searching for keywordluv web.

    I guess this article showed up because of the title!

  49. I ahve seen some keyword luv sites that have some script that seem to make link a redirect. Do they help site or are they not worth the comment. I do not like redirect links i think they hurt a site.

  50. This is another fab tool to put in our SEO toolboxes, along with forum posting, article writing and directory submissions.

    Graham Bradley

  51. Thanks for implementing keywordluv. This is an absolutely awesome plugin. Already found many valuable sites for my own sites.

  52. Keywordluv and Commentluv plugins will make the visitors to read your blog posts and comment on them.. They are very useful to increase your comments. Thanks for your custom search for KeywordLuv sites

  53. I’m very new to blogging, and so far it’s been an amazing learning curve. Today, I read your post and found I had to learn about ways to encourage visitors to comment… lol! I wonder if any university does a degree course on blogging… they should. Thank you for your post.

  54. Thanks i will try the keyword luv search. Not sure if all the sites are follow but it does make finding keyword luv blogs alot faster.

  55. What an amazing tool! I get to use my name and my keywords.

    Looks like one of great wordpress plugin!

    It a works for me, I checked out of the rat race early and retired in Mexico.

    Gracias Amigo for Keyword Luv,

    Casa Preciosa, Ajijic, Mexico

  56. Since there are blogs with keywordLuv building backlinks with blog comments is a dream.
    There is already discussion about keywordluv vs commentluv – I have to say I really like both. What I like with keywordLuv is that Stephen Cronin, the author, makes a clear statement that keywordluv should be run together with a dofollow plugin, as it does not really make sense without. Andy Bailey of commentluv does not state that as clearly…


  57. Hi,

    I’m having a problem with this plugin:
    In the control panel (/wp-admin/plugins.php) the title is black (where any other plugins have a blue title). And it does not show up in ’settings’ when I activate it.

    I’m using PHP Version 5 (though I have also tried the v.4 version).

    Anyone ?

  58. Am glad that you support the keywordluv plugin craze that encouraged more people to leave comments in blogs coz of the keyword. It is really cool that you’re helping link builders in simple ways 🙂

  59. I was unaware of this plugin until tonight. I believe this will be invaluable to all bloggers that are looking for good links as well as content for their blogs.

  60. Ever since I use this plug-in, I noticed an increase of people reading and commenting on my site. Its true, some of them just don’t make sense at all, and it disappoints me.. but on the other hand, I look at the brighter side that most of the ones who leaves comments do read my blog.
    I think the keyword is a wonderful invention. A win-win thing for both blog writers and readers. =)

  61. I’ve seen an increase in comments. Some have actually been rather intelligent. I think it helps those that make the comments more than the site owners though.

  62. I like this plug in a lot, but google can’t take a good liking to this, either way it is a way to enforce “good” comments that are posted on your blog. If people want to get some good juice in a backlink by leaving a comment they batter leave some damn content to the blog owner that is relevant to the topic. Here at 87 comments this post is loaded with content that spiders will eat up. Thank you for the keyword love search engine to simon at the top of the post 🙂

  63. What a fantastic search tool. Just seen it and I’m blown away.

    I also agree with the last poster that Google loves KeywordLuv. It’s a highly ethical way of getting original content on your site and the number of highly interesting conversations I’ve seen on blogs which wouldn’t have existed without KeywordLuv is a testament to the quality of the plugin.

  64. A lot of blogs are joining the do follow revolution so I am contribution it with my 5 blogs. I am always get confused with the spam I got on my blogs.Although number of do follow blogs is increasing rapidly but it is still difficult to find niche specific do follow blogs so why people waste the opportunity to spam such blogs? I think that is just like a big act of stupidity.

  65. I realy like keyword luv and comment luv sites. I wish you could tell if they really are do follow some are not. I check source before i post most of the time. I always wonder about the ones with tracker in url also not sure if they are a true link or redirect.

    Great blog some good information on your site.

  66. I’m focusing on keywordluv enabled blogs. I’ve found some tools to find these blogs like the DoFollow Diver and In fact, I reached this post using ebusinessneeds.

    Keywordluv is really a great tool. A win win both for blogger and commenters.

  67. It’s the best plugin if you want to encourage people to comment more on your blog. But you need also good plugin to filter spam coments once your blog becomes popular.

  68. This plugin has helped a lot of persons including me. I admit, I’ve felt a little push to comment on some blogs that have this plugin even though I don’t usually comment on blogs outside gaming.

  69. Thanks for using a great plug-in. A really good way to reward contributors by providing a link to their site. It also makes the comments part of your blog more professional. I hope it’s a success for you.

  70. I wonder if anyone has one that shows wich ones use comment luv and keyword luv. Seems like no one lists then seprate or msot of the time you have to look at each site to find them.

  71. I know I’ve only just commented on another one of your posts, but I just thought I’d make another point… I’m in the same boat as you really, I love people commenting on my blog, and I’m more than happy to give them some SEO juice when they do so!

  72. Here is a way to uncover hundreds of KeywordLuv blogs.

    Just type “this site uses KeywordLuv” into Google or Yahoo. This will give you a long list.

    I have found that a few KeywordLuv blogs anre not in fact DoFollow. Go figure.

  73. I am very thankful for bloggers who permit keyword LUV and doFollow. I think is is good for both the Blogger and the one who make the comment. I hope it will reduce the Spam. Thank you.

  74. I search Google with “Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field” + keywords. This seems to work pretty well for me. Then I check source and see if existing comments have a rel=nofollow. Not sure about those that use the javascript click tracker. I guess if its a 301 redirect the link would still be counted by the search engines.

  75. I’ve just found your excellent blog. You have some really useful articles in here – so I shall be back for another read when I get back from work. Keep it coming…

  76. I love KeywordLuv and sites that allow Do Follow. It just feels good knowing that you get something of value when you participate in the online community. I’ve been testing with it and it seems to really help rankings. Thanks!

  77. You should be congratulated for using KeywordLuv. It’s a great way to reward people for leaving comments and to drive visitors to your site. I hope it is a success for you.

  78. I think the fact your using keyword luv is great! It helps out both sides I think. The ones who comment with relevant comments get a little link luv to their sites and the blog owners get a more active blog. It’s win win for both sides. Thanks to Brian for his tip on finding other blogs that use it was well.

  79. good for you, link dofollow are very usefull for many blogguers, but is important the coment provides some interesting, and i agree some people leave comment with links to pages that you don´t want appears in your page

  80. I really just want to take advantage of oyur KeywordLuv 😉
    Seriously though, I need to grab this plug-in for my site, it’s great.

  81. Keyword luv is one of the best plugings made so far. Makes it easy to get links with terms and keeps posts looking good. This way perosns name and terms show up best of both worlds.

  82. So this is where the great Keyword Luv saga started for you…

    It seems to be working out with 100+ comments on every post…

    I’m considering building a high PR blog and doing the same!

  83. I’m still a nooby blogger but I was getting so much spam that I shut off my comments completely. The problem is it didn’t take long for my blog to totally die! No one came around anymore because they couldn’t comment. Duh! Now I use askimet so the comments are back on on both of my blogs. Actually one is just a blogspot blog that I can’t use askimet on so I just deal with the spam.

  84. The problem with do-follow is people will spam. If a blog is good enough then the blog owner won’t need to have do-follow because people will comment to put their point of view accross, not to gain a back link.

    The BBC is a perfect example of this. There are no links in the forums and blogs, yet they have many users.

    However, when a blog is starting and it wants to get a upper hand, their is no harm in attracting people who want do-follow links, because some will become hooked, so even if you change to no-follow, people will still comment.

  85. I’ve just discovered this plugin myself and started using on my own blog. I’m new to blogging and SEO but this looks like a nice addition to those people that want to “share the luv” so to speak with thier commentors.

  86. This is the plug-in that tops them all. It encourages good comments and generates keyword luv. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  87. I think keyword luv helps both blogs. It seems google likes blogs with alot of traffic and comments so letting people get a do follow link with keywords make them post more.

  88. Thanks for using keywordluv plugin. Sometimes I wonder why bloggers are so strict about dofollow. I have seen many amazing blogs with great articles and content but with basically “0″ comments. What’s the use of blogging if there is no participation from others. They are missing a lot of value add from those who wants to contribute. I feel sorry for them.

  89. These plugins are not only about marketing: I hope they also build relationships within the blogger community. It has to also be about furthering meaningful discourse in the blogsphere than merely about improving your rankings with backlinks. As Thomas Paine once wrote, “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.”

  90. Thanks for sharing – having tried and implemented them,I think both commentluv and keywordluv are great for bloggers and commenters – Its also a great way to improve your brand too. The nofollow attribute still serves as an anchor to your site with no Search benefits.

  91. I installed this plugin on one of my blogs and in return got a lot of spam comments. Don’t you think this is a negative face of keyword-luv plugin?

  92. I have noticed that the quality of the posts have gone down on a number of blogs since the installation of key word luv. I think that it is a brilliant idea, but the quality still needs to be there and the comments should at least have an opinion to share.

  93. How long before Google tries to shut this down? I would leave comments on blogs I like or specific articles I enjoy. But sometimes it feels like spamming the blog unintentionally.

  94. This is the holy trinity of wordpress plugins. You give anchor text, a link to the last post, and a site wide link if people comment consistently.
    It is very generous:-)

  95. hey there, very nice post thanks for sharing ! am definitely going to try these. I guess that those plugins will definitely attract more visitors and encourage interesting comments. But i’ll keep an eye on those cheeky spammers as well…

  96. Keywordluv and commentluv is a very effective tool in increasing your site’s traffic. so, use it into your advantage. But, we should be cautious with spams and a like.

  97. I have checked and this plugin works with wordpress 2.7 and I am really happy as I have nothing more precious in life than communication with nice people.

  98. I have been using CommentLuv for about 2 months now with anchor text as my name. It usuall causes me to get bumped. But now I can us my real name. This is Great.

  99. I hope this plugin catches on. It is the best one yet. I have set my google search to always include “kewordLuv” in all search patterns.

  100. I hope this plugin catches on. It is the best one yet. I have set my google search to always include “kewordLuv” in all search patterns.

  101. hi, comentluv and keywordluv blogs are very helpful for link building.,To get traffic and to become top link of SERP.

  102. they are all pretty nice, especially considering they are blogspot blogs and not self-hosted kinds. if i had to pick the best one it’d have to be the first one the ljdesign logo…it’s very unique and raw

  103. 1.Hi, getting backlinks or inbound links from dofollow is very easy. But getting quality backlinks or inbound links is a difficult task.

  104. Hi,
    here you have posted very nice and very interesting post. I like it very much. Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts. I hope this conversation will remain in future. Thanks for sharing the information.

  105. Hi,
    here you have posted very nice and very interesting post. I like it very much. Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts. I hope this conversation will remain in future. Thanks for sharing the information.

  106. Simon,

    I started using the do follow and Keyword luv and traffic almost tripled for me. I have found that most people do follow the rules and do not spam if you ask them to add something of value. I think most people are seeing the benefit of what this can do for them. Thanks for working with everyone.

  107. WordPress is becoming so versatile with all the plugins out there. For most people there is no need for any other platform. I love WordPress! I use KeywordLuv also…good so far. Thanks for this blog, it’s my first time here I’ll be spending some time looking around.

  108. This will definitely help your website to generate fresh content on auto-pilot. People that are experienced in SEO will be much more likely to not only find your blog, but also add content to it.

    The keywordluv plugin is great for attracting the SEO audience. I would encourage you to add adsense to your site – people that know what they are doing will return the favor.

  109. I think anyone posting comments to keyword luv site should also have the same on their sites, we can all help each other and stuff the gurus…

  110. I have done very well with do follow blog comments as well. Of course many feel that you need to use keywords in the name but you can get around this. There are so many using KeywordLuv and CommentLuv you can get some good links on blogs. Just be respectful with your comment and keep it on topic.

  111. Hey great plugin, I totally agree, this is the main reason I keep using wordpress for my websites. I feel The LUV.

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